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CIT, Agriculture Ministers discuss using AI technologies in developing Egypt's agricultural sector. Mohamed Alaa El-Din Sep 23, 2020 487
Does Credit Influence Fertilizer Intensification in Rice Farming? Empirical Evidence from Cote D'Ivoire. Ouattara, N'Banan; Xiong, Xueping; Traore, Lacina; Turvey, Calum G.; Sun, Ruiting; Ali, Abdelrahman; Aug 1, 2020 10203
Using Eight Crops to Show the Correlation between Paucity Irrigation and Yield Reduction of Al-Hussainiyah Irrigation Project in Karbala, Iraq. Shammari, Musa Habib Jassim Al-; Algretawee, Hayder; Aboodi, Ali H. Al- Jul 31, 2020 8516
Drone technology to be used for agriculture purpose, police patrolling: Fawad. Jul 21, 2020 376
Why I switched to organic farming. Jul 8, 2020 545
Positioning Accuracy Comparison of GNSS Receivers Used for Mapping and Guidance of Agricultural Machines. Catania, Pietro; Comparetti, Antonio; Febo, Pierluigi; Morello, Giuseppe; Orlando, Santo; Roma, Elis Jul 1, 2020 7306
Geo-Agriculture: Reviewing Opportunities through Which the Geosphere Can Help Address Emerging Crop Production Challenges. Pratt, Chris; ngston, Kate; Laycock, Bronwyn; Levett, Ian; Pratt, Steven Jul 1, 2020 14187
Full light shed on use of renewables in agricultural sector. Jun 25, 2020 267
Central province to use drones in rice farming. Jun 19, 2020 263
Occupational Pesticide Use and Risk of Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Agricultural Health Study. Andreotti, Gabriella; Freeman, Laura E. Beane; Shearer, Joseph J.; Lerro, Catherine C.; Koutros, Ste Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 12552
Facing Climate Change: Application of Microbial Biostimulants to Mitigate Stress in Horticultural Crops. Sangiorgio, Daniela; Cellini, Antonio; Donati, Irene; Pastore, Chiara; Onofrietti, Claudia; Spinelli Jun 1, 2020 14393
Farmers' Willingness to Pay for Services to Ensure Sustainable Agricultural Income in the GAP-Harran Plain, Sanliurfa, Turkey. Dogan, Hatice Parlakci; Aydogdu, Mustafa Hakki; Sevinc, Mehmet Resit; Cancelik, Mehmet May 1, 2020 9957
Intensification of Sorghum Production in Flood Recession Agriculture in Yelimane, Western Mali. Traore, Kalifa; Traore, Bouya; Synnevag, Gry; Aune, Jens B. May 1, 2020 7950
Acute and Subchronic Oral Toxicity Study of Polyherbal Formulation Containing Allium sativum L., Terminalia bellirica (Gaertn.) Roxb., Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb., and Amomum compactum Sol. ex. Maton in Rats. Sholikhah, E.N.; Mustofa, M.; Nugrahaningsih, D.A.A.; Yuliani, F.S.; Purwono, S.; Sugiyono, S.; Widy Report Apr 30, 2020 14495
Potentially Toxic Element Content in Arid Agricultural Soils in South Iran. Moghtaderi, Tahereh; Shakeri, Ata; Rodriguez-Seijo, Andres Apr 1, 2020 7457
Innovative Pro-Smallholder Farmers' Permanent Mulch for Better Soil Quality and Food Security Under Conservation Agriculture. Mgolozeli, Sibongiseni; Nciizah, Adornis D.; Wakindiki, Isaiah I.C.; Mudau, Fhatuwani N. Apr 1, 2020 8787
using data to improve precision in crop fertilization through digital Agriculture: By exposing students to the concept of digital agriculture earlier in their lives, they will be able to develop the proper mindset to advance the field further when they enter the professional world. Bartholomew, Scott; Strimel, Greg; Byrd, Vetria; Santana, Vanessa; Otto, Jackson; Laureano, Zach; De Apr 1, 2020 2405
Assessing the Origin of Phosphonic Acid Residues in Organic Vegetable and Fruit Crops: The Biof osf Project Multi-Actor Approach. Trinchera, Alessandra; Parisi, Bruno; Baratella, Valentina; Roccuzzo, Giancarlo; Soave, Ivano; Bazzo Mar 1, 2020 11439
Spraying Agro-Industrial Compost Tea on Baby Spinach Crops: Evaluation of Yield, Plant Quality and Soil Health in Field Experiments. Ros, Margarita; Hurtado-Navarro, Maria; Gimenez, Almudena; Fernandez, Juan Antonio; Egea-Gilabert, C Mar 1, 2020 6588
Mainstreaming Climate-Smart Agriculture in SmallScale Farming Systems: A Holistic Nonparametric Applicability Assessment in South Africa. Abegunde, Victor O.; Sibanda, Melusi; Obi, Ajuruchukwu Mar 1, 2020 9950
Agricultural water use accounting provides path for surface water use solutions. McGourty, Glenn; Lewis, David; Metz, Josh; Harper, John; Elkins, Rachel; Christian-Smith, Juliet; Pa Mar 1, 2020 10214
Factors Controlling Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration of Highland Agricultural Areas in the Mae Chaem Basin, Northern Thailand. Arunrat, Noppol; Pumijumnong, Nathsuda; Sereenonchai, Sukanya; Chareonwong, Uthai Feb 1, 2020 10629
Natural Organic Compounds for Application in Organic Farming. Duran-Lara, Esteban F.; Valderrama, Aly; Marican, Adolfo Feb 1, 2020 13477
Clipping Forage Sorghum Twice and Nitrogen Topdressing Offer an Option for Dual-Purpose Use for Cover Cropping and Fodder in Mixed Crop/Livestock Farming Systems. Janhi, Kudzayi; Matshaya, Zimkhitha; Chiduza, Cornelius; Muzangwa, Lindah Jan 1, 2020 6355
Biochar Integration with Legume Crops in Summer Gape Synergizes Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Enhance Maize Yield. Jalal, Fazal; Arif, Muhammad; Akhtar, Kashif; Khan, Aziz; Naz, Misbah; Said, Fazal; Zaheer, Sajjad; Jan 1, 2020 7946
Prevalence of Poultry Coccidiosis and Associated Risk Factors in Intensive Farming System of Gondar Town, Ethiopia. Wondimu, Anteneh; Mesfin, Ermias; Bayu, Yehualashet Jan 1, 2020 4107
Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterial Mitigation of Drought Stress in Crop Plants: Implications for Sustainable Agriculture. Ojuederie, Omena Bernard; Olanrewaju, Oluwaseyi Samuel; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti Nov 1, 2019 18292
Benefits of Using Service-Learning in the Preparation of Teachers: An Analysis of Agricultural Education Teacher Educators' Beliefs and Intentions. Roberts, Richie; Edwards, M. Craig; Robinson, J. Shane Oct 1, 2019 7711
PATTA holds consultative meeting to enhance use of agriculture tech. Jul 31, 2019 339
USAID PATTA holds consultative meeting to enhance the use of agricultural technology. Jul 25, 2019 392
Perceived Factors that Influence the Success of Vertical Transfer Students in Agricultural Education: A Delphi Study. Howerton, Tera; Clemons, Christopher A.; Lindner, James R. Report Jul 1, 2019 6587
An Examination of Postsecondary Agricultural Education Instructors' Perspectives of the Case Study Instructional Technique and the Development of a Model to Encourage Use. Huynh, Phuong Bach; Murphrey, Theresa Pesl; Dooley, Kim E.; Strong, Robert, Jr.; Dooley, Larry M. Jul 1, 2019 8910
Ensure maximum usage of agricultural land: Tajul. Apr 5, 2019 329
Roll up Your Sleeves: Why Is It Important to Highlight Gender in Agriculture? Mamaril, Mariela; Lu, Jinky Leilanie Mar 1, 2019 6084
Pro-poor Rural Growth of Agricultural Food through Rural Public Library Services for the Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria. Bakare, Abdullahi A.; Olaniyi, Esther Temitope; Oloruntola, Mosunmade Opeoluwa Feb 1, 2019 4340
Ethnography in Agricultural Research: A Tool for Diagnosing Problems and Sustaining Solutions. Owusu-Daaku, Kwame N.; Onzere, Sheila N. Report Jan 1, 2019 7828
Teacher Longevity and Career Satisfaction in the Secondary Agricultural Education Classroom. Clemons, Christopher A.; Lindner, James R. Jan 1, 2019 7595
THEORETICAL STUDY ON POWER PERFORMANCE OF AGRICULTURAL GANTRY SYSTEMS. Bulgakov, Volodymyr; Kuvachov, Volodymyr; Olt, Juri Jan 1, 2019 5067
Psychological Implications of the Use of Indigenous Knowledge in Aiding Agricultural Production among the Yoruba of South Western Nigeria. Kayode, Olaleye Samuel Report Dec 1, 2018 7751
New strategies being used for improving agriculture in Balochistan. Nov 19, 2018 489
Science in the Garden: A Qualitative Analysis of School-based Agricultural Educators' Strategies. Cross, Sarah M.; Kahn, Sami Report Oct 1, 2018 7743
Kennel club warns of puppy farmers using the Internet to sell to buyers after 'instant gratification'; It comes after a puppy farming gang from Hayes was jailed after using the Internet to sell diseased puppies. Sep 4, 2018 794
Pak becomes first to use multi-spectral imagery to map crops. Aug 31, 2018 200
Early Field Experience Course Students' Perceptions of School-based Agricultural Education Laboratory Environments. Wells, Trent; Smalley, Scott W.; Rank, Bryan D. Report Jul 1, 2018 6965
WB: Azerbaijan should make greater use of digital technologies in agriculture. Jun 25, 2018 414
Belchim Crop Protection announces Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption for Tough 5EC Herbicide for mint growers. Jun 7, 2018 219
'Halophytes can be used as potential crops for food, fuel'. Apr 19, 2018 900
Evaluating First Year Agriculture Teachers' Use of Reflection. Meder, Amanda; Smalley, Scott; Retallick, Michael Report Apr 1, 2018 7216
Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: The Case of India. Sundar, I. Apr 1, 2018 4096
Need for modern technology use in agriculture stressed. Feb 15, 2018 238
Need for modern technology use in agriculture stressed. Feb 15, 2018 678
Use of modern tech in agriculture key for better production. Feb 15, 2018 452
A Quasi-Experimental Examination: Cognitive Sequencing of Instruction Using Experiential Learning Theory for STEM Concepts in Agricultural Education. Smith, Kasee L.; Rayfield, John Report Oct 1, 2017 6946
Exploring Relationships between Personal Variables, Programmatic Variables, and Self-Efficacy in School-Based Agricultural Education. McKim, Aaron J.; Velez, Jonathan J.; Clement, Haley Q. Report Apr 1, 2017 6453
Aptitude and agricultural use in the Ingariko area--Indian Land Raposa Serra do Sol--Roraima/ Aptidao e uso agricola na area Ingariko--Terra Indigena Raposa Serra do Sol--Roraima/ Aptitud y uso agricola en el area Ingariko--Tierra Indigena Raposa Serra do Sol--Roraima. Falcao, Marcia Teixeira; de Oliveira, Sandra Kariny Saldanha; Ruivo, Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro; Gald Sep 1, 2016 3900
Balanced use of Nitrogen, Phosphorus for crops stressed. Aug 4, 2016 306
A tale of two soil cities: use of cover crops increases diversity in pore sizes, organic matter. Fisk, Susan Nov 1, 2015 739
Farm embarks on ambitious wedding venue project; Diversification can offer a means of keeping agricultural operations afloat while drawing extra revenue from projects that make best use of the land. Here, Richard Shell tells ROBERT GIBSON about his ambition to create special wedding venue through a barn conversion. Nov 1, 2014 1048
Determining farm program in line with sustainable agriculture (case study: coastal lands on the right side of Nekuabad irrigation system). Mardani, Mostafa; Ziaee, Saman; Kalbali, Elham Case study Oct 1, 2014 5077
Free zone model used for farm exports. Jul 1, 2014 103
Make best use of all potential forage crops; ANDREW JAMIESON, agricultural adviser of H&H land and property, tells us how to maximise our forage potential and how important it is to make hay when the sun shines. Jun 21, 2013 938
Farm buildings given a whole new lease of life; Empty farm buildings are often put to alternative uses, including accommodation or offices. Landowners and farmers are set to benefit from a Government building shake-up covering new uses for forgotten spaces, says Alex Robinson, a member of the agricultural department at Lodders Solicitors in Stratford-upon-Avon PROPERTYEXPERT. Jun 6, 2013 352
Devastated crops: multifunctional efficacy for the production of nanoparticles. Madhumitha, G.; Roopan, Selvaraj Mohana Jan 1, 2013 7382
Dynamics and succession of agricultural landscape pattern in the Municipality of Cocos (Bahia)/Dinamica e sucessao dos padroes da paisagem agricola no municipio de Cocos (Bahia). Hessel, Fabiana de Oliveira; de Carvalho, Osmar Abilio, Jr.; Gomes, Roberto Arnaldo Trancoso; Martin Dec 1, 2012 7282
Advocacy in agricultural social movements: exploring Facebook as a public relations communication tool. Meyers, Courtney; Irlbeck, Erica; Graybill-Leonard, Mica; Doerfert, David Dec 15, 2011 6593
Study on the changes of the quality of the Karoun River at Khouzestan plain in the view of agricultural usages and its environmental effects. Allahyaripour, Forough Report Sep 1, 2011 3034
Farmers make the most of internet. Apr 20, 2011 265
Intensive agriculture sustainable, ecologically more viable to solve food security concerns. Mar 4, 2011 413
Aulakh for using media disseminate knowledge among farmers. Jan 13, 2011 220
Rajasthan farmers use bio-ash to increase onion yield. Dec 27, 2010 213
Bird survey can help farmers' applications. Oct 12, 2010 351
Gondal for efficient use of water by agriculture sector. Jan 9, 2010 703
Public must put in money to back green land use; AM adamant support for farmers must continue. Sep 17, 2009 381
Use of innovations in agricultural development in Central Asia discussed at Issyk-Kul. Apr 8, 2009 158
Farmers in Maharashtra burn crops. Apr 2, 2009 315
Farmers use unmanned plane for crop decisions. Aug 9, 2008 176
Farmers trained on better fruit-drying methods. Aug 4, 2008 312
Human waste used for crops. Jan 14, 2008 126
Human waste used for crops. Jan 14, 2008 115
Pig business; FARM & COUNTRY Hall restorers go modern with sty webcam... and delves into past with mystery tunnels. Dec 13, 2007 729
Can kenaf feed livestock? (Science Update). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 167
Going Natural. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 304

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