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LEDs seek to light up phototherapy: Several different light-based treatments that have relied on lasers are now finding uses for LEDs, finds. Extance, Andy Aug 1, 2021 2053
Radiation Tolerant 3D Laser Scanner for Structural Inspections in Nuclear Reactor Vessels and Fuel Storage Pools. De Dominicis, Luigi; Carta, Mario; Ciaffi, Massimiliano; Falconi, Luca; Ferri de Collibus, Mario; Fr Report Jun 12, 2021 3932
Enhanced Squeezing and Entanglement in Nondegenerate Three-Level Laser Coupled to Squeezed Vacuum Reservoir. Mosisa, Ebisa Apr 22, 2021 6402
Laser Monitor for Studying the Combustion of Thin Layers of Metal Nanopowders. Gubarev, Fedor A.; Mostovshchikov, Andrei V.; Fedorov, Anatoliy I.; Li, Lin Report Mar 1, 2021 3858
New laser system use hope for cancer ops. SIMON STONE Jan 25, 2021 280
New laser system use hope for cancer ops. SIMON STONE Jan 25, 2021 280
Radiation Tolerant 3D Laser Scanner for Structural Inspections in Nuclear Reactor Vessels and Fuel Storage Pools. De Dominicis, Luigi; Carta, Mario; Ciaffi, Massimiliano; Falconi, Luca; Ferri de Collibus, Mario; Fr Report Jan 1, 2021 3932
Recommendations and Protocols for the Use of the Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer (Delta Ray) to Measure Stable Isotopes from C[O.sub.2]: An Application to Volcanic Emissions at Mount Etna and Stromboli (Sicily, Italy). Boudoire, G.; Grassa, F.; Giuffrida, G.; Liuzzo, M. Aug 31, 2020 13179
Prediction of Temperature Field and Thermal Damage of Multilayer Skin Tissues Subjected to Time-Varying Laser Heating and Fluid Cooling by a Semianalytical Method. Li, Chang-Yu; Lin, Shueei-Muh; Wan, Yi-Yu Report Aug 31, 2020 7360
Gingival Melanin Depigmentation by 808nm Diode Laser: Report of a Case. Chagra, Jade; Bouguezzi, Adel; Sioud, Sameh; Hentati, Hajer; Selmi, Jamil Jul 31, 2020 2408
Bond Strength of Metal and Ceramic Brackets on Resin Nanoceramic Material With Different Surface Treatments. Kara, Mehmet; Demir, Ozgur; Dogru, Mehmet Jun 1, 2020 5870
Repeatability and Reproducibility of Measures of Bovine Methane Emissions Recorded using a Laser Detector. Niero, Giovanni; Cendron, Filippo; Penasa, Mauro; De Marchi, Massimo; Cozzi, Giulio; Cassandro, Mart Report Apr 1, 2020 4611
The effects of cavity disinfection on the nanoleakage of compomer restorations: an in vitro study. Arslan, Ipek; Baygin, Ozgul; Tuzuner, Tamer; Erdemir, Fatih; Canakci, Aykut; Korkmaz, Fatih Mehmet Report Mar 12, 2020 5549
Surface functionalisation by LIPSS continues to expand into new industries: LIA spoke with Camilo Florian-Baron, of BAM, on his work using lasers to enable fast, large-scale surface functionalisation, before his upcoming presentation at ICALEO 2019. Florian-Baron, Camilo Sep 22, 2019 872
Researchers use wireless implants to toggle "boss" gene on and off. Jul 17, 2019 381
Laser triangulation for coaxial height measurement in laser metal deposition: Ali Gokhan Demir, of the Politecnico di Milano, reports on the use of laser triangulation to address a significant challenge being faced by laser metal deposition users. Demir, Ali Gokhan Jun 22, 2019 1291
Combined Use of Excimer Laser and High-Speed Rotational Atherectomy to Overcome a Severely Calcified Lesion in Endovascular Therapy. Nakabayashi, Keisuke; Hata, Shinya; Kaneko, Nobuhito; Matsui, Akihiro; Tanaka, Kazuhiko; Ando, Hiros Apr 30, 2019 2284
Segmentation of LiDAR Data Using Multilevel Cube Code. Park, So-Young; Lee, Dae Geon; Yoo, Eun Jin; Lee, Dong-Cheon Apr 30, 2019 6482
Shedding Light on Brain Dysfunction. Feb 1, 2019 435
Antibacterial Efficiency of Different Irrigation Solutions, Lasers and Photodynamic Therapy with Indocyanine Green in Root Canals Infected By Enterococcus Faecalis/Enterococcus Faecalis ile Enfekte Edilmis Kok Kanallarinda Farkli irrigasyon Solusyonlarinin, Lazerlerin ve indosiyanin Yesili ile Fotodinamik Terapinin Antibakteriyel Etkinligi. Ozkogak, Ismail; Gokturk, Hakan; Coskun, Umut Safiye Say; Aytac, Fatma Dec 1, 2018 4276
Use of lasers to ease cancer pain is trialled; those being treated for disease in the neck and head could benefit. Aug 25, 2018 589
Biostimulatory Effects of Diode Laser and Ozone on Wound Healing in Rats/Ratlarda Yara iyilcsmcsinde Ozon ve Diod Lazerin Biyostimulator Etkisi. Alan, Hilal; Guler, Cigdem; Yolcu, Umit; Koparal, Mahmut; Cakir, Ebru; Demir, Pinar Aug 1, 2018 4469
Laser technology locates lost African city. Brief article May 1, 2018 127
Corneal Power Determination with Corneal Tomography after Refractive Surgery with Excimer Laser/Determinacion del poder corneal con un tomografo corneal luego de cirugia refractiva con laser excimer/ Determinacao da potencia corneana com uma topografia de cornea apos cirurgia refrativa com excimer laser. Jaramillo, Luis Carlos; Galvis, Virgilio; Tello, Alejandro; Camacho, Paul Anthony; Castillo, Angela; Apr 1, 2018 8169
Corneal Power Determination with Corneal Tomography after Refractive Surgery with Excimer Laser/Determinacion del poder corneal con un tomografo corneal luego de cirugia refractiva con laser excimer/Determinacao da potencia corneana com uma topografia de cornea apos cirurgia refrativa com excimer laser. Jaramillo, Luis Carlos; Galvis, Virgilio; Tello, Alejandro; Camacho, Paul Anthony; Castillo, Angela; Apr 1, 2018 7850
Quantum Cascade Laser Infrared Spectroscopy for Online Monitoring of Hydroxylamine Nitrate. Morales-Rodriguez, Marissa E.; McFarlane, Joanna; Kidder, Michelle K. Jan 1, 2018 5798
Stimulated Brillouin Review: Invented 50 Years Ago and Applied Today. Garmire, Elsa Jan 1, 2018 10781
Purity Analysis of Gases Used in the Preparation of Reference Gas Standards Using a Versatile OPO-Based CRDS Spectrometer. Persijn, Stefan Jan 1, 2018 4924
Determination of C[O.sub.2] Content in the Headspace of Spoiled Yogurt Packages. Danilovic, Bojana; Savic, Dragisa; Cocola, Lorenzo; Fedel, Massimo; Poletto, Luca Jan 1, 2018 4331
Accurate Rapid Lifetime Determination on Time-Gated FLIM Microscopy with Optical Sectioning. Silva, Susana F.; Domingues, Jose Paulo; Morgado, Antonio Miguel Jan 1, 2018 3774
The Effect of Different Implant Surfaces and Photodynamic Therapy on Periodontopathic Bacteria Using TaqMan PCR Assay following Peri-Implantitis Treatment in Dog Model. Madi, M.; Alagl, A.S. Jan 1, 2018 4806
Comparison of Methods for Modelling Production Floor Layout. Martin, Strapek; Petr, Horejsf; Jiri, Polcar Report Jan 1, 2018 3204
Gold Nanoparticles and Laser as Antimicrobial Agents against Some Types of Bacteria. Shukri, Maysa S.M. Al- Report Dec 1, 2017 2719
The effectiveness of lasers in the treatment of onychomycosis: a systematic review Part 3 of 3. Bristow, Ivan Clinical report Oct 1, 2017 2486
The effectiveness of lasers in the treatment of onychomycosis: a systematic review Part 2 of 3. Bristow, Ivan Jul 1, 2017 2517
Multi-response optimization of CFRP laser milling process based on response surface methodology. Genna, Silvio; Tagliaferri, Flavians; Papa, llaria; Leone, Claudio; Palumbo, Biagio Report Jun 1, 2017 5592
Generation of self-pulsating source based on regenerative SPM and realizing high-quality-pulse source. Priya, B. Selva; Mahendran, C. May 1, 2017 1810
ESTIMATION OF OXYGEN SATURATION WITH LASER OPTICAL IMAGING METHOD. Pahnvar, Arman Jalali; Isikhan, Anil; Akkaya, Ibrahim; Efteli, Yusuf; Engin, Mehmet; Engin, Erkan Ze Report Jan 1, 2017 2439
Submicrosecond Q-Switching Er-Doped All-Fiber Ring Laser Based on Black Phosphorus. Cai, Yao; He, Yanliang; Zhang, Xiaoke; Jiang, Rui; Su, Chenliang; Li, Ying Report Jan 1, 2017 2378
Over 19 W Single-Mode 1545 nm Er,Yb Codoped All-Fiber Laser. Wu, Jiadong; Zhang, Chunxiang; Liu, Jun; Zhao, Ting; Yao, Weichao; Tang, Pinghua; Zhang, Le; Chen, H Jan 1, 2017 2799
Panretinal Photocoagulation Using Short-Pulse Laser Induces Less Inflammation and Macular Thickening in Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy. Takamura, Yoshihiro; Arimura, Shogo; Miyake, Seiji; Matsumura, Takehiro; Gozawa, Makoto; Iwasaki, Ke Report Jan 1, 2017 6127
Laser-Induced Color Marking of Titanium: A Modeling Study of the Interference Effect and the Impact of Protective Coating. Lecka, K.M.; Wojcik, M.R.; Antonczak, A.J. Report Jan 1, 2017 5636
Lasers map hidden cities in Cambodia: aerial surveys are revealing extent of ancient Khmer Empire. Bower, Bruce Jul 23, 2016 504
21st century imaging: Heidelberg Engineering's Chris Mody on how Multicolor imaging allows the optometrist to track change for improved patient management. Mody, Chris Brief article Jun 1, 2016 221
Cambodia's hidden city: laser technology reveals surprising sprawl around Angkor Wat. Bower, Bruce May 14, 2016 3115
Laser-guided crop sprayer. Durham, Sharon Feb 1, 2016 544
The Optomap Daytona: OT's clinical editor for multimedia, Ceri Smith-Jaynes, explains the benefits of ultra-widefield scanning laser imaging. Smith-Jaynes, Ceri Column Dec 1, 2015 339
One year in jail for Gardena man who pointed laser at airplane and helicopters. Brief article Nov 3, 2015 248
Laser used in pediatric dentistry: a review. Kumar, Avanindra; Kishor, Amit; Kumar, Avanish; Pushpa; Akhtar, Md. Jawed Report Aug 10, 2015 3298
Catheter laser welder. Brief article May 1, 2015 147
The many-sided laser: in 1965, researchers were perfecting techniques to control a device that now has found uses that extend from home entertainment to eye surgery. Raia, E.C. Apr 1, 2015 418
Correction of myopia using Cornea Sparing Lasik (ablation on flap). Wairagade, Nikhilesh; Mahatme, Vikas; Borkar, Atul; Sutaria, Sudha; Pande, Chitra Correction notice Mar 2, 2015 3442
A report of solitary large buccal fibroma treated using diode laser: 6 month follow up. Biswas, Shriparna; Anuroopa, P.; Savita, S. Jan 22, 2015 1406
Verifying the possibilities of using a 3D laser scanner in the mining underground. Kajzar, Vlastimil; Kukutsch, Radovan; Heroldova, Nikola Report Jan 1, 2015 3947
Assaulting ink drops for science. Grant, Andrew Brief article Dec 13, 2014 257
Research on laser micro polishing of SLS technology sintered iron-based powder surface/Selektyviuoju lazerinio sukepinimo budu sukepintu gelezies pagrindo milteliu pavirsiaus lazerinio mikroapdirbimo tyrimai. Vaitkunaite, Gerda; Markovic, Vladislav; Cernasejus, Olegas Report Dec 1, 2014 2292
Preparation of ultrafine polyurethane fiber web by laser-electrospinning combined with air blowing. Takasaki, Midori; Hara, Kentaro; Ohkoshi, Yutaka; Fujii, Takayuki; Shimizu, Hiroyasu; Saito, Masahar Report Nov 1, 2014 3135
Using technology to preserve space age history. Nov 1, 2014 309
Magnets get flipped by light. Grant, Andrew Brief article Sep 20, 2014 170
Determining ranges and spatial distribution of road frost heave by terrestrial laser scanning/Salcio iskylu dydzio ir erdvinio pasiskirstymo nustatymas antzeminiu skenavimo lazeriu/Sala izraisita cela izcilajuma apjoma un telpiska sadalijuma noteiksana ar virsmas lazerskanesanu/Tee kulmakerke suuruse ja ruumilise jaotuse maaramine terrestrilise laserskaneerimisega. Mill, Tarvo; Ellmann, Artu; Aavik, Andrus; Horemuz, Milan; Sillamae, Sven Report Sep 1, 2014 7577
Determination of robust material qualities and processing conditions for laser sintering of polyamide 12. Wegner, Andreas; Mielicki, Christoph; Grimm, Tobias; Gronhoff, Burkhard; Witt, Gerd; Wortberg, Johan Report Jul 1, 2014 9639
Laser tweezers manipulate objects just 50 nanometers wide: technique could allow scientists to move proteins and viruses. Grant, Andrew Apr 5, 2014 513
Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of emeralds. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 156
Monitoring trace elements in water using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. Report Apr 1, 2014 213
To compare the effectiveness of myofascial release technique versus positional release technique with laser in patients with unilateral trapezitis. Ravish, V.N.; Shridhar; Helen, Sneha Mar 3, 2014 2334
Laser constructs mirror by pushing particles together technique may lead to giant, lightweight space telescopes. Grant, Andrew Feb 22, 2014 533
Analysis of water erosion processes using terrestrial laser scanning. Dabek, Pawel; Zmuda, Romuald; Cmielewski, Bartlomiej; Szczepanski, Jakub Report Jan 1, 2014 5077
Effect of layer thickness in selective laser melting on microstructure of Al/5 wt.%[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] powder consolidated parts. Dadbakhsh, Sasan; Hao, Liang Report Jan 1, 2014 4890
Histological ex vivo evaluation of peri-incisional thermal effect created by a new-generation C[O.sub.2] superpulsed laser. Palaia, G.; Del Vecchio, A.; Impellizzeri, A.; Tenore, G.; Visca, P.; Libotte, F.; Russo, C.; Romeo, Report Jan 1, 2014 3298
Effect of multipath laser shock processing on microhardness, surface roughness, and wear resistance of 2024-T3 al alloy. Kadhim, Abdulhadi; Salim, Evan T.; Fayadh, Saeed M.; Al-Amiery, Ahmed A.; Kadhum, Abdul Amir H.; Moh Report Jan 1, 2014 2893
Synthesis of cobalt oxides thin films fractal structures by laser chemical vapor deposition. Haniam, P.; Chiangga, C. KunsombaS.; Songsasen, A. Report Jan 1, 2014 3024
Flaw imaging technique for plate-like structures using scanning laser source actuation. Lee, Changgil; Park, Seunghee Report Jan 1, 2014 3341
Excimer laser phototherapeutic keratectomy for the treatment of clinically presumed fungal keratitis. Li, Liang-Mao; Zhao, Li-Quan; Qu, Ling-Hui; Li, Peng Report Jan 1, 2014 5470
Nonlinear optical properties of a MMA-silica nanohybrid material doped with rhodamine 6G. Lima-Gutierrez, J.; Palomino-Merino, R.; Carrasco, M.L. Arroyo; Rubio-Rosas, E.; Castano, V.M. Jan 1, 2014 2941
Effect of initial orientation on the laser-induced cycloaddition reaction of benzene and ethylene. Yuan, Shuai; Hong, Huiling; Wang, Gang; Zhang, Wenying; Wu, Weifeng; Dou, Yusheng; Lo, Glenn V. Report Jan 1, 2014 4176
Mechanisms of laser-induced reactions of stacked benzene molecules: a semiclassical dynamics simulation and CASSCF calculation. Shu, Kunxian; Zhao, Jie; Yuan, Shuai; Dou, Yusheng; Lo, Glenn V. Report Jan 1, 2014 5557
Laser induced modification of the optical properties of Nano-ZNO doped PVC films. Hamad, Tagreed K.; Yusop, Rahimi M.; Taa'y, Wasan A. Al-; Abdullah, Bashar; Yousif, Emad Report Jan 1, 2014 2298
PBI authorities are trying to determine who pointed a laser at landing aircraft. Dec 11, 2013 437
Development of a local operating speed model for consistency analysis integrating laser, GPS and GIS for measuring vehicles speed/Vaziavimo greicio modelio sudarymas suderinamumo analizei atlikti, ...... Castro, Maria; Pardillo-Mayora, Jose Maria; Jurado, Rafael Report Dec 1, 2013 5363
Analysis of laser sintering technology/Lazerines milteliu sukepinimo technologijos analize. Markovic, Vladislav; Cernasejus, Olegas; Prokopovic, Valdemar Report Dec 1, 2013 1485
Shuttle America pilot headed toward LaGuardia said a green laser lit up the cockpit. Oct 21, 2013 432
II-VI uses cash, debt for Oclaro Switzerland-based semiconductor laser business buy. Sep 12, 2013 278
II-VI uses cash, debt for Oclaro Switzerland-based semiconductor laser business buy. Sep 12, 2013 309
ABLADE' Project to focus on Lasers on Bladder Cancer. Jul 15, 2013 373
Methods for quantifying the stable sintering region in laser sintered polyamide-12. Vasquez, M.; Haworth, B.; Hopkinson, N. Report Jun 1, 2013 5444
Feasibility of laser material processing in the design and manufacture of small scale devices/Lazerinio medziagu apdirbimo taikymas projektuojant ir gaminant mazu matmenu irenginius. Hirvimaki, M.; Manninen, M.; Sundberg, A.; Uusi-Kyyny, P.; Salminen, A. Report May 1, 2013 4604
A rare but serious complication of GreenLight HPS photoselective vaporization of the prostate: Prostatic capsular perforation with bilateral thigh urinomas and osteitis pubis. Harriman, David; Mayson, Brian E.; Leone, Ercole F. Case study Feb 1, 2013 1727
Fibre laser cutting and chemical etching of AZ31 for manufacturing biodegradable stents. Demir, Ali Gokhan; Previtali, Barbara; Biffi, Carlo Alberto Jan 1, 2013 6399
The application of laser cladding to mechanical component repair, renovation and regeneration. Torims, T. Report Jan 1, 2013 7576
Methodology devising for bucket-wheel excavator surveying by laser scanning method to determine its main geometrical parameters. Vrublova, Dana; Kapica, Roman; Jurman, Josef Report Dec 1, 2012 3551
Quality analysis of cutting steel using laser/Plieno pjovimo lazeriu kokybes tyrimas. Markovic, Vladislav Report Dec 1, 2012 1244
The green flash. Arsenault, Dan Nov 1, 2012 538
Fast and efficient manufacturing method of one- and two-dimensional polyethylene terephthalate transmission diffraction gratings by direct laser interference patterning. Perez-Hernandez, Heidi; Lasagni, Andres F. Report Sep 1, 2012 3080
Preparation and experimental parameters analysis of laser melt electrospun poly(L-lactide) fibers via orthogonal design. Li, Xiuyan; Liu, Huichao; Liu Jianli; Wang, Jiaona; Li, Congju Report Sep 1, 2012 2546
Boresighting with a laser: we walk you through scoping a hunting rifle from start to finish. Blood, Ghick Sep 1, 2012 2279
Laser processing activities in Finland--technological and educational view/Lazeriu technologinis ir edukacinis panaudojimas Suomijoje. Kujanpaa, Veli; Veijalainen, Erkki Report Sep 1, 2012 1852
The precise measurement of car velocity. Barzdziukas, Julius; Augutis, Stasys Vygantas; Zilinskas, Rimvydas Povilas Report Jun 1, 2012 3112
Smoking out clues from gun residue: laser method identifies caliber of weapon without a bullet. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article May 5, 2012 317
A lesson in lasers for assembly. Apr 1, 2012 666
Guiding light: keeping the lasers that send data down telecoms networks on message needs new technology. Pullin, John Feb 1, 2012 811
NIST's compact frequency comb could go places. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 145
3D finite element analysis in the selective laser melting process. Contuzzi, N.; Campanelli, S.L.; Ludovico, A.D. Report Sep 1, 2011 2869
Landslides mapping in Roznow lake vicinity, Poland using airborne laser scanning data. Borkowski, Andrzej; Perski, Zbigniew; Wojciechowski, Tomasz; Jozkow, Grzegorz; Wojcik, Antoni Report Jul 1, 2011 4308
Moved by light: lasers push everyday objects into the quantum world. Powell, Devin May 7, 2011 2534
Diode laser irradiation and fluoride uptake in human teeth. Vitale, M.C.; Zaffe, D.; Botticell, A.R.; Caprioglio, C. Report Apr 1, 2011 2299
Section IV: physics, mathematics, computer science and technology science building, room 104 Andreas Lazari, presiding. Conference news Mar 22, 2011 2708
Putting a worm on a laser leash: scientists use light signals to control nematode actions. Sanders, Laura Feb 12, 2011 476
Licensing green laser pointers. van der Linde, Andrie Feb 1, 2011 1098
Lidar: a new way to see. Hiscox, April Jul 1, 2010 727
Cavity detector. Tweed, Katherine Brief article Feb 20, 2010 180
Influence of laser sintering parameters on mechanical properties of polymer products. Pilipovic, Ana; Valentan, Bogdan; Brajlih, Tomaz; Haramina, Tatjana; Balic, Joze; Kodvanj, Janos; Se Report Jan 1, 2010 1119
Selective laser melting in micro manufacturing. Yadroitsev, Igor; Bertrand, Philippe Report Jan 1, 2010 1347
Process parameters optimisation of the Direct Laser Metal Deposition technique. Angelastro, Andrea; Campanelli, Sabina L.; Casalino, Giuseppe; Ludovico, Antonio D. Report Jan 1, 2010 1690
Feed-forward neural network model verification and evaluation. Samek, David; Sykorova, Libuse Report Jan 1, 2010 1438
Optimization of cutting parameters in laser cutting of high alloyed steel 1.4828 (X15CrNiSi20-12) using O2 assist gas. Cekic, Ahmet; Kulenovic, Malik; Begic, Derzija; Bliedtner, Jens Report Jan 1, 2010 1283
Increasing the wear resistance of superficial layers by laser alloying. Demian, Gabriela; Demian, Mihai Report Jan 1, 2010 951
Effect of heat treatment on selective laser melted steel parts. Contuzzi, Nicola; Campanelli, Sabina; Casalino, Giuseppe; Ludovico, Antonio Domenico Report Jan 1, 2010 1296
Direct laser micro manufacturing: the Manudirect machine. Matteazzi, Paolo; Prior, Fabrizio; Colella, Alberto Report Jan 1, 2010 1529
Dazzler. Cunha, Jessica Dec 1, 2009 977
Wear resistance of laser remelted thermally sprayed coatings/Lasersulatatud termopinnete kulumiskindlus. Surzhenkov, Andrei; Kulu, Priit; Tarbe, Riho; Mikli, Valdek; Sarjas, Heikki; Latokartano, Jyrki Report Dec 1, 2009 2797
Scientists use lasers to put a shine on metals. Nov 7, 2009 339
Laser timing boosts cyclists' medal hopes: laser technology from BAE Systems gives accurate track times for cyclists and allows them to train as a team. Brief article Sep 9, 2009 264
Calibration of laser scanning intensity data using brightness targets. The method developed by the Finnish Geodetic Institute/ Lazerinio skenavimo intensyvumo duomenu kalibravimas taikant sviesos taikinius. metodas, isvystytas Suomijos geodezijos institute. Vain, Ants; Kaasalainen, Sanna; Hyyppa, Juha; Ahokas, Eero Report Sep 1, 2009 3081
How to use electrical outlets and cheap lasers to steal data. Jul 13, 2009 829
Research team focus on lasers as nuclear clean-up option. Brief article Jul 8, 2009 212
Analysis of accuracy of Lithuania city scanning by applying lidar method/Miestu skenavimo lidar metodu tikslumo analize/Lietuvos miestu skenavimo lidar metodu tikslumo analize. Zalnierukas, Albinas; Ruzgiene, Birute; Kalantaite, Ausra; Valaitiene, Rimanta Report Jun 1, 2009 2901
Experimental researches regarding cutting width in laser machining of glass reinforced composite polymeric materials. Visan, Aurelian; Ionescu, Nicolae; Doicin, Cristian; Popescu, Dragos; Hincu, Daniela Report Jan 1, 2009 1533
Laser scanning for lens edging machines. Coblis, Catalin; Olteanu, Ciprian Report Jan 1, 2009 1591
Directed Energy (laser) induced retinal injury: current status of safety, triage, and treatment research. Whitmer, Deborah L.; Stuck, Bruce E. Report Jan 1, 2009 2867
Direct patterning of polystyrene-polymethyl methacrylate copolymer by means of laser interference lithography using UV laser irradiation. Lasagni, A.F.; Acevedo, D.F.; Bardero, C.A.; Mucklich, F. Technical report Dec 1, 2008 2612
Russian ravers left partially blinded by laser show. Brief article Jul 25, 2008 282
New clocks: it's about time; The race is on to build the world's most-accurate clocks. Wagner, Cynthia G. May 1, 2008 478
Golden touch. Risch, Dan Brief article Apr 21, 2008 122
Recognizing laser threats. Apr 1, 2008 498
Laser weapons: an emerging threat. Bunker, Robert J.; Lindsay, Dan Apr 1, 2008 2601
Disruptive and destructive effects of laser illuminations. Begert, Matt; Campbell, Lisa; Heal, Sid Apr 1, 2008 2495
Laser legal issues: prosecuting perpetrators. Sawyer, Madelyn I.; Sullivan, John P. Apr 1, 2008 1588
Laser makeover promises the natural look for unloved MDF: fibreboard to shed its cheap 'n' nasty image as researchers develop 'real wood' finish. Brief article Mar 19, 2008 209
Laser surveillance. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 117
I couldn't have my cancer op because the machine was broken . . . Repair problems stop hospital using laser for essential surgery. Aug 14, 2007 536
Laser processing: finding its orthopedic focus: device manufacturers apply laser technology to solve a variety of production challenges. Whitney, Jennifer Jul 1, 2007 2596
Gentlemen, start your technologies. Gips, Michael A. Feb 1, 2007 447
Single thermoplastic pellet molding by means of diode laser for micromolding application. Citrea, Isabella; Quadrini, Fabrizio Feb 1, 2007 3437
Taking aim at the IED market: a look at the new Optical Aiming System. Knoll, Darcy Feb 1, 2007 734
New technologies against food pathogens. Jan 1, 2007 607
Analysis of a tool steel sample obtained by direct laser deposition. Angelastro, Andrea; Campanelli, Sabina; Casalino, Giuseppe; Ludovico, Antonio Report Jan 1, 2007 1212
Co-witnessing lasers to optics: a faster more accurate way to zero lasers for the night fight. Lore, Darren R. Nov 1, 2006 1110
Home use of lasers raises safety questions. Brunk, Doug Brief article Oct 1, 2006 169
A laser light in the ocean depths. Carlowicz, Mike Aug 1, 2006 861
Laser system scores perfect in painting. Williams, Robert H. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 83
Integrated laser alignment. Brief article May 1, 2006 101
Underlay tympanoplasty with laser tissue welding. Carfrae, Matthew J. Apr 1, 2006 2071
US authorities tightening focus on laser beams shone at aircraft. Brief Article Feb 16, 2006 130
Lasering the galactic center. Roth, Joshua Brief article Jan 1, 2006 200
Are you ready for tattooed foods? Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 233
The new world of scanning, according to Intermec. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 173
An end to pesky stickers? Brief Article Oct 10, 2005 178
Upgrade for reliability: with new controls and a laser-guided position system, Delta speeds repair parts from storage to the runway. Trebilcock, Bob Aug 1, 2005 395
Produce industry testing laser IDs. Brief Article Jul 25, 2005 205
Welding gets lean & clean: equipment provides greater flexibility and smaller automation setups. Tolinski, Michael Apr 1, 2005 1093
Tata Teleservices using lasers to connect customers. Brief Article Feb 2, 2005 181
Hybrid welding technology. Blanco, Alice Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 143
Laser detects explosives. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 126
OMEGA laser sets record. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 126
DIRCM systems selected under Counter-MANPADS program: the US Department of Homeland Security is looking at laser-based protection systems for civilian airliners. Rivers, Brendan P. Oct 1, 2004 1794
Steel instead of lumber. Thilmany, Jean Sep 1, 2004 331
Forming, lasers & EDM. Aug 1, 2004 1595
Laser sensors. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 86
Crossing the great laser line. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 301
Laser guided: optics expert Audra Bullock has set her sights on cool ways to use lasers. Jan 1, 2004 430
Laser precision drilling. Jan 1, 2004 161
Flash in the plan: directed-energy weapons remain more experimental than available. McKenna, Ted Dec 1, 2003 3525
Shikibo develops micro-print textile to prevent forgery. Brief Article Jun 24, 2003 163
Rotary Dies & Tooling: the conventional method of producing and sharpening dies is giving way to new processes which, some predict, will change the tools for the better. Kenny, Jack May 1, 2003 1885
NEWS BRIEFS. Mar 3, 2003 469
New eye surgery procedure. (Expert Advice on Health and Fitness). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 155
Waveguide lasers fit into fiber optics. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 141
Hot flashes, cold cuts: ultrafast lasers give power tools a new edge. Weiss, Peter Ulrich Nov 16, 2002 2229
Chemists test laser cleanup of paintings. (The Dirt on Art). Gorman, J. Brief Article Sep 21, 2002 401
The 'non-traditional' processes are at it again: EDM, waterjet, lasers are pushing the envelope. (Sparks, Streams & Beams). Lorincz, Jim Sep 1, 2002 1763
Pinpointing sources of computer chip dust. (Lasers). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 555
Laser surveying. (News & Notes). DeGaspari, John Feb 1, 2002 289
A step towards understanding the heating phase of laser transmission welding in polymers. Becker, F.; Potente, H. Feb 1, 2002 3794
Increase of Photoluminescence From Fullerene-Doped Polymers Under Laser Irradiation. LI, G. Z.; MINAMI, N.; ICHIO, Y. Sep 1, 2001 4270
Laser Marking Has a Bright Future in Plastics. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Aug 1, 2001 2804
Inertial-Electrostatic Confinement Fusion in Japan. Mar 1, 2001 642
Laser Range Finders: Bridging The Gap. ETLING, KATHY Apr 1, 2000 1179
HIGHWAY STUDY BENEFITS FROM: Helicopter Laser Survey. Langston, James W.; Walker, Tina L. Mar 1, 2000 1663
Pushy lasers sweep into ion race. P.W. Brief Article Dec 4, 1999 327
Noncontact inspection cuts product development time. Behm, Raymond P.; Hahn, John J. Sep 1, 1999 1821
Lasers in mining. Portman, James Jul 1, 1999 2821
Laservision steals the show. May 31, 1999 260
Laser may twirl molecules to pieces. P.W. Brief Article May 22, 1999 255
Laser threats to law enforcement. Johnson, Douglas A. May 1, 1999 1705
Cutting through myths, lasers lead revolution. Tennant, Tom Brief Article Apr 1, 1999 886
Lasers open market for punch presses. Brief Article Apr 1, 1999 699
Laser processing is getting faster, cleaner. Cover Story Dec 1, 1998 1922
Chaotic route to computation. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Oct 3, 1998 346
Electrons hang-ten on laser-made waves. Weiss, Peter Ulrich Brief Article Sep 5, 1998 294
Ultracold atoms: new gravity yardstick? Weiss, Peter Ulrich Brief Article Aug 8, 1998 434
Laser treatments for aging beauties. Valenti, Michael Aug 1, 1998 692
Harnessing chaos for optical communications. Peterson, I. Mar 21, 1998 573
From swords to supernovae: recreating celestial fireworks on the head of a pin. Davidson, Keay Nov 1, 1997 1937
Pollution prevention innovative technology. Jul 1, 1997 720
Laser beam triggers a membrane breach. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Dec 21, 1996 249
Laser marking gains ground as resin options grow, costs decline. Sherman, Lili Manolis Nov 1, 1996 994
Welding's new world sparked by innovation. Jennings, Craig S.; Schnee, Mark Jun 1, 1996 997
Laser reaction control in hot sodium vapor. Peterson, Ivars Mar 30, 1996 609
Rapid prototyping: a young technology evolves. Philbin, Matthew L. Mar 1, 1996 2988
Taking atoms for a tunnel-of-light ride. Peterson, Ivars Nov 4, 1995 295
Optical refrigeration proves really cool. Lipkin, Richard Oct 14, 1995 383
Laser altimeter measurements at Walnut Gulch Watershed, Arizona. Ritchie, Jerry C.; Humes, Karen S.; Weltz, Mark A. Sep 1, 1995 2126
Lasers: delivering the power of light for cutting, welding, marking, and surface modification. Walker, Richard W. May 1, 1995 1113
Basic model development. Flach, Lawrance; Chartoff, Richard P. Mar 1, 1995 4349
Behavior in the vicinity of a moving exposed region. Flach, Lawrance; Chartoff, Richard P. Mar 1, 1995 3361
Multiaxis laser tied to production gains. Feb 1, 1995 603
Nondestructive evaluation with laser ultrasound. Ashley, Steven Oct 1, 1994 2659
Laser marking is on the beam. Jun 1, 1994 535
Untwinkling the stars. Fugate, Robert Q.; Wild, Walter J. May 1, 1994 3174
Multiaxis laser cuts manufacturing time of aerospace parts. Connolly, Gary Feb 1, 1994 1302
Laser, a useful tool. Macklin, Richard Column Nov 1, 1993 1399
Setting the shaft straight: laser-alignment and dial-indicator systems can detect even the smallest of machine misalignments, thus troubleshooting potential problems such as vibrating pumps, which can cause leaks in seals. O'Connor, Leo Oct 1, 1993 1408
Non-contact metrology. Stovicek, Donald R. Sep 1, 1993 1295
Illuminating laser coding: technology for marking product and package surfaces gets more practical, versatile. Transcript May 1, 1993 559
Using light to focus chilled chromium atoms. Brief Article Apr 3, 1993 404
Machine accuracy by the numbers. Mar 1, 1993 1929
Doing it all with lasers. Stovicek, Donald R. Feb 1, 1993 2376
Accurate measuring with atomic fountains and optical molasses. Ashley, Steven Nov 1, 1992 633
Two-dimensional semiconductor laser arrays for optically activated switching. Evans, Gary A.; Rosen, Arye; Stabile, Paul J. Oct 1, 1992 3508
New laser coding scores with wineries. Jun 1, 1992 973
Bending metal with lasers. May 1, 1992 304
Lasers winning more punch press jobs. Feb 1, 1992 696
Laser spotlight pinpoints atoms in motion. Pennisi, Elizabeth Oct 19, 1991 627
Automated lumber processing: a glimpse of the future. Klinkhachorn, Powsiri Sep 1, 1991 1318
Erosion can't hide from laser scanner. Konstant, Dvora Aksler Sep 1, 1991 919
'Star Wars' generates sharper stellar images. Cowen, Ron Jun 8, 1991 566
Light-induced current in a quantum well. Jan 19, 1991 253
Cellular transit system gets meter reading. Weiss, Rick Nov 24, 1990 509
Light duty. Menough, Jon Nov 1, 1990 1664
Laser cooling made simpler, cheaper. Langreth, Robert N. Oct 6, 1990 405
Laser to lift lightcraft into space. Siuru, Bill Sep 1, 1990 1706
EDM, lasers, other thermal-process machines. buyers guide Aug 1, 1990 4648
Squeezing the noise out of light. May 26, 1990 201
Detroit looks to lasers. Roessler, David M. Apr 1, 1990 5775
Counting photons: squeezing a quantum limit. Peterson, I. Mar 10, 1990 652
Laser applications to broaden. Feb 1, 1990 1589
Laser beefs up livestock digestion. Jan 13, 1990 188
Trends in laser measurement. product announcement Nov 1, 1989 2855
Flexible fabrication - a progress report. Quinlan, Joseph C. Mar 1, 1989 1833
Cleaning cavities with a light touch. Weiss, Rick Oct 22, 1988 239
Laser seeks out and zaps cell proteins. Vaughan, Christopher Aug 13, 1988 429
Looking for the sparkle in carbon films. Aug 6, 1988 452
Optical molasses: atoms in the deep freeze. Peterson, Ivars Jul 23, 1988 743
Telescope tunes in to the guiding light. Hartley, Karen Jul 25, 1987 635
Genes on the - laser - firing line. Jul 11, 1987 103
Lighting up alcohol drops. Feb 1, 1986 168
CIM blends lasers into automated manufacturing. Tucker, T.R.; Billhardt, C.F. Mar 1, 1985 1315
Laser-activated switch. Jan 26, 1985 122
Lasers. Gartaganis, Arthur Dec 22, 1984 1552
Lasers advance the precision welding art. Elza, Dana Sep 1, 1984 1333
New lenses expand use of high-power lasers. Apr 1, 1984 538

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