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The Role of Next-Generation Sequencing in the Cytologic Diagnosis of Pancreatic Lesions. de Biase, Dario; Visani, Michela; Acquaviva, Giorgia; Fornelli, Adele; Masetti, Michele; Fabbri, Car Report Apr 1, 2018 6652
Acquired Resistance to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers: The Role of Next-Generation Sequencing on Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration Samples. Guerini-Rocco, Elena; Passaro, Antonio; Casadio, Chiara; De Luca, Valeria Midolo; Guarize, Juliana; Report Apr 1, 2018 7085
Novel Modification of HistoGel-Based Cell Block Preparation Method: Improved Sufficiency for Molecular Studies. Rekhtman, Natasha; Buonocore, Darren J.; Rudomina, Dorota; Friedlander, Maria; Dsouza, Crisbane; Agg Report Apr 1, 2018 4872
Statistical Method to Detect Tuberculosis Outbreaks among Endemic Clusters in a Low-Incidence Setting. Althomsons, Sandy P.; Hill, Andrew N.; Harrist, Alexia V.; France, Anne Marie; Powell, Krista M.; Po Mar 1, 2018 2026
Scientists link pancreatic cancer survival to four genes. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 260
Multicentric Cryptococcosis in a Congo African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus). Schunk, Raina S.K.; Sitinas, Nicholas E.; Quesenberry, Katherine E.; Grodio, Jessica L. Dec 1, 2017 4636
Next-generation sequencing virulome analysis of a Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. palearctica bioserotype 4/O:3 ST18 isolated from human blood in Brazil. Rusak, Leonardo Alves; Junqueira, Ricardo Magrani; Hofer, Ernesto; Vallim, Deyse Christina; Asensi, Report Sep 1, 2017 2360
Multilocus sequence typing of the clinical isolates of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium in Tehran hospitals. Ranjbar, Reza; Elhaghi, Parisa; Shokoohizadeh, Leili Report Sep 1, 2017 3866
A Novel Missense Mutation in Peripheral Myelin Protein-22 Causes Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. Li, Li-Xi; Dong, Hai-Lin; Xiao, Bao-Guo; Wu, Zhi-Ying Report Aug 5, 2017 3601
Validation of OncoPanel: A Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing Assay for the Detection of Somatic Variants in Cancer. Garcia, Elizabeth P.; Minkovsky, Alissa; Jia, Yonghui; Ducar, Matthew D.; Shivdasani, Priyanka; Gong Report Jun 1, 2017 5773
Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing for Human Leukocyte Antigen Typing in a Clinical Laboratory: Metrics of Relevance and Considerations for Its Successful Implementation. Gandhi, Manish J.; Ferriola, Deborah; Huang, Yanping; Duke, Jamie L.; Monos, Dimitri Report Jun 1, 2017 5842
Validation of Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing Tests for Universal Pathogen Detection. Schlaberg, Robert; Chiu, Charles Y.; Miller, Steve; Procop, Gary W.; Weinstock, George Report Jun 1, 2017 9664
Development and Validation of Clinical Whole-Exome and Whole-Genome Sequencing for Detection of Germline Variants in Inherited Disease. Hegde, Madhuri; Santani, Avni; Mao, Rong; Ferreira-Gonzalez, Andrea; Weck, Karen E.; Voelkerding, Ka Report Jun 1, 2017 6190
A Concise Atlas of Thyroid Cancer Next-Generation Sequencing Panel ThyroSeq v.2./Tiroid Kanser Genomiginin Guncel Klinik Atlasi: ThyroSeq v.2 Yeni Jenerasyon Dizinleme Panelig. Alsina, Jorge; Alsina, Raul; Gulec, Seza Report Feb 1, 2017 9951
HIRA Gene is Lower Expressed in the Myocardium of Patients with Tetralogy of Fallot. Ju, Zhao-Ru; Wang, Hui-Jun; Ma, Xiao-Jing; Ma, Duan; Huang, Guo-Ying Report Oct 20, 2016 4047
A Novel Functional Missense Mutation p.T219A in Type 1 Gaucher's Disease. Liu, Lin-Yu; Liu, Fei; Du, Si-Chen; Jiang, Sha-Yi; Wang, Hui-Jun; Zhang, Jin; Wang, Wei; Ma, Duan Report Sep 1, 2016 4057
Local persistence of novel MRSA lineage after hospital ward outbreak, Cambridge, UK, 2011-2013. Toleman, Michelle S.; Reuter, Sandra; Coll, Francesc; Harrison, Ewan M.; Peacock, Sharon J. Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2016 1139
Use of Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Practice: The Example of Disorders/Differences of Sex Development. Vilain, Eric Report Jun 1, 2016 882
Identification of Raoultella terrigena as a rare causative agent of subungual abscess based on 16S rRNA and housekeeping gene sequencing. Wang, Yu; Jiang, Xiawei; Xu, Zemin; Ying, Chaoqun; Yu, Wei; Xiao, Yonghong Case study Jan 1, 2016 2173
Review of 16S and ITS direct sequencing results for clinical specimens submitted to a reference laboratory. Payne, Michael; Azana, Robert; Hoang, Linda M.N. Report Jan 1, 2016 4280
Genomic analysis of a serotype 5 Streptococcus pneumoniae outbreak in British Columbia, Canada, 2005-2009. Miller, Ruth R.; Langille, Morgan G.I.; Montoya, Vincent; Crisan, Anamaria; Stefanovic, Aleksandra; Report Jan 1, 2016 4914
Fluoroquinolone resistance among clonal complex 1 group B Streptococcus strains. Neemuchwala, Alefiya; Teatero, Sarah; Patel, Samir N.; Fittipaldi, Nahuel Report Jan 1, 2016 3418
Outbreak breakthrough using whole-genome sequencing to control hospital infection: the level of detail provided by whole-genome sequencing could give hospitals the tools they need to stop outbreaks before they start. Arnold, Carrie Report Nov 1, 2015 3534
Use of whole-genome sequencing to link Burkholderia pseudomallei from air sampling to Mediastinal melioidosis, Australia. Currie, Bart J.; Price, Erin P.; Mayo, Mark; Kaestli, Mirjam; Theobald, Vanessa; Harrington, Ian; Ha Nov 1, 2015 1882
Acid-fast Smear and Histopathology Results Provide Guidance for the Appropriate Use of Broad-Range Polymerase Chain Reaction and Sequencing for Mycobacteria. Miller, Kennon; Harrington, Susan M.; Procop, Gary W. Aug 1, 2015 3728
Image encryption based on DNA sequence coding and Logistic map. Abirami, A.; Amutha, R. Report Jul 15, 2015 3753
Fatal nosocomial MDR TB identified through routine genetic analysis and whole-genome sequencing. Williams, O. Martin; Abeel, Thomas; Casali, Nicola; Cohen, Keira; Pym, Alex S.; Mungall, Sarah B.; D Report Jun 1, 2015 1571
Microarray-based genotyping and detection of drug-resistant HBV mutations from 620 Chinese patients with chronic HBV infection. Hua, Wenhao; Zhang, Guanbin; Guo, Shujun; Li, Weijie; Sun, Lanhua; Xiang, Guangxin Report May 1, 2015 2746
Identification of possible virulence marker from Campylobacter jejuni isolates. Harrison, James W.; Dung, Tran Thi Ngoc; Siddiqui, Fariha; Korbrisate, Sunee; Bukhari, Habib; Tra, M Report Jun 1, 2014 1805
Whole genome sequencing as a diagnostic test: challenges and opportunities. Chrystoja, Caitlin C.; Diamandis, Eleftherios P. Report May 1, 2014 7688
Whole-genome sequencing for risk assessment of long-term Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli. Knobloch, Johannes K.-M.; Niemann, Stefan; Kohl, Thomas A.; Lindner, Ulrich; Nitschke, Martin; Sayk, Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2014 1413
Genomics. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 196
Genomics. Allain, Ginny Aug 1, 2013 809
Ancient tooth decay DNA reveals effects of changing diets. May 14, 2013 609
Rift Valley fever, Sudan, 2007 and 2010. Aradaib, Imadeldin E.; Erickson, Bobbie R.; Elageb, Rehab M.; Khristova, Marina L.; Carroll, Serena Report Feb 1, 2013 5604
Usutu virus, Italy, 1996. Weissenbock, Herbert; Bakonyi, Tamas; Rossi, Giacomo; Mani, Paolo; Nowotny, Norbert Report Feb 1, 2013 2324
Cronobacter sakazakii ST4 Strains and Neonatal Meningitis, United States. Hariri, Sumyya; Joseph, Susan; Forsythe, Stephen J. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2013 1449
Genome sequencing of pathogenic Rhodococcus spp. Hang, Jun; Clifford, Robert J.; Yang, Yu; Riley, Matthew C.; Mody, Rupal M.; Kuschner, Robert A.; Le Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2012 1362
Bartonella spp. infection rate and B. grahamii in ticks. Janecek, Elizabeth; Mietze, Andreas; Goethe, Ralph; Schnieder, Thomas; Strube, Christina Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2012 1456
A watershed year for an update on the genetics of alcoholism. Williams, Robert W.; Noronha, Antonio Report Sep 22, 2012 472
Assessing the genetic risk for alcohol use disorders. Foroud, Tatiana; Phillips, Tamara J. Report Sep 22, 2012 4904
Identifying genetic variation for alcohol dependence. Agrawal, Arpana; Bierut, Laura J. Report Sep 22, 2012 6589
Epigenetics--beyond the genome in alcoholism. Starkman, Bela G.; Sakharkar, Amul J.; Pandey, Subhash C. Report Sep 22, 2012 9580
NIH uses genome sequencing to help quell bacterial outbreak in Clinical Center. Brief article Aug 22, 2012 135
Next gen sequencing: its impact on transplant science. Laird, Todd; Veldre, Inta; Toner, Victoria Aug 1, 2012 935
Target enrichment strategies for next generation sequencing. Leproust, Emily Jun 1, 2012 1231
Wild boars as hosts of humanpathogenic anaplasma phagocytophilum variants. Michalik, Jerzy; Stanczak, Joanna; Cieniuch, Stella; Racewicz, Maria; Sikora, Bozena; Dabert, Mirosl Report Jun 1, 2012 2080
Next-generation sequencing. Hulick, Peter May 15, 2012 627
How rapid is rapid? The hidden wait times in PCR. Faro, Jon May 1, 2012 1637
DNA analysis for detection of genetic diseases. Snyder-Leiby, Teresa Apr 1, 2012 898
Genomics, proteomics, cytomics, and genetic. Allain, Ginny Apr 1, 2012 1681
Metagenomic offers insight into poultry diseases. Avant, Sandra Apr 1, 2012 1114
A systematic approach for discovering novel, clinically relevant bacteria. Schlaberg, Robert; Simmon, Keith E.; Fisher, Mark A. Report Mar 1, 2012 6074
Prevalence of nontuberculous mycobacteria infection, China, 2004-2009. Jing, Hui; Wang, Haiying; Wang, Yan; Deng, Yunfeng; Li, Xinxin; Liu, Zhimin; Graviss, Edward A.; Ma, Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2012 1340
Personal genome analysis in the doctor's office. Hulick, Peter Nov 1, 2011 694
Bartonella clarridgeiae in fleas, Tahiti, French Polynesia. Kernif, Tahar; Parola, Philippe; Davoust, Bernard; Plaire, Loic; Cabre, Olivier; Raoult, Didier; Rol Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2011 1192
Trichostrongylus colubriformis nematode infections in humans, France. Lattes, Stephanie; Ferte, Hubert; Delaunay, Pascal; Depaquit, Jerome; Vassallo, Matteo; Vittier, Mel Report Jul 1, 2011 1115
Ameba-associated keratitis, France. Cohen, Gaelle; Hoffart, Louis; La Scoia, Bernard; Raoult, Didier; Drancourt, Michel Report Jul 1, 2011 1223
Unplugged: the code of life. Bersch, Carren May 1, 2011 1476
Genetic screening of prospective parents. Murray, Michael F. Feb 15, 2011 777
DNA tests whether bacteria trigger RA. Splete, Heidi Report Jan 1, 2011 325
The human genome and molecular medicine--promises and pitfalls. Pepper, Michael S. Editorial Nov 1, 2010 1694
Tracking infectious diseases. Lynn, Karen Oct 1, 2010 1238
The evolution of South American populations of Trimerotropis pallidipennis (Oedipodinae: Acrididae) revisited: dispersion routes and origin of chromosomal inversion clines. Guzman, Noelia Veronica; Confalonieri, Viviana Andrea Report Jul 1, 2010 6520
Genetics in your practice: deciding on genome sequencing. Murray, Michael F. May 1, 2010 637
Unequal and genotype-dependent expression of mitochondrial genes in larvae of the Pacific oyster: Crassostrea gigas. Curole, Jason P.; Meyer, Eli; Manahan, Donal T.; Hedgecock, Dennis Report Apr 1, 2010 6920
Disease cause is pinpointed with gene maps. Mar 15, 2010 491
Q fever in Greenland. Koch, Anders; Svendsen, Claus Bo; Christensen, Jens Jorgen; Bundgaard, Henning; Vindfeld, Lars; Chri Report Mar 1, 2010 1839
Personalized genome around the corner? Mar 1, 2010 840
Correlation of disease spectrum among four dengue serotypes: a five years hospital based study from India. Kumaria, Rajni Report Mar 1, 2010 3529
Blood tests derived from the DNA of cancer patients' tumors will offer doctors a new way to determine whether the patients' treatment has eliminated the disease, a study said. Report Feb 22, 2010 408
Analysis of the intermediary metabolism of a reductive chemoautotroph. Srinivasan, Vijayasarathy; Morowitz, Harold J. Report Dec 1, 2009 5643
Indications. Franki, Richard May 15, 2009 494
Genetic diversity of Toscana virus. Collao, Ximena; Palacios, Gustavo; Sanbonmatsu-Gamez, Sara; Perez-Ruiz, Mercedes; Negredo, Ana I.; N Report Apr 1, 2009 2725
Arrays and medical microbiology: E pluribus unum. Versalovic, James Report Apr 1, 2009 3400
Prior evidence of putative novel rhinovirus species, Australia. Mackay, Ian M.; Lambert, Stephen B.; McErlean, Peter K.; Faux, Cassandra E.; Arden, Katherine E.; Ni Nov 1, 2008 1326
Molecular investigation of a fungemia outbreak due to Candida parapsilosis in an intensive care unit. Dizbay, Murat; Kalkanci, Ayse; Sezer, Busra Ergut; Aktas, Firdevs; Aydogan, Sibel; Fidan, Isil; Kust Report Oct 1, 2008 2944
Identification of genetic mutations in Australian malignant hyperthermia families using sequencing of RYR1 hotspots. Gillies, R.L.; Bjorksten, A.R.; Davis, M.; Du Sart, D. May 1, 2008 7376
SA's geneticists to access revolutionary technology. Bateman, Chris Sep 1, 2007 761
An improved and rapid biochemical identification of indigenous aerobic culturable bacteria associated with Galician oyster production. Nieto, Teresa P. Dec 1, 2006 5826
Zeroing in on RNA. Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 128

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