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Enhancing the Interfacial Properties of Composites by Grafting Polyethylene Glycol and Polyvinyl Alcohol Onto a CF Surface. Zhan, Yi-Kai; Du, Shuai; He, Min; Zhang, Dao-Hai; Liu, Yu-Fei; Li, Li-Ping Report May 1, 2019 4584
Preparation and Characterization of PEG/PVP blend, with Sepiolite Clay as Compatibilizer. Report Apr 30, 2018 2881
URTICARIA AS A RARE SIDE EFFECT OF POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL-3350 IN A CHILD: CASE REPORT. Gokay, Sinem Sari; Celik, Tugce; Sari, Mehmet Yusuf; Ekinci, Faruk; Yildizdas, Riza Dincer; Yilmaz, Case study Mar 1, 2018 1140
Polyethylene Glycol-3350 (Miralax )+1.9-L sports drink (Gatorade[R])+2 tablets of bisacodyl results in inferior bowel preparation for colonoscopy compared with Polyethylene Glycol-Ascorbic Acid (MoviPrep[R]). Khan, Maqsood Ahmed; Patel, Kevin B.; Nooruddin, Mohammed; Swanson, Garth; Fogg, Louis; Keshavarzian Jan 1, 2018 4107
A Novel Method of Comparing Anti-Adhesive Agents Used to Prevent Postoperative Peritoneal Adhesions/Post-Operatif Peritoneal Adezyonlari Onlemek icin Kullanilan Anti-Adeziv Ajanlarin Karsilastirilmasinda Yeni Bir Yontem. Hatipoglu, Engin; Demiryas, Suleyman; Arikan, Akif Enes; Orhan, Anil; Kucukodaci, Zafer; Erguney, Sa Report Dec 1, 2017 3511
PEG-based organic-inorganic hybrid coatings prepared by the sol-gel dip-coating process for biomedical applications. Catauro, Michelina; Papale, Ferdinando; Piccirillo, Giusi; Bollino, Flavia Report Jun 1, 2017 4291
Kanamycin Sulphate Loaded PLGA-Vitamin-E-TPGS Long Circulating Nanoparticles Using Combined Coating of PEG and Water-Soluble Chitosan. Mustafa, Sanaul; Devi, V. Kusum; Pai, Roopa S. Report Jan 1, 2017 6602
The Internal Recycle Reactor Enhances Porous Calcium Silicate Hydrates to Recover Phosphorus from Aqueous Solutions. Guan, Wei; Tian, Shichao Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5280
Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide ([Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4]) Nanoparticles Coated with PEG/PEI for Biomedical Applications: A Facile and Scalable Preparation Route Based on the Cathodic Electrochemical Deposition Method. Karimzadeh, Isa; Aghazadeh, Mustafa; Doroudi, Taher; Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Kolivand, Peir Hossein Report Jan 1, 2017 4272
The Effectiveness of Personalized Bowel Preparation Using a Smartphone Camera Application: A Randomized Pilot Study. Jung, Jae won; Park, Jongha; Jeon, Gi Jung; Moon, Young Soo; Yang, Sung Yuon; Kim, Tae Oh; Jung, Eui Report Jan 1, 2017 4879
Experimental study on self curing concrete with and without polypropylene fibre. Anuradha, R.; Manikandan, S. Report Jun 15, 2016 2557
Poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(lactic acid) polymeric micelles as novel drug delivery system in cancer therapy: an overview. Mishra, Prajna; Barik, Arundhati; Parhi, P.; Dey, R.K. Report Apr 1, 2016 9047
Toughening of poly(lactide) using polyethylene glycol methyl ether acrylate: reactive versus physical blending. Kfoury, Georgio; Raquez, Jean-Marie; Hassouna, Fatima; Leclere, Philippe; Toniazzo, Valerie; Ruch, D Report Jun 1, 2015 8207
Fabrication of polylactic acid/polyethylene glycol (PLA/PEG) porous scaffold by supercritical C[O.sub.2] foaming and particle leaching. Chen, Bin-Yi; Jing, Xin; Mi, Hao-Yang; Zhao, Haibin; Zhang, Wen-Hao; Peng, Xiang-Fang; Turng, Lih-Sh Report Jun 1, 2015 5693
Synthesis and micellar characterization of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(L-histidine) copolymers. Li, Fei; Fan, Li; Li, Wei; Duan, Xiao; Qiao, Youbei; Wu, Hong Report Feb 1, 2015 5510
Preparation of PAA-g-PEG/PANI polymer gel electrolyte and its application in quasi solid state dye-sensitized solar cells. Liu, Qin; Wu, Jihuai; Lan, Zhang; Zheng, Min; Yue, Gentian; Lin, Jianming; Huang, Miaoliang Report Feb 1, 2015 3552
Temperature-responsiveness and sustained delivery properties of macroporous PEG-co-PNIPAAm-co-PCL hydrogels. Li, Zhao-Xia; Lu, Man-Geng; Wu, Kun; Zhang, Yun-Fei; Miao, Lei; Li, Yin-Wen; Guo, Hui-Long; Zheng, J Report Jan 1, 2015 4651
Effect of photoinitiator concentration on the properties of polyethylene glycol based hydrogels for potential regenerative medicine applications. Geever, Tess; Killion, John; Grehan, Laura; Geever, L.M.; Chadwick, Edel; Higginbotham, Clement Report Dec 1, 2014 5431
Effect of growth by polyethylene glycol and application of dormancy-breaking treatments on two species of Foniculum vulgare mill. Tahaei, Saved Amirreza; Soleymani, Ali Report Jul 23, 2014 4885
Blood gas analysis, anion gap, and strong ion difference in horses treated with polyethylene glycol balanced solution (PEG 3350) or enteral and parenteral electrolyte solutions/Hemogasometria, anion gap e diferenca de ions fortes em equinos tratados com solucao balanceada contendo polietilenoglicol (PEG 3350) ou solucoes eletroliticas enteral e parenteral. Gomes, Claudio Luis Nina; Filho, Jose Dantas Ribeiro; Faleiros, Rafael Resende; Dantas, Fernanda Tim Jun 1, 2014 6114
Water and dye sorption studies of novel semi IPNs: acrylamide/4-styrenesulfonic acid sodium salt/PEG hydrogels. Uzum, Omer Baris; Karadag, Erdener Report Jun 1, 2013 6374
Nonstick trick in the brain. Zielinski, Sarah Brief article Oct 6, 2012 178
DePEGylation studies: PEG-RBC stability in conditions consistent with massive transfusion. Moore, M. Scott; Okelberry, Eric; Cordingley, Krystle; Drake, Alex; Robinett, Zachary Report Sep 22, 2011 3096
Study on nanostructures of chitosan/poly(ethylene glycol) blend films. Baimark, Yodthong; Srihanam, Prasong Report May 1, 2010 2207
A facile synthesis method of nickel nanotubes assisted by polyethylene glycol. Tao, Feifei; Gao, Cuiling; Xu, Zheng; Xue, Ziling Report Jan 1, 2010 2314
Preparation and biodegradation of copolyesters based on poly(ethylene terephthalate) and poly(ethylene glycol)/oligo(lactic acid) by transesterification. Tan, Licheng; Chen, Yiwang; Zhou, Weihua; Li, Fan; Chen, Lie; He, Xiaohui Report Jan 1, 2010 5625
Randomized trial of low-volume PEG solution versus Standard PEG + electrolytes for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy. Razor, Beatrice Brief article Aug 1, 2008 319
The efficacy and safety of polyethylene glycol 3350 in the treatment of constipation in children. Kinservik, Margo A.; Friedhoff, Margaret M. May 1, 2004 6387
Frequent misdiagnosis and mismanagement of hyperprolactinemic patients before the introduction of macroprolactin screening: application of a new strict laboratory definition of macroprolactinemia. Suliman, Abdulwahab M.; Smith, Thomas P.; Gibney, James; McKenna, T. Joseph Clinical report Sep 1, 2003 4341

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