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Proximity Is Everything: The most important quality in a firearm for dangerous game-even more important than functioning reliability--is having it in your hands when you need it. Wieland, Terry Mar 1, 2018 716
What's your malfunction? Simple, effective methods to keep your pistol in the fight--no matter what. Nance, Richard Oct 1, 2014 2177
Triggernometry: Glock's stock trigger is fine, but you can do better. Spaulding, Dave Jun 1, 2014 1181
Memphis blues. Krey, Patrick Brief article Jul 22, 2013 233
Ask the gunsmith. Coffield, Reid Jul 10, 2013 971
Seeing red: why mini red dots are here to stay as pistol sights. Tarr, James Apr 1, 2013 906
.45 accuracy goal. Coffield, Reid Brief article Nov 10, 2012 142
Don't mess with momma. Krey, Patrick Sep 24, 2012 436
The good old days are gone. Krey, Patrick Brief article Sep 24, 2012 278
10-year-old defends home. Krey, Patrick Brief article Jul 23, 2012 242
Buck in hand: Virgi Kidd was looking for a new challenge when he decided to try hunting whitetails with a pistol. What he ended up with was one of Pennsylvania's highest-scoring non-typicals ever! Kidd, Virgil Oct 1, 2011 1801
Cocked-and-locked. Phillips, George W. Brief article May 17, 2011 132
Blake Miguez. Tarr, James Aug 1, 2010 646
Light-speed reloads; getting new rounds into your gun quickly can save your life. Here's how to get better at it. Tarr, James Jun 1, 2010 1794
P.38 Masterpiece or misfit? It's stood in the shadow of the Luger and M1911, but Kokalis says that with almost 1.2 million produced, the P.38 has to rank near the top of the World War II pistol list. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 20, 2010 7296
The dot matrix: are red dots the future of combat pistol sights? Spaulding, Dave Apr 1, 2010 1108
Mauser HSc. Coffield, Reid Brief article Mar 10, 2009 176
Upgrading the Arcus pistol: there's profit in reworking this imported Hi-Power clone, and for the most part, you can use the same techniques and aftermarket parts you'd use on the Browning original. Blood, Chick Nov 1, 2007 1560
"Buzz worm" in the outhouse. Hacker, Rick Aug 1, 2007 702
French modele 1873. James, Garry Brief article Feb 1, 2007 349
The great Canadian pistol shoot-off. Curtis, Vincent J. Nov 1, 2006 897
M1911 safety: thoughts on triggers and firing-pin blocks: in any business, "the customer is always right." In ours, however, we must also make sure he is well informed first, and right second. Campbell, R.K. Sep 1, 2006 1905
Best of the mightiest: sorting out the mighty magnums, bigbores and hand-rifles. van Zwoll, Wayne Aug 1, 2006 2898
The Croat reaches maturity: finally, Springfield Armory's polymer European breaks into the big leagues. Venola, Richard Aug 1, 2006 2121
Classic test: CZ Model 45: a little-known but much-copied pocket pistol. Gangarosa, Gene, Jr. Aug 1, 2006 1375
Doggone dog. Williamsen, Kurt Brief Article Jan 9, 2006 131
Pistol-whipped. Williamsen, Kurt Brief Article Jan 9, 2006 182
How do we stop jammed magazines? Jun 1, 2005 558
Dog day. (Exercising the Right). Lee, Robert W. May 5, 2003 576
Lesson in heroism. (The Goodness of America). Lee, Robert W. Brief Article Jun 17, 2002 372
A Gun In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Sate. AYOOB, MASSAD Brief Article May 1, 2000 161
Lessons From BLACKWATER. Rauch, Katherine May 1, 2000 2523
BAD NEWS. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 110
CAMP PISTOLS. Dec 1, 1999 551
NOVICE TO EXPERT IN ONE EASY LESSON. Anderson, David Poole Nov 1, 1999 243
The Five Pound Limit. Anderson, David Poole Nov 1, 1999 229
Blinking And Flinching. Anderson, David Poole Nov 1, 1999 433
Heel Vs. Thumb Release. HACKATHORN, KEN Nov 1, 1999 213
Talk About Your Big-Bore Ordnance. GILMORE, COMMANDER Nov 1, 1999 379
Handgun Hunting. GOOD, BOB Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 1012
Come to grips with your handgun! Sundra, Jon R. Jun 1, 1985 3153
Sharpshootin'. Seyfried, Ross column Apr 1, 1984 2145

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