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Addressing Visual Barriers to Community Mobility among Individuals with Brain Injuries. Stevens, Kaleigh Jan 1, 2021 2119
Environmental Information Required by Individuals with Visual Impairments Who Use Orientation and Mobility Aids to Navigate Campuses. Papadopoulos, Konstantinos; Charitakis, Konstantinos; Koustriava, Eleni; Kouroupetroglou, Georgios; Report Jul 1, 2020 6495
'People park there who shouldn't be parked there': Couple's anger over disability 'space abuse'; Carrie Clough has used a wheelchair for 25 years - but a wrongly parked car or a kerb can leave her trapped in tricky situations. Aug 4, 2019 1198
Decreased respiratory performance of children and adolescents with myelomeningocele who use a wheelchair--preliminary data. Martins, E.J.; Gastaldi, A.C.; Davoli, G.B.Q.; Leonardi-Figueiredo, M.M.; Mattiello-Sverzut, A.C. Aug 1, 2019 4346
DESIGN OF ENGINEERING OBJECTS USING THE INFORMATION MODEL. Tigarev, V.; Salii, V.; Lopakov, A.; Goncharenko, A. Jul 1, 2019 2135
On the move: Assistive devices can help people with MS stay active. But learning to accept them can be a challenge. Townsend, James Dec 22, 2018 1591
Details. They get you every time. Hackman, Nathan Sep 10, 2018 850
Orientation and Mobility Modifications and Adaptations for Safe Travel by Older Adults. McAllister, John W. Report May 1, 2018 2774
Factors associated with the use of wheelchairs by institutionalized elderly people/Fatores associados ao uso de cadeira de rodas por idosos institucionalizados. Alves, Elysama Fernandes; Bezerra, Poliana Penasso Nov 1, 2017 3524
Use of equipment or assistance for getting around among persons aged [greater than or equal to] 50 years--national health interview survey, 2014-2015. Martinez, Michael E.; Ward, Brian W. Dec 16, 2016 216
Can I get a lift here? Schwab, Charles M. Jul 1, 2016 2982
Supporting your relationships. Zagieboylo, Cyndi Report Jun 22, 2016 608
The best laid schemes: my GP diagnosed the problem as a pinched nerve, likely caused by use of the STS machine that had forced my spinal column and vertebrae into a position they had not been in in years. Levinson, Jerry Column Jun 1, 2015 671
Locomotion control method for patients verticalization with regard to their safety and comfort. Jatsun, Sergey; Savin, Sergei; Yatsun, Andrey; Turlapov, Ruslan Report Jan 1, 2015 3656
Final 2014 clinic. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 230
Development of intelligent model for personalized guidance on wheelchair tilt and recline usage for people with spinal cord injury: methodology and preliminary report. Fu, Jicheng; Jones, Maria; Jan, Yih-Kuen Report May 1, 2014 8234
Generation of a mobility device for disabled people drive, using the method of quality function/Generacion de un dispositivo de movilidad para personas con discapacidad usando el metodo de funcion de calidad. Bravo, Leonardo Emiro Contreras; Granados, Wilmar Augusto Dec 1, 2013 3566
Comparison of seat, waist, and arm sit-to-stand assistance modalities in elderly population. Jeyasurya, Jeswin; Van der Loos, H.F. Machiel; Hodgson, Antony; Croft, Elizabeth A. Report Jun 1, 2013 5406
Power wheelchairs & young children: just as a typically developing child learns how to walk by trial and error, a child with a disability needs to experience a similar process when learning to navigate through their world, even if it is from the seat of a power wheelchair in a controlled environment. Burne, Brian; Breaux, Becky May 1, 2013 1987
Activity monitor accuracy in persons using canes. Wendland, Deborah Michael; Sprigle, Stephen H. Report Aug 1, 2012 4463
A decade of access 2 mobility, inc. Brief article May 1, 2012 335
How walking sticks are used in martial arts; Pensioners trained to use canes to defend themselves. Oct 13, 2011 489
The role of drugs or surgery: what's the doctor got to keep people moving should mobility decline? Wojcik, Emily Sep 13, 2011 878
User evaluation of three wheelchair securement systems in large accessible transit vehicles. van Roosmalen, Linda; Karg, Patricia; Hobson, Douglas; Turkovich, Michael; Porach, Erik Report Jul 1, 2011 8142
Interface shear and pressure characteristics of wheelchair seat cushions. Akins, Jonathan S.; Karg, Patricia E.; Brienza, David M. Report Mar 1, 2011 5481
Selecting the best automotive mobility solution. Cook, Greg Feb 1, 2011 594
From tragedy to a supportive partnership for a family with disabilities. Vargas, Claudia Maria Feb 1, 2011 1335
Mobility devices being employed sooner. Oct 1, 2010 375
Take a stand for standing. Labandz, Stephenie Jul 1, 2010 1316
Standing up for students with special needs: schools are providing students with disabilities motorized "standers" for physiological, academic and social benefits. Rosenthal, Adam Report May 1, 2010 754
Recycle your gently used mobility equipment at[TM]: a website dedicated to the special needs community. Thoughfully created. Personally inspired. Report May 1, 2010 812
Rollator use and functional outcome of geriatric rehabilitation. Vogt, Lutz Brief article Feb 1, 2010 97
The scooter store and the health-care crisis. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial Feb 1, 2010 965
Use of weight-bearing MRI for evaluating wheelchair cushions based on internal soft-tissue deformations under ischial tuberosities. Shabshin, Nogah Brief article Jan 1, 2010 103
Use of weight-bearing MRI for evaluating wheelchair cushions based on internal soft-tissue deformations under ischial tuberosities. Shabshin, Nogah; Zoizner, Gil; Herman, Amir; Ougortsin, Vlad; Gefen, Amit Report Jan 1, 2010 5826
Teamwork helps vet keep on truckin'. Report Jan 1, 2010 638
The impact of electronic mobility devices for persons who are visually impaired: a systematic review of effects and effectiveness. Roentgen, Uta R.; Gelderblom, Gert Jan; Soede, Mathijs; de Witte, Luc P. Dec 1, 2009 5380
Walking aids may do more harm than good. Haglund, Keith Report Oct 1, 2009 559
Influence of bedrest or ambulation in the clinical treatment of acute deep vein thrombosis on patient outcomes: a review and synthesis of the literature. Gay, Victoria; Hamilton, Rhonda; Heiskell, Susan; Sparks, Amy M. Clinical report Sep 1, 2009 5580
Choosing a cane. Leipzig, Rosanne M. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 265
A physiological case study of a paralympic wheelchair tennis player: reflective practise. Diaper, Nicholas J.; Goosey-Tolfrey, Vitoria L. Case study Jun 1, 2009 5467
A matter of function and comfort. Reprint May 1, 2009 924
Mobility: not just the ability to move: tips for gaining acceptance and moving toward community connections. DeZonia, Krysti May 1, 2009 995
Power assist uses new technologies. Apr 1, 2009 351
Joystick use for virtual power wheelchair driving in individuals with tremor: pilot study. Dicianno, Brad E.; Sibenaller, Sara; Kimmich, Claire; Cooper, Rory A.; Pyo, Jay Report Mar 1, 2009 3396
The Katrina kids. Meyer, B.L. Sep 1, 2007 743
Comparison of mobility device delivery within Department of Veterans Affairs for individuals with multiple sclerosis versus spinal cord injury. Ambrosio, Fabrisia; Boninger, Michael L.; Fitzgerald, Shirley G.; Hubbard, Sandra L.; Schwid, Steven Report Sep 1, 2007 5696
Vertical value: whether you are sitting or standing, vertical movement has its advantages! Cooper, Rory A.; Cooper, Rosemarie Report Aug 1, 2007 2030
Virtual cues and functional mobility of people with Parkinson's disease: a single-subject pilot study. Kaminsky, Tatiana A.; Dudgeon, Brian J.; Billingsley, Felix F.; Mitchell, Pamela H.; Weghorst, Suzan Report May 1, 2007 5505
Standing tall: the benefits of standing devices. Warner, Mark P. Mar 1, 2007 1565
Keep seniors standing tall. Nagler, Willibald Apr 1, 2006 771
Admission and discharge mobility of frail hospitalized older adults. Callen, Bonnie L.; Mahoney, Jane E.; Wells, Thelma J.; Enloe, Myra; Hughes, Susan Jun 1, 2004 4913

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