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Moderna Files for Emergency Use Authorization for its COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents in the United States. Jun 11, 2021 322
Teens Not Receiving Evidence-Based Treatment Options to Quit Smoking; 95 percent of teens with nicotine use disorder and Medicaid coverage get no counseling or pharmaceutical treatment. Sep 25, 2019 240
Use of bhang for recreation among youth on the rise, report shows. Sep 20, 2019 1212
HIV positive youth get alarm watches to boost ARV drugs use. Aug 20, 2019 403
Poll shows rising drug use, mental health fears. May 1, 2019 368
Teens prefer harm reduction messaging over zero-tolerance on substance use. Apr 25, 2019 582
Predictive factors of alcohol consumption in adolescents: data from 1-year follow-up prospective study/Factores predictores del consumo de alcohol en adolescentes: datos de un estudio prospectivo de 1 ano de seguimiento. Bousono, Matilde; Al-Halabi, Susana; Buron, Patricia; Garrido, Marlen; Diaz-Mesa, Eva Ma; Galvan, Go Mar 1, 2019 7729
Some 6800 cases register of using heroin in Islamabad educational institution. Nov 23, 2018 164
IOK HR body seeks report on use of chemical substance during CASOs. Sep 29, 2018 273
Gilani concerned over use of chemical substance by troops. Sep 28, 2018 368
Gilani concerned over use of chemical substance by troops. Sep 28, 2018 330
CM vows to end use of ice drug among youth. Sep 17, 2018 250
Teens 'using dark web to sell ecstasy'. Jul 23, 2018 123
Teens 'using dark web to sell ecstasy'. Jul 23, 2018 123
Karachi mayor concerned over increasing use of tobacco among youth. Jun 2, 2018 441
India uses inflammable chemical in IOK. Mar 19, 2018 467
India uses inflammable chemical in IOK. Mar 19, 2018 165
Barriers to addiction prevention and treatment in communities with organized crime: the perspective of health providers. Luis, Anel Hortensia Gomez San; Avendano, Ariagor Manuel Almanza Mar 1, 2018 6177
Prevalence, Pattern and Associated Factors of Khat Chewing Among Debre Berhan University Students, Ethiopia, 2014. Admasu, Elyas; Tariku, Behailu; Andargie, Gashaw; Hibdye, Getahun; Asegidew, Wondwosen Mar 1, 2018 5748
More awareness needed on tobacco usage among youngsters: Experts suggest. Feb 5, 2018 399
More awareness needed on tobacco usage among youngsters: Experts suggest. Feb 5, 2018 399
Ex-NACADA boss Mututho raises concern over use of codeine. Jan 21, 2018 342
Bullying and psychoactive substance use during adolescence: a systematic review/Bullying e uso de substancias psicoativas na adolescencia: uma revisao sistematica. Horta, Cristina Lessa; Horta, Rogerio Lessa; Mester, Ariela; Lindern, Daniele; Weber, Joao Luis Alme Jan 1, 2018 10508
Minimize addictive behavior among teens using marijuana. Haelle, Tara Oct 1, 2017 558
Monitoring the future survey shows decrease in teen substance use. Halberg, Sabrina Feb 1, 2017 584
Condicion juvenil y drogas en universitarios: el caso de una universidad regional. Espinosa-Herrera, Gretel; Castellanos-Obregon, Juan Manuel; Osorio-Garcia, David Jul 1, 2016 8224
Factores relacionados con el consumo de sustancias psicoactivas en una institucion educativa de Jamundi Valle, Colombia. Espinosa Soto, Katalina; Hernandez Carrillo, Mauricio; Cassiani, Carlos Arturo; Cubides Munevar, Ang Mar 1, 2016 4332
Use of drugs among youth increasing rapidly: Speakers. May 9, 2015 278
Idaho's: implementation of substance Use Disorder Sercives for juvenile Jusstce Populations. Riley, Frank May 1, 2014 2812
The beliefs of teenage male cannabinoid users: a qualitative study. Meshack, Angela; Peters, Ronald J., Jr.; Lin, Mi-Ting; Hill, Mandy; Abughosh, Susan; Essien, E. Jame Report Jun 22, 2013 2920
Substance abuse treatment for adolescents: how are family factors related to substance use change? Bertrand, Karine; Richer, Isabelle; Brunelle, Natacha; Beaudoin, Isabelle; Lemieux, Annie; Menard, J Report Jan 1, 2013 7900
DRUGGED FOR SEX; Teens 'taken to estates for abuse'. Nov 16, 2012 245
Changes in adolescent mental health and use of alcohol and tobacco. Aug 1, 2012 171
First ever Indian study exposes the link between tobacco use in Bollywood films and tobacco usage among youth: HRIDAY. Report Jul 11, 2011 839
Exposure to mothers' drug use raises risk for kids. McNamara, Damian Jul 1, 2011 528
Girls who are bullied 'are at risk for substance use'. Jan 20, 2011 249
Preventing and addressing substance use in teens. Jellinek, Michael Jan 1, 2011 817
Substance use in teens. Jellinek, Michael S. Dec 1, 2010 1100
Drug survey shows increase in substance use for 2009. Miller, Naseem S. Oct 1, 2010 437
Teen's inheritance used for drug sales; Dealer caught after text message reported to police. Apr 24, 2010 363
Alarm over sharp rises in cocaine usage across UK; Of a million users almost half are in their late teens and twenties. Jul 24, 2009 578
Prepubescent drug use is red flag for psychiatric disorders. Birk, Susan Apr 1, 2009 332
Hepatitis C and HIV prevalence using oral mucosal transudate, and reported drug use and sexual behaviours of youth in custody in British Columbia. Buxton, J.A.; Rothon, D.; Durigon, M.; Lem, M.; Tu, A.W.; Remple, V.P.; Cook, D.; Krajden, M. Report Mar 1, 2009 3336
Youths show mild drop in use of most illicit drugs. Evans, Jeff Oct 1, 2008 839
Illicit drug use dips in youth, spikes in boomers. Evans, Jeff Oct 1, 2008 694
Illicit drug use dips among youth and young adults: baby boomers' rates more than double. Evans, Jeff Oct 1, 2008 804
Multimedia science education on drugs of abuse: a preliminary evaluation of effectiveness for adolescents. Twombly, Eric C.; Holtz, Kristen D.; Tessman, Greta K. Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2008 3644
Preventing smoking and tobacco usage in youth. Kanekar, Amar Jun 1, 2007 1424
DRUGS & BOOZE VIOLENCE.. AT 11; Kids use web to organise fights with rival factions. May 24, 2007 431
Youth-Initiated HIV Risk and Substance Use Prevention Program. Goggin, K.; Metcalf, K.; Wise, D.; Kennedy, S.; Murray, T.; Burgess, D.; Reese-Smith, J.; Terhune, N Aug 1, 2002 204
Becoming a "hype": heroin consumption, subcultural formation and resistance in Canada, 1945-1961. Carstairs, Catherine Mar 22, 2002 8034
Youth Prevention. Technical Assistance Packet. Apr 1, 2000 226
Predictors of Substance Use in African American Youths. Harrison, Murelle G.; Carreiro, Paula Mar 30, 2000 193
Drug and Alcohol Use among Rural Mexican-Americans. Castro, Felipe G.; Gutierres, Sara May 1, 1997 284

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