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Effects of Polishing on Color Stability and Surface Roughness of CAD-CAM Ceramics/Polisajin CAD-CAM Seramiklerin Renk Stabilitesi ve Yuzey Puruzlulugune Etkileri. Sankaya, Isil; Hayran, Yeliz Aug 1, 2018 4135
ABOVE AND BEYOND. Jul 1, 2018 1003
Dynamic Modelling of Mobile Robots Based on its 3D CAD Model. Damic, Vjekoslav; Cohodar, Maida; Muratovic, Munir Report Jan 1, 2018 1777
Dynamic Behaviour Comparison of Three Different Mathematical Model Complexities. Zatopek, Jiri; Urednicek, Zdenek Report Jan 1, 2018 3178
Designer adaptation in the changing PCB industry. Jordan, Benjamin Nov 1, 2017 2874
FEM and Von Mises Analysis on Prosthetic Crowns Structural Elements: Evaluation of Different Applied Materials. Bramanti, Ennio; Cervino, Gabriele; Lauritano, Floriana; Fiorillo, Luca; DAmico, Cesare; Sambataro, Report Jan 1, 2017 4084
Inverse dynamic analysis of hobby robot uArm by Matlab/Simulink. Damic, Vjekoslav; Cohodar, Maida; Tvrtkovic, Marko Report Jan 1, 2017 2210
Simulation and Visualisation of a Laboratory Model by Support Software tools Connection. Zatopek, Jiri Report Jan 1, 2017 2468
Rehabilitation of Nose following Chemical Burn Using CAD/CAM Made Substructure for Implant Retained Nasal Prosthesis: A Clinical Report. Chaturvedi, Saurabh; Bhagat, Tushar; Verma, A.K.; Gurumurthy, Vishwanath; Ali, Mariyam; Vadhwani, Pr Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4357
Esthetic Rehabilitation of Anterior Teeth with Copy-Milled Restorations: A Report of Two Cases. Rani, Sapna; Devi, Jyoti; Jain, Chandan; Mutneja, Parul; Verma, Mahesh Jan 1, 2017 2755
A Step-by-Step Conservative Approach for CAD-CAM Laminate Veneers. Ojeda, Gerardo Duran; Gutierrez, Ismael Henriquez; Marusic, Alvaro Guzman; Rosales, Abelardo Baez; L Jan 1, 2017 2945
Effect of Endocrown Restorations with Different CAD/CAM Materials: 3D Finite Element and Weibull Analyses. Gulec, Laden; Ulusoy, Nuran Report Jan 1, 2017 5051
3D-printing initiatives span whimsical to practical. Nelson, Rick Mar 1, 2016 742
CAD based approach for patient specific scaffold for bone tissue engineering. Sapkal, P.S.; Kuthe, A.M. Report Oct 1, 2015 2206
Digital dimensions ... using CADCAM for a lifesaver. Sep 1, 2015 363
Using computer-aided design software and 3D printers to improve spatial visualization. Katsioloudis, Petros; Jones, Millie May 1, 2015 3324
CAD/CAM in dentistry: a life changing career advancement decision. White, Angelia Jan 1, 2015 1782
Graphic modeling and visual impact on the structural design of packaging in CAD applications. Nicoleta-Elisabeta, Pascu; Tiberiu, Dobrescu; George, Enciu; Gabriel, Jiga Report Jan 1, 2015 1666
Design knowledge and process management method based on 3D CAD system. Zhang, Shan-hui; Yang, Chao-ying; Thomas, Steffen Report Jun 1, 2014 3194
CAD/CAM implant provisional use reshapes gingival tissues while improving esthetics and hygiene. Callan, Richard S.; Cooper, Jeril R., III Report May 1, 2014 931
Exploiting CAD in logistics. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 170
Spatial ability training for undergraduate mathematics education students: designing tasks with SketchUp[R]. Turgut, Melih; Uygan, Candas Report Feb 1, 2014 3473
Computer-aided modelling and analysis of PV systems: a comparative study. Koukouvaos, Charambos; Kandris, Dionisis; Samarakou, Maria Report Jan 1, 2014 5590
Worldwide Agreement:. Sep 30, 2013 318
Powering up: expanded capabilities increase the benefits and impact of CAD software throughout product development. Toensmeier, Pat May 1, 2013 2600
Virtual prototyping applied to a blow molded container. Klein, Philippe; Fradet, Frederic; Metwally, Hossam; Merchal, Thierry Jan 1, 2013 1453
Varied heel height. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Dec 1, 2012 286
Freeform CAD advice. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Dec 1, 2012 112
Gearing up: gearbox NVH and analysis specialist Romax is bucking the industry trend by moving upstream into conceptual CAD. Dec 1, 2012 630
Engineers optimistic in facing global challenges. Kosowatz, John Oct 1, 2012 335
Assessment of 3D viewers for the display of interactive documents in the learning of graphic engineering. Barbero, Basilio Ramos; Pedrosa, Carlos Melgosa; Mate, Esteban Garcia Report Oct 1, 2012 7162
Complexity by design: as engineered systems grow, it's imperative to understand them well enough to forestall unexpected failures. Flumerfelt, Shannon; Halada, Gary P.; Kahlen, Franz-Josef Mar 1, 2012 2803
Integrating CAD/CAM in automation and materials handling: while agricultural activities have been at the heart of developing nations and are a critical part of all economies and societies, it is primarily manufacturing that has provided the means for humans to move forward in improving standards of living and qualities of life. Deal, Walter F.; Jones, Catherine E. Mar 1, 2012 2757
Laser-guided assemblers. Brown, Alan S. Jan 1, 2012 398
Lost in translation: it's the paradox of computer-aided design: more software systems, more project collaborators, more wasted time. Prawel, David Sep 1, 2011 1830
Methods for model building: prototyping systems can move a design concept from CAD data to a 3D model rapidly and accurately when using the appropriate tool for the task. Hock, Lindsay Jun 1, 2011 1872
Design of manikin for testing of residual-limb shape-capture method: technical note. McGarry, Anthony; McHugh, Brendan; Duers, Jake; Buis, Arjan W.P. Report Mar 1, 2011 2488
CAD/CAM dentistry for today's on-the-go military. Hodd, Jeffrey A. Report Jan 1, 2011 7376
Enhanced design software imports files from CAD tools. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 129
Logbuild--CAD/CAM system for log houses/Rastiniu namu cad/cam projektavimo sistema logbuild. Portjanski, L.; Nekrassov, G.; Zahharov, R.; Shevtshenko, E. Report Nov 1, 2010 5088
Digital tolerance: model-based definition could spell the end for traditional drawings, but first, there's an issue of trust to address. Thilmany, Jean Jul 1, 2010 1638
Looking @ Autodesk 2011. Brief article May 1, 2010 145
Three-dimensional laser scanning of "Crime Scene Gum" as a forensic method demonstrating the creation of virtual tooth surface contour and web-based rapid model fabrication. Siderits, Richard; Birkenstamm, Jennifer; Khani, Francesca; Sadamin, Evita; Godyn, Janusz Technical report Apr 1, 2010 1830
Fuel design. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Apr 1, 2010 166
Multiphysics: all at once: physical phenomena--and engineers--rarely work in isolation, so simulation software is addressing those facts. Thilmany, Jean Feb 1, 2010 1420
Digital technology use by companies in the furniture, cabinet, architectural millwork, and related industries. Wiedenbeck, Jan; Parsons, Jeff Survey Jan 1, 2010 5914
Automation of the production process for metallic flexible diaphragm with CAD/CAM system CATIA V5R19 support. Majerik, Jozef; Bajcik, Stefan; Jambor, Jaroslav Report Jan 1, 2010 1484
On double wishbone front suspension mechanisms. Dobre, George; Mateescu, Viorel; Tica, Mihai Report Jan 1, 2010 945
Quick to market. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Sep 1, 2009 151
Modeling & analysis of connecting rod of four stroke single cylinder engine for optimization of cost & material. Jaju, S.B.; Charkha, P.G. Report Jul 1, 2009 2545
Common data definitions for HVAC&R industry applications. Glazer, Jason Report Jul 1, 2009 9117
Implementacion de un prototipo de una dispensadora y envasadora de chocolates. Velasquez Costa, Jose Antonio Report Jul 1, 2009 1189
Extracting electrodes. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Jun 1, 2009 178
How BIM advances cost-saving planning and prefabrication: NBBJ designers show how two projects benefitted in budget, quality, and schedule from targeted application of BIM. Fishking, Tim; Hullinger, Ryan May 1, 2009 1400
First playground. Thilmany, Jean Brief article May 1, 2009 137
Insert drawings in documents. Brief article May 1, 2009 110
Getting physical: computer-aided design and time-to-market demands seemed to reduce the scope for making physical prototypes. But then along came 3D printing. Pullin, John Apr 29, 2009 1295
Words with CAD. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Apr 1, 2009 135
The right mix: a manufacturer of burners optimizes the distribution of gases for combustion by using CFD tools embedded in its CAD software. Heijmans, Ad Mar 1, 2009 1610
Second-time design. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Jan 1, 2009 168
Introduction to AutoCAD. Buitrago, Jose R. Jan 1, 2009 7954
Creating your first drawing. Buitrago, Jose R. Jan 1, 2009 7312
Saving and printing. Buitrago, Jose R. Jan 1, 2009 415
Introduction to SketchUp. Calabria, Ashley Jan 1, 2009 459
The SketchUp screen. Calabria, Ashley Jan 1, 2009 266
Basic 2D drawing. Calabria, Ashley Jan 1, 2009 1458
Basic 3D drawing--let the fun begin! Calabria, Ashley Jan 1, 2009 339
Creating a simple structure. Calabria, Ashley Jan 1, 2009 2324
Working through Lembi Park. Calabria, Ashley Jan 1, 2009 1068
Introduction. Buitrago, Jose R. Jan 1, 2009 8346
Chapter 6: program interchange and student project examples. Calabria, Ashley; Buitrago, Jose R. Jan 1, 2009 1320
Automatic obtaining of aligned sectional views in AutoCAD layouts. Oancea, Gheorghe; Chicos, Lucia Antoneta; Ivan, Nicolae Valentin; Lancea, Camil Report Jan 1, 2009 1307
Study of the workspace for parallel manipulator 3RUU. Nedezki, Claudiu; Julean, Danut; Kerekes, Gheorghe Report Jan 1, 2009 1606
Hard die&mould milling process with CAD/CAM system CATIA V5R18 support. Jambor, Jaroslav; Majerik, Jozef Report Jan 1, 2009 1190
Rapid prototyping technology used for manufacturing of an adapted medical implant prototype. Druga, Corneliu; Barbu, Daniela Mariana; Serban, Ionel; Radu, Ciprian Report Jan 1, 2009 1446
Log on to learning: CAD software is being used creatively in schools to make lessons more relevant. Cunningham, Justin Nov 12, 2008 1436
Beyond rapid prototyping: direct manufacturing: when Linear Mold started using laser-sintering for tooling inserts, it accelerated mold production and reduced costs. Gould, Lawrence S. Nov 1, 2008 957
Flying CAD files. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Nov 1, 2008 316
GEA Ireland invests in AutoCAD P&ID. Aug 1, 2008 749
CAD drawings aid sales of energy systems. Brief article Jun 25, 2008 168
Right the first time: new tools can help mechanical engineers avoid common pitfalls in designing complex mechatronic motion control systems. Mac Cleery, Brian; Mathur, Nipun Jun 1, 2008 2560
Back to the drawing board: giving schoolchildren authentic CAD tools in the classroom may pay dividends in addressing the skills shortage in engineering. Reidy, Heath Apr 9, 2008 662
Design into repair. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Mar 1, 2008 123
Chapter 1: Landscape design: tools of the trade. Jan 1, 2008 7192
Chapter 2: Landscape graphics. Jan 1, 2008 7826
How to prepare yourself for whatchamathingies. Oct 1, 2007 586
Assessing the performance impacts of information systems from the resource-based perspective: an empirical test of the indirect effect of is. Zhang, Michael J. Case study Sep 22, 2007 8906
Seeing really is believing; making the case for full machine simulation in CAD/CAM. Fishman, Hanan Aug 1, 2007 1324
Human model. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Aug 1, 2007 181
Virtual time travel. Thilmany, Jean Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2007 280
Solid x-ray: advances in rapid prototyping give the technology new roles in medical treatments. Thilmany, Jean Editorial Jul 1, 2007 1863
Easy pass. Thilmany, Jean Brief article May 1, 2007 145
Compatible CAD and CAM. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Apr 1, 2007 217
Getting measurement devices to sing out in perfect harmony. Apr 1, 2007 1141
Where does CAM stand? Researchers are pushing to get more manufacturing assistance from the computer. Thilmany, Jean Jan 1, 2007 1837
Computer Aided Design of grounding system for high voltage test laboratory. Nikolovski, Srete; Maric, Predrag; Caha, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2007 1311
CAD software improves detection of lung nodules. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 156
Common language: engineering information can make it over to accounting and marketing with the help of XML. Thilmany, Jean Dec 1, 2006 1466
Technological advances ensure value throughout the market. Christman, Alan Nov 1, 2006 2695
Composites With CAD. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Oct 1, 2006 133
Students' good deed. Thilmany, Jean Oct 1, 2006 327
Translation time: design and analysis programs don't speak the same language; getting around that can be costly. Thilmany, Jean Oct 1, 2006 1972
Pros and cons of CAD: computer-aided design is far from perfect, but still pretty great, these experts say. Thilmany, Jean Sep 1, 2006 2054
CAD tool for timber pallets. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 102
Processing a peck of pickles. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Aug 1, 2006 147
Engineering and swimming. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Aug 1, 2006 205
Cut a little more. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Aug 1, 2006 168
A better no-gas car. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Aug 1, 2006 193
What makes CPD collaborative? Collaborative product development (CPD) is more than just slinging 3D models back and forth and viewing them. Here's a sample of some of the technologies working behind the scenes. Gould, Lawrence S. Aug 1, 2006 1496
Metal art. Thilmany, Jean Jul 1, 2006 651
Software provides 3D CAD from ordinary photos. Hill, G. Walter Jul 1, 2006 673
Upstream screening. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Jun 1, 2006 142
3-D from the get-go. Thilmany, Jean Brief article May 1, 2006 231
Control the rolling snow. Thilmany, Jean Apr 1, 2006 411
Into the third dimension. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Mar 1, 2006 258
No need for quiet. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Mar 1, 2006 170
Processing of forming cutting tools in CAD/CAM. Chladil Josef Jan 1, 2006 2225
Smoother sailing. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 221
Engineering classes aided by 3D design software: SolidWorks software supports districts' engineering programs with CAD capabilities. Dec 1, 2005 628
What do you mean? Nov 1, 2005 147
Technology spotlight. Advertisement Oct 1, 2005 1746
Bouncing brain studies. Thilmany, Jean Oct 1, 2005 456
Solidworks solidly works. Gould, Lawrence S. Editorial Oct 1, 2005 621
It's a steel zoo out there. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 284
New parts for old cars. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 252
Rapid prototyping: rapid, colorful, real, and coming to a desk near you. Gould, Lawrence S. Sep 1, 2005 1446
Integrating technology and service to improve management. Douaihy, Margot Aug 10, 2005 655
Engine in half the time. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 159
Curvy blocks. Thilmany, Jean Jul 1, 2005 384
Narrow wall bracing CAD details available. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 268
Quick custom design. Thilmany, Jean Jun 1, 2005 318
CAM solids--the best of both worlds: solid models are even better in CAM. Gibbs, Bill May 1, 2005 1325
From pins to nuts. Hutchinson, Harry Brief Article May 1, 2005 224
Go-between: shop floor software taps into CAD systems to get vital manufacturing information. Thilmany, Jean May 1, 2005 2001
Software developments that may simplify your challenges: here are some of the things that I saw at the national design engineering show during national manufacturing week. Not everything. Just some items of particular relevance and interest. Gould, Lawrence S. May 1, 2005 1598
Speedy die design. Thilmany, Jean Apr 1, 2005 362
Keep the designs coming. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 214
Helping future engineers use today's design plans. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 253
Come together on CAD. Thilmany, Jean Mar 1, 2005 273
An alternative view: nano smoothing NURBS curves for best fit. Brownhill, Mark Mar 1, 2005 1332
Hundred-ply parts. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 196
Formalized procedure for the selection of optimal setup plan for machining the features of prismatic parts. Hebbal, S.S.; Mehta, N.K. Report Jan 1, 2005 1714
Untypical "manual" approach to 3D design of recess in injection mould. Kwaczynski, W.; Krolikowski, M. Jan 1, 2005 1037
It's not your grandfather's icebox. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 197
Drawing old ironsides. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 237
The friendly mouse. Thilmany, Jean Jul 1, 2004 347
Taking the paperless approach to Mars. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article May 1, 2004 293
Capturing best shop practices: more insight from leading CAM software developers. Dec 1, 2003 1404
A CAD file that designs and machines. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 287
How does your fluid flow? Thirty years ago, CFD was academic; now doctors and engineers wonder how they lived without it. Thilmany, Jean Dec 1, 2003 1999
Delphi slashes design cycle, establishes center of excellence. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 263
Growing a new lower jaw bone. Thilmany, Jean Nov 1, 2003 401
A close-up look at a little-seen body part. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 269
Inspecting by comparing after to before. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 281
Making the move to solid-based machining. Lobato, Raf Sep 1, 2003 1031
Woodworkers tune in to new programs: developments in software programs make work faster, easier and more accurate. Dec 1, 2002 1913
Framing in the New Millennium. Tarateta, Maja Sep 1, 2001 1457
THE NEXT GENERATION OF Rotomolding Technology. Knights, Mikell May 1, 2001 1910
Modeling Water for Computer Animation. FOSTER, NICK; METAXAS, DIMITRIS Jul 1, 2000 3633
Online design. Thilmany, Jean Mar 1, 2000 2366
CAD/CAE. Gaughan, Rosaleen Feb 1, 2000 1147
The wired engineer: the Internet and the designer. Van Name, Eric; Engelstein, Geoffrey Apr 1, 1999 2013
CAD APPLICATIONS MUSHROOM. Zimmermann, Kim Ann Aug 31, 1998 362
Merging CAD with IT. Carrabine, Laura Jul 1, 1998 1695
A simple method to design phase-locked LOs for CDMA mobile comuunications systems using CAD tools. Zhou, Jianyi; Zhu, Xiaowei; Hong, Wei Jul 1, 1998 1638
Pattern shop uses CAD/CAM software to aid Grede, Cummins with turbocharger. Jun 1, 1998 580
Three product reviews: PC-based CAM systems. Christman, Alan Evaluation Mar 1, 1998 1480
Computer-aided design of MMIC variable attenuators. Dindo, Salam; Meierer, Roman; North, Randall Nov 1, 1997 1241
CAD/CAM comes to tinsel town. Valenti, Michael Oct 1, 1997 772
Efforts get streamlined by reverse engineering. Oct 1, 1997 1716
CAM gives orthodontics manufacturer biting edge. Wilber, Donn Cover Story Sep 1, 1997 831
Setting new standards for CAD graphics. Deitz, Dan Jun 1, 1997 468
Moldmaking and electronic modeling: CAD/CAM tools take a leading role. Naysmith, Jeanne Feb 1, 1997 1377
Creating 'nothing' from something. Feb 1, 1997 912
Manufacturing in cyberspace. Dec 1, 1995 1222
Customer-driven product delivery. Deitz, Dan Dec 1, 1995 4453
Moldmaker automates from start to finish. Nov 1, 1995 727
Rapid prototyping. Sep 1, 1995 1514
Designing for Formula One racing. Baer, Tony Jul 1, 1995 2581
Interdigital bandpass filter design. Waegel, K.H.; Tewes, W. Jun 1, 1995 1322
Parametric CAM-system makes part programs. May 1, 1995 405
CAM for moldmaking. May 1, 1995 1515
Technology aids wetlands mitigation. Astroth, Joseph Mar 1, 1995 1663
Surface modeling for multiaxis machining. Puttre, Michael Oct 1, 1994 1695
Bringing the cupola into the computer age. Philbin, Matthew L. Jun 1, 1994 2178
Multiaxis laser cuts manufacturing time of aerospace parts. Connolly, Gary Feb 1, 1994 1302
Computers/software help GM Achieva deadline. Jun 1, 1993 723
Anatomy of a machine tool. Morningstar, David Jun 1, 1993 3975
NC in aerospace. Mar 1, 1993 534
On the NASCAR circuit, high-tech = high performance. Dec 1, 1992 914
Smooth program speeds rough machining. Feb 1, 1992 391
Verify one-off programs without cutting metal. Feb 1, 1992 392
Pattern for progress: a small shop moves up to fast track CAD/CAM software. Dec 1, 1991 855
Macintosh automates machine shop. Dec 1, 1991 460
Understanding digitizing. Serwin, Ken Cover Story Oct 1, 1991 1412
Does your shop need CAD/CAM? Smith, Harley N. Apr 1, 1991 2524
CAD: masters of the keyboard. Stepanek, Steven Mar 1, 1991 1733
'Artificial intelligence' already taking many forms in plastics processing. Naitove, Matthew H. Mar 1, 1991 3735
CAD and CAE applications range from circuit design to production yield control. Bierman, Howard Jul 1, 1990 2870
Reduced costs, repeatability benefits of automated tooling. Jun 1, 1990 581
CAD/CAM - capturing the master's expertise. Quinlan, Joseph C. May 1, 1990 2215
Blow moulding in the 90's - CIM is coming! Naitove, Matthew H. May 1, 1990 4856
New 3-D CAD/CAM program simplifies, speeds parts design. Muhlfelder, Phil Nov 1, 1989 703
High-tech comes to golf clubs. Jul 1, 1989 1655
Mill speeds die production. product announcement Jul 1, 1989 400
CMI International opens Tech Center. Bralower, Paul M. company profile Jun 1, 1989 1091
CAD-CAM - flying high. Quinlan, Joseph C. Apr 1, 1989 2359
High-tech tooth repair: incisive software may allow dentists to stop worrying about making a good impression. Weiss, Rick Dec 10, 1988 2608
Show report: 6th EMO - panorama of FMS. Green, Richard G. Dec 1, 1985 3673
The process-control robot - new tool for flexible manufacturing. Genest, David H. Dec 1, 1985 2471
Factory automation in America: issues, stumbling blocks, speculations. Allmendinger, Glen A. Oct 1, 1985 4546
LANs: manufacturing's prodigal child. McGarry, Susan L. Jul 1, 1985 1264

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