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Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminum Nanoparticles Prepared in Vinegar Using a Pulsed Laser Ablation Technique. Altuwirqi, Reem M.; Baatiyah, Bayan; Nugali, Eman; Hashim, Zeina; Jawhari, Hala Al- Jan 1, 2020 2432
Synthesis and Characterization of CeGdZn-Ferrite Nanoparticles as Magnetic Hyperthermia Application Agents. Hayek, Saleh S. Dec 31, 2019 4903
Modeling of 1,3-Butadiene Solution Polymerizations Catalyzed by Neodymium Versatate. Vasconcelos, Mateus K.; Brandao, Amanda L.T.; Dutra, Luciana S.; Nele, Marcio; Pinto, Jose Carlos Nov 1, 2019 8621
Endotracheal Intubation by Paramedics Using Neodymium Magnet and Modified Stylet in Simulated Difficult Airway: A Prospective, Randomized, Crossover Manikin Study. Bilge, Sedat; Tezel, Onur; Acar, Yahya Ayhan; Aydin, Guclu; Aydin, Attila; Ozkan, Gokhan Clinical report Oct 31, 2019 4673
Use of Erbium Laser in the Treatment of a Patient with Acute Purulent Periostitis and a Resistant Form of Primary Immune Thrombocytopenia. Larionova, Elena; Tarasenko, Svetlana; Morozova, Elena; Diachkova, Ekaterina Sep 30, 2019 1954
Toyota Develops New Magnet for Electric Motors Aiming to Reduce Use of Critical Rare-Earth Element by up to 50%. Feb 20, 2018 1217
Thermal Stability and Luminescent Properties of Tri-cellulose Acetate Composites Containing Dy[(SSA).sub.3]Phen Complex. Sun, Xiangwei; Wu, Feiyue; Luo, Yan; Huang, Mengjun; Li, Yuntao; Liu, Xiang; Liu, Kunpeng Jan 1, 2018 5587
Multiferroic and Optical Properties of [La.sub.0.05][Li.sub.0.85]Nb[O.sub.3] and LiNb[O.sub.3] Nanocrystals. Diaz-Moreno, Carlos A.; Lopez, Jorge A.; Ding, Yu; Macias, A. Hurtado; Li, Chunqiang; Wicker, Ryan B Jan 1, 2018 8395
Exposure of Macrophages to Low-Dose Gadolinium-Based Contrast Medium: Impact on Oxidative Stress and Cytokines Production. Weng, Te-I.; Chen, Huang Jen; Lu, Chen-Wen; Ho, Yu-Chin; Wu, Jia-Lun; Liu, Shing-Hwa; Hsiao, Jong-Ka Jan 1, 2018 6118
Self-Excited Wound-Field Synchronous Motors for xEV. Seguchi, Masahiro Report Jul 1, 2017 2789
Effect of Rare Earth Metals, Sr, and Ti Addition on the Microstructural Characterization of A413.1 Alloy. Mahmoud, M.G.; Samuel, A.M.; Doty, H.W.; Valtierra, S.; Samuel, F.H. Jan 1, 2017 5172
Minimally invasive treatment of infrabony periodontal defects using dual-wavelength laser therapy. Falaki, Rana Al-; Hughes, Francis J.; Wadia, Reena Report Jan 1, 2016 4669
Can the application of rare earth elements improve yield and decrease the uptake of cadmium in ryegrass-dominated pastures? McDowell, R.W.; Catto, W.; Orchiston, T. Report Oct 1, 2015 7593
Modification of coconut fibers with polyaniline for manufacture of pressure-sensitive devices. de Souza, Fernando Gomes Jr.; Pinto, Jose Carlos; Garcia, Flavia Alves; de Oliveira, Geiza Esperandi Report Dec 1, 2014 6781
Laser processing impacts medical device design options. Callander, Allan Jul 1, 2012 985
Swedish names signify elements of rare value. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Aug 27, 2011 397
The effect of low level laser therapy on pain during dental tooth-cavity preparation in children. Tanboga, I.; Eren, F.; Altinok, B.; Peker, S.; Ertugral, F. Clinical report Apr 1, 2011 2240
EDTA in dried blood spots leads to false results in neonatal endocrinologic screening. Holtkamp, Ute; Klein, Jeanette; Sander, Johannes; Peter, Michael; Janzen, Nils; Steuerwald, Ulrike; Mar 1, 2008 1863
Lanthanide phosphate nanorods as inorganic fluorescent labels in cell biology research. Patra, Chitta Ranjan; Bhattacharya, Resham; Patra, Sujata; Basu, Sujit; Mukherjee, Priyabrata; Mukho Nov 1, 2007 2097
Multiple fluorescent labeling of silica nanoparticles with lanthanide chelates for highly sensitive time-resolved immunofluorometric assays. Xu, Ye; Li, Qingge Aug 1, 2007 5497
Quantitative, wide-range, 5-minute point-of-care immunoassay for total human chorionic gonadotropin in whole blood. von Lode, Piia; Rainaho, Jarmo; Pettersson, Kim Jun 1, 2004 7024
Sensitive bioaffinity assays with individual microparticles and time-resolved fluorometry. Lovgren, Timo; Heinonen, Pia; Lehtinen, Paivi; Hakala, Harri; Heinola, Johanna; Harju, Raimo; Takalo Oct 1, 1997 4575

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