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Prediction Model of User Physical Activity using Data Characteristics-based Long Short-term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks. Kim, Joo-Chang; Chung, Kyungyong Report Apr 1, 2019 7574
Use of artificial neural networks and ARIMA to forecasting consumption sawnwood of Pinus sp. in Brazil. Buratto, D.A.; Junior, Timofeiczyk; Silva, J.C.G.L.; Frega, J.R.; Wiecheteck, M.S.S.A.; Silva, C.A. Report Mar 1, 2019 8080
Application of artificial neural networks in the prediction of sugarcane juice Pol/Aplicacao de redes neurais artificiais na predicao do Pol do caldo da cana-de-acucar. Coelho, Anderson P.; Bettiol, Joao V.T.; Dalri, Alexandre B.; Filho, Joao A. Fischer; de Faria, Roge Jan 1, 2019 3990
Sliding Mode Force Control of an Electrohydraulic Servo System with RBF Neural Network Compensation. Lu, Xinliang; Du, Fengpo; Jia, Qian; Ren, Bin; Wang, Xingsong Report Jan 1, 2019 2951
KAIROS: Intelligent System for Scenarios Recommendation at the Beginning of Software Process Improvement. Rodriguez, Ana Marys Garcia; Betancourt, Yadian Guillermo Perez; Rodriguez, Juan Pedro Febles; Casan Technical report Dec 1, 2018 7698
FULLY CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS FOR IMAGE SEGMENTATION. Leica, Andrei; Voicescu, Mihai Bogdan; Brinzea, Razvan-Stefan; Boiangiu, Costin-Anton Report Dec 1, 2018 2876
Identification of the Specification Parameters for a Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using an Artificial Neural Network with a Genetic Algorithm. Temich, Sebastian; Chruszczyk, Lukas; Grzechca, Damian Report Dec 1, 2018 6533
15-year-old Oxshott tech genius develops computer program to create stunning art; This teenager knows how to use neural networks which are computer systems modelled on the human brain. Nov 30, 2018 564
Redesign of Morphing UAV for Simultaneous Improvement of Directional Stability and Maximum Lift/Drag Ratio. Arik, Seda; Turkmen, Ilke; Oktay, Tugrul Technical report Nov 1, 2018 4810
P/E Modeling and Prediction of Firms Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange; a New Approach to Harmony Search Algorithm and Neural Network Hybridization. Safa, Mozhgan; Panahian, Hossein Report Sep 22, 2018 6714
Easy Riders: As autonomous vehicles become viable transportation options, designers will rethink auto interiors and make greater use of plastics and composites to enhance this new riding experience. Toensmeier, Pat Cover story Sep 1, 2018 3370
Mobile Subscriber Profiling and Personal Service Generation using Location Awareness. Oztoprak, Kasim Technical report Aug 1, 2018 7315
European Projects Aim at Streamlining Exploration and Improving Sustainability. Aug 1, 2018 1128
Bandwidth Allocation Mechanism based on Users' Web Usage Patterns for Campus Networks. Paredes, Rolysent K.; Sison, Ariel M.; Medina, Ruji P. Report Aug 1, 2018 6409
Automatic Classification of Motor Impairment Neural Disorders from EEG Signals Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Vrbancic, Grega; Podgorelec, Vili Report Aug 1, 2018 3663
Music Stimuli Recognition in Electroencephalogram Signal. Suto, Jozsef; Oniga, Stefan Report Aug 1, 2018 3354
Fuzzy Neural System Application to Differential Diagnosis of Erythemato-Squamous Diseases. Idoko, John Bush; Arslan, Murat; Abiyev, Rahib Aug 1, 2018 5673
Regression and Artificial Neural Network Models with Data Classifications for Building Energy Predictions. Nassif, Nabil Report Jul 1, 2018 3577
Learning Overcomplete Representations using Leaky Linear Decoders. Yadav, Sarthak; Bist, Ankur Singh Jul 1, 2018 3451
Ecophysiology modeling by artificial neural networks for different spacings in eucalypt. Lafeta, Bruno Oliveira; Santana, Reynaldo Campos; Nogueira, Gilciano Saraiva; Penido, Tamires Moussl Report Jul 1, 2018 4670
Experimental Investigation on Machining of Titanium Alloy (Ti 6Al 4V) and Optimization of its Parameters using ANN. Rajaparthiban, J.; Sait, A. Naveen Technical report Jul 1, 2018 4724
Comparative Analysis of Performance of Neural Estimators for Diagnostics in Engine Emission System. Fravolini, Mario Luca; Cone, Alexandru; Napolitano, Marcello; Pradhan, Saroj; Thiruvengadam, Arvind; Technical report Jun 1, 2018 7247
Modeling of Machining Force in Hard Turning Process. Makhfi, Souad; Haddouche, Kamel; Bourdim, Abdelghafour; Habak, Malek Report May 1, 2018 6833
Combination of Long-Term and Short-Term Features for Age Identification from Voice. Buyuk, Osman; Arslan, Mustafa Levent Report May 1, 2018 6577
Use of classifier to determine coffee harvest time by detachment force/Uso de classificador para determinacao do momento de colheita do cafe pela forca de desprendimento. de Barros, Murilo M.; da Silva, Fabio M.; Costa, Anderson G.; Ferraz, Gabriel A. e.S.; da Silva, Fla May 1, 2018 3421
THE MALICIOUS USE OF AI: PART II. Castelluccio, Michael May 1, 2018 725
Modelling and Control by Neural Network of Electric Vehicle Traction System. Kanchev, Hristiyan; Hinov, Nikolay; Gilev, Bogdan; Francois, Bruno Report Mar 1, 2018 3583
Evaluation of the Accuracy of ADAS Module Readings Based on an Analysis of the Transient Supply Current and Neural Network Application. Grzechca, Damian; Rybka, Pawel; Paszek, Krzysztof Report Mar 1, 2018 4095
Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Fuzzy-Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Driver Drowsiness Detection Using a Driving Simulator. Langroodi, Armin Kassemi; Nahvi, Ali Report Mar 1, 2018 4031
Production monitoring system design and implementation. Eiskop, Tanel; Snatkin, Aleksei; Karjust, Kristo; Tungel, Ernst Report Mar 1, 2018 3329
New Perspectives for Predicting Growth Properties of Crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus Eschscholtz, 1823) in Uluabat Lake. Benzer, Semra; Benzer, Recep Report Feb 28, 2018 7915
OSSB and Hybrid Methods to Prevent Cable Faults for Harmonic Containing Networks. Akbal, Bahadir Report Feb 1, 2018 4094
Fuzzy Integral and Cuckoo Search Based Classifier Fusion for Human Action Recognition. Aydin, Ilhan Report Feb 1, 2018 6180
Towards Robust Human Millimeter Wave Imaging Inspection System in Real Time with Deep Learning. Liu, Chenyu; Yang, Minghui; Sun, Xiaowei Report Jan 1, 2018 7015
Object Recognition in Images. Milan, Adamek; Petr, Neumann; Martin, Pospisilik; Adrian, Spanko; Vladimir, Vasek Report Jan 1, 2018 2309
Application of the Artificial Neural Networks for Diesel Diagnostics. Ovcharenko, Sergey; Minakov, Vitaliy Report Jan 1, 2018 1367
Involvement of Machine Learning for Breast Cancer Image Classification: A Survey. Nahid, Abdullah-Al; Kong, Yinan Jan 1, 2018 19189
Neural Network Identification of a Racing Car Tire Model. Wang, Jianfeng; Liu, Yiqun; Ding, Liang; Li, Jun; Gao, Haibo; Liang, Yuhan; Sun, Tianyao Jan 1, 2018 5608
Is Intensity Inhomogeneity Correction Useful for Classification of Breast Cancer in Sonograms Using Deep Neural Network? Lee, Chia-Yen; Chen, Guan-Lin; Zhang, Zhong-Xuan; Chou, Yi-Hong; Hsu, Chih-Chung Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 6540
Classification of Gait Patterns in Patients with Neurodegenerative Disease Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System. Ye, Qiang; Xia, Yi; Yao, Zhiming Jan 1, 2018 5655
Pixel-Label-Based Segmentation of Cross-Sectional Brain MRI Using Simplified SegNet Architecture-Based CNN. Khagi, Bijen; Kwon, Goo-Rak Jan 1, 2018 4009
A Novel Multiscale Gaussian-Matched Filter Using Neural Networks for the Segmentation of X-Ray Coronary Angiograms. Cruz-Aceves, Ivan; Cervantes-Sanchez, Fernando; Avila-Garcia, Maria Susana Jan 1, 2018 6290
Evaluation of Commonly Used Algorithms for Thyroid Ultrasound Images Segmentation and Improvement Using Machine Learning Approaches. Poudel, Prabal; Illanes, Alfredo; Sheet, Debdoot; Friebe, Michael Jan 1, 2018 7893
STATCOM Estimation Using Back-Propagation, PSO, Shuffled Frog Leap Algorithm, and Genetic Algorithm Based Neural Networks. Soodi, Hamed Atyia; Vural, Ahmet Mete Jan 1, 2018 11033
Risk Evaluation Model of Highway Tunnel Portal Construction Based on BP Fuzzy Neural Network. Deng, Xianghui; Xu), Tian; Wang, Rui Jan 1, 2018 8469
Understanding the Usage Patterns of Bicycle-Sharing Systems to Predict Users' Demand: A Case Study in Wenzhou, China. Xu, Xiaomei; Ye, Zhirui; Li, Jin; Xu, Mingtao Case study Jan 1, 2018 10477
Analysis of Bus Trip Characteristics and Demand Forecasting Based on NARX Neural Network Model. Sun, Feng; Su, Wenheng; Liu, Weixuan; Cao, Hui; Guo, Dong; Zhu, Ye Jan 1, 2018 5807
Smart Shift Decision Method Based on Stacked Autoencoders. Wang, Zengcai; Qi, Yazhou; Zhang, Guoxin; Zhao, Lei Report Jan 1, 2018 4400
A Modified RBF Neuro-Sliding Mode Control Technique for a Grid Connected PMSG Based Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System. Douanla, Rostand Marc; Kenne, Godpromesse; Pelap, Francois Beceau; Fotso, Armel Simo Report Jan 1, 2018 8972
A New Cooperative Anomaly Detection Method for Stacker Running Track of Automated Storage and Retrieval System in Industrial Environment. Huang, Darong; Lin, Mengting; Ke, Lanyan; Deng, Zhenping Report Jan 1, 2018 7180
Detection of Two-Level Inverter Open-Circuit Fault Using a Combined DWT-NN Approach. Cherif, Bilal Djamal Eddine; Bendiabdellah, Azeddine Report Jan 1, 2018 4099
Neural Back-Stepping Control of Hypersonic Flight Vehicle with Actuator Fault. Wu, Qi; Guo, Yuyan Report Jan 1, 2018 2457
Neural Network Predictive Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Input Delay. Zhao, Jiemei Report Jan 1, 2018 3900
Data Preprocessing Method and Fault Diagnosis Based on Evaluation Function of Information Contribution Degree. Ji, Siyu; Wen, Chenglin Report Jan 1, 2018 6234
Deep Sparse Autoencoder for Feature Extraction and Diagnosis of Locomotive Adhesion Status. Zhang, Changfan; Cheng, Xiang; Liu, Jianhua; He, Jing; Liu, Guangwei Report Jan 1, 2018 4683
Deep Convolutional Neural Network Used in Single Sample per Person Face Recognition. Zeng, Junying; Zhao, Xiaoxiao; Gail, Junying; Mai, Chaoyun; Zhai, Yikui; Wang, Fan Report Jan 1, 2018 7295
Recurrent Transformation of Prior Knowledge Based Model for Human Motion Recognition. Xu, Cheng; He, Jie; Zhang, Xiaotong; Cai, Haipiao; Duan, Shihong; Tseng, Po- Hsuan; Li, Chong Jan 1, 2018 7667
A Novel Artificial Organic Control System for Mobile Robot Navigation in Assisted Living Using Vision- and Neural-Based Strategies. Ponce, Hiram; Moya-Albor, Ernesto; Brieva, Jorge Jan 1, 2018 9049
Neurofuzzy c-Means Network-Based SCARA Robot for Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) Circuit Inspection. Kiatwanidvilai, Somyot; Praserttaweelap, Rawinun Jan 1, 2018 4358
Prediction of Attendance Demand in European Football Games: Comparison of ANFIS, Fuzzy Logic, and ANN. Sahin, Mehmet; Erol, Rizvan Jan 1, 2018 9577
Data-Driven Modeling of a Commercial Photovoltaic Microinverter. Abbood, Hayder D.; Benigni, Andrea Report Jan 1, 2018 6079
Graphene Foam Chemical Sensor System Based on Principal Component Analysis and Backpropagation Neural Network. Hua, Hongling; Xie, Xiaohui; Sun, Jinjin; Qin, Ge; Tang, Caiyan; Zhang, Zhen; Ding, Zhaoqiang; Yue, Report Jan 1, 2018 4127
Saliency Aggregation: Multifeature and Neighbor Based Salient Region Detection for Social Images. Liang, Ye; Lang, Congyan; Yu, Jian; Liu, Hongzhe; Ma, Nan Report Jan 1, 2018 7408
Real Time Eye Detector with Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks. Li, Bin; Fu, Hong Report Jan 1, 2018 4988
Adjusting Neural Network to a Particular Problem: Neural Network-Based Empirical Biological Model for Chlorophyll Concentration in the Upper Ocean. Krasnopolsky, Vladimir; Nadiga, Sudhir; Mehra, Avichal; Bayler, Eric Report Jan 1, 2018 4976
Enhancement of Performance for Steam Turbine in Thermal Power Plants Using Artificial Neural Network and Electric Circuit Design. Salim, Hosham; Faisal, Khalid; Jawad, Raheel Report Jan 1, 2018 3467
Concepts, Methods, and Performances of Particle Swarm Optimization, Backpropagation, and Neural Networks. Zajmi, Leke; Ahmed, Falah Y.H.; Jaharadak, Adam Amril Report Jan 1, 2018 3935
A Five-Level Wavelet Decomposition and Dimensional Reduction Approach for Feature Extraction and Classification of MR and CT Scan Images. Srivastava, Varun; Purwar, Ravindra Kumar Report Jan 1, 2018 5223
Combined Use of GF-3 and Landsat-8 Satellite Data for Soil Moisture Retrieval over Agricultural Areas Using Artificial Neural Network. Meng, Qingyan; Zhang, Linlin; Xie, Qiuxia; Yao, Shun; Chen, Xu; Zhang, Ying Jan 1, 2018 6911
A Multiple Kernel Learning Approach for Air Quality Prediction. Zheng, Hong; Li, Haibin; Lu, Xingjian; Ruan, Tong Jan 1, 2018 10447
Modeling Evapotranspiration Response to Climatic Forcings Using Data-Driven Techniques in Grassland Ecosystems. Dou, Xianming; Yang, Yongguo Jan 1, 2018 10199
Diffraction Loss Prediction of Multiple Edges Using Bullington Method with Neural Network in Mountainous Areas. Lee, Changwon; Park, Sungkwon Jan 1, 2018 4224
Air Data Sensor Fault Detection with an Augmented Floating Limiter. Balzano, Fabio; Fravolini, Mario L.; Napolitano, Marcello R.; d'Urso, Stephane; Crispoltoni, Michele Report Jan 1, 2018 8101
Design of a Control System for an Organic Flight Array Based on a Neural Network Controller. Oh, Bokyoung; Jeong, Junho; Suk, Jinyoung; Kim, Seungkeun Report Jan 1, 2018 5506
Adaptive Neural Control of Hypersonic Vehicles with Actuator Constraints. Luo, Changxin; Lei, Humin; Zhang, Dongyang; Zou, Xiaojun Report Jan 1, 2018 7773
An Improved Fuzzy Neural Network Compound Control Scheme for Inertially Stabilized Platform for Aerial Remote Sensing Applications. Zhou, Xiangyang; Li, Yating; Jia, Yuan; Zhao, Libo Jan 1, 2018 7108
Deep Learning the Effects of Photon Sensors on the Event Reconstruction Performance in an Antineutrino Detector. Loh, Chang-Wei; Qian, Zhi-Qiang; Zhang, Rui; Liu, You-Hang; Cao, De-Wen; Wang, Wei; Yang, Hai-Bo; Qi Report Jan 1, 2018 4719
Analysis of the Mechanical Behaviour of Asphalt Concretes Using Artificial Neural Networks. Baldo, Nicola; Manthos, Evangelos; Pasetto, Marco Jan 1, 2018 8516
Real Time Determination of Rechargeable Batteries' Type and the State of Charge via Cascade Correlation Neural Network. Bayir, Raif; Soylu, Emel Report Jan 1, 2018 5053
Designing an Intelligent Rehabilitation Wheelchair Vehicle System Using Neural Network-based Torque Control Algorithm. Kim, Taeyeun; Bae, Sanghyun Report Dec 1, 2017 7827
A Modified Damage Law with the Fuzzy Neural Network Method for Crack Initiation Life Prediction of Notched Specimen. Gao, Jiaying; Li, Peng; He, Qiuyang Report Nov 1, 2017 3570
Predicting Honey Production using Data Mining and Artificial Neural Network Algorithms in Apiculture. Report Oct 31, 2017 5069
Modelling climate change impacts on anchovy and sardine landings in northern Chile using ANNs. Yanez, Eleuterio; Plaza, Francisco; Sanchez, Felipe; Silva, Claudio; Barbieri, Maria Angela; Bohm, G Sep 1, 2017 8262
PNN-based Rock burst Prediction Model and Its Applications. Zhou, Yu; Wang, Tingling Report Sep 1, 2017 4996
Damage Detection using Vibration Data and Dynamic Transmissibility Ensemble with Auto-Associative Neural Network. Zhou, Yun-Lai; Wahab, Magd Abdel Report Sep 1, 2017 5687
Predicting Growth of Micro and Small Business Using Neural Networks. Vidal, Gelmar Garcia; Campdesuner, Reyner Perez; Rodriguez, Alexander Sanchez; Vivar, Rodobaldo Mart Abstract Jul 1, 2017 5981
Self-Organizing Maps Neural Networks Applied to the Classification of Ethanol Samples According to the Region of Commercialization. Walkoff, Aline Regina; Antunes, Sandra Regina Masetto; Arrua, Maria Elena Payret; Silva, Livia Ramaz Report Jul 1, 2017 4385
DIAGNOSIS OF THE PARKINSON DISEASE BY USING DEEP NEURAL NETWORK CLASSIFIER. Caliskan, Abdullah; Badem, Hasan; Basturk, Alper; Yuksel, Mehmet Emin Report Jul 1, 2017 5168
THE MODELLING RECORDED FAULTS IN RAILWAYS AND PREDICTION. Karaman, Suleyman; Kocaarslan, Ilhan; Tiryaki, Hasan; Bal, Emrah Report Jul 1, 2017 4650
MEASURING SOFTWARE COMPLEXITY USING NEURAL NETWORKS. Senan, Sibel; Sevgen, Selcuk Report Jul 1, 2017 3398
A comprehensive comparison of evolutionary algorithms Vs. artificial neural networks for DDOS attack detection in networks. Mohamed, R. Basheer; Arumugam, S. Jun 1, 2017 4462
An improved framework for diagnosing confusable diseases using neutrosophic based neural network. Ejaita, Okpako Abugor; P.O., Asagba Report Jun 1, 2017 4580
Implementation solutions for deep learning neural networks targeting various application fields. Petrosanu, Dana-Mihaela; Pirjan, Alexandru Report May 1, 2017 6154
Smart attendance system using face recognition. Devan, P. Arun Mozhi; Venkateshan, M.; Vignesh, A.; Karthikraj, S.R.M. May 1, 2017 2420
Adaptive Network Trained Controller for Automotive Steering Systems. Chabaan, Rakaan; Alam, Mohammad Saad Technical report May 1, 2017 5068
Real-time Pedestrian Detection using Convolutional Neural Network on Embedded Platform. Hu, Jun; Liu, Wei; Cheng, Shuai; Tian, Huan; Yuan, Huai; Zhao, Hong Technical report May 1, 2017 3532
A deep neural network classifier for decoding human brain activity based on magnetoencephalography. Caliskan, Abdullah; Yuksel, Mehmet Emin; Badem, Hasan; Basturk, Alper Report Apr 1, 2017 3396
Long-term prediction of wind speed in La Serena City (Chile) using hybrid neural network-particle swarm algorithm. Lazzus, Juan A.; Salfate, Ignacio Report Mar 1, 2017 5889
Prediction of hub height winds over the plateau terrain by using WRF /YSU/Noah and statistical forecast/Prediccion de vientos en una altiplanicie a la altura del eje con el esquema de la Universidad Yonsei/Modelo Superficie Terrestre Noah y la prediccion estadistica. Deng, Hua; Li, Yan; Zhang, Yingchao; Zhou, Hou; Cheng, Peipei; Wang, Jia; Ashraf, Muhammad Aqeel Report Mar 1, 2017 5308
Neural network based on orthogonal polynomials applied in magnetic levitation system control. Milovanovic, Miroslav B.; Antic, Dragan S.; Nikolic, Sasa S.; Peric, Stanisa Lj.; Milojkovic, Marko Report Mar 1, 2017 4488
Image Retrieval Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Regularized Locality Preserving Indexing Strategy. Ma, Xiaoxiao; Wang, Jiajun Report Mar 1, 2017 2112
Emotion Classification from EEG Signals Using Time-Frequency-DWT Features and ANN. Ang, Adrian Qi-Xiang; Yeong, Yi Qi; Ser, Wee Report Mar 1, 2017 1714
Protein Function Prediction Using Deep Restricted Boltzmann Machines. Zou, Xianchun; Wang, Guijun; Yu, Guoxian Report Jan 1, 2017 6217
Three-Class Mammogram Classification Based on Descriptive CNN Features. Jadoon, M. Mohsin; Zhang, Qianni; Haq, Ihsan Ul; Butt, Sharjeel; Jadoon, Adeel Report Jan 1, 2017 7372
Automated Classification of Lung Cancer Types from Cytological Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Teramoto, Atsushi; Tsukamoto, Tetsuya; Kiriyama, Yuka; Fujita, Hiroshi Report Jan 1, 2017 2847
CNNdel: Calling Structural Variations on Low Coverage Data Based on Convolutional Neural Networks. Wang, Jing; Ling, Cheng; Gao, Jingyang Report Jan 1, 2017 5492
EEG-Based Computer Aided Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Wavelet, Entropy, and ANN. Djemal, Ridha; AlSharabi, Khalil; Ibrahim, Sutrisno; Alsuwailem, Abdullah Jan 1, 2017 5980
Using Neural Networks to Predict Secondary Structure for Protein Folding. Ibrahim, Ali Abdulhafidh; Yasseen, Ibrahim Sabah Report Jan 1, 2017 2270
Deep Learning Enabled Fault Diagnosis Using Time-Frequency Image Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings. Verstraete, David; Ferrada, Andres; Drogue, Enrique Lopez; Meruane, Viviana; Modarres, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2017 10448
Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Bearing with Vibration Signals Based on a Novel Indicator. Wu, Bo; Li, Wei; Qiu, Ming-quan Report Jan 1, 2017 6288
Fuzzy Based Advanced Hybrid Intrusion Detection System to Detect Malicious Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks. Singh, Rupinder; Singh, Jatinder; Singh, Ravinder Report Jan 1, 2017 10707
Vision-Based Fall Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks. Nunez-Marcos, Adrian; Azkune, Gorka; Arganda-Carreras, Ignacio Report Jan 1, 2017 12365
Artificial Neural Networks in Image Processing for Early Detection of Breast Cancer. Mehdy, M.M.; Ng, P.Y.; Shair, E.F.; Saleh, N.I. Md; Gomes, C. Report Jan 1, 2017 8236
Predictive Behavior of a Computational Foot/Ankle Model through Artificial Neural Networks. Chande, Ruchi D.; Hargraves, Rosalyn Hobson; Ortiz-Robinson, Norma; Wayne, Jennifer S. Report Jan 1, 2017 4701
Preventing Neurodegenerative Memory Loss in Hopfield Neuronal Networks Using Cerebral Organoids or External Microelectronics. Morrison, M.; Maia, P.D.; Kutz, J.N. Report Jan 1, 2017 6278
A Novel Fusion Framework Based on Adaptive PCNN in NSCT Domain for Whole-Body PET and CT Images. Song, Zhiying; Jiang, Huiyan; Li, Siqi Report Jan 1, 2017 5670
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Classifying Body Constitution Based on Face Image. Huan, Er-Yang; Wen, Gui-Hua; Zhang, Shi-Jun; Li, Dan-Yang; Hu, Yang; Chang, Tian- Yuan; Wang, Qing; Report Jan 1, 2017 5785
Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Models for Prediction of BP Reactivity to Crossed Legs. Kaur, Gurmanik; Arora, Ajat Shatru; Jain, Vijender Kumar Report Jan 1, 2017 7125
A Method for Assessing the Retention of Trace Elements in Human Body Using Neural Network Technology. Tunakova, Yulia; Novikova, Svetlana; Ragimov, Aligejdar; Faizullin, Rashat; Valiev, Vsevolod Jan 1, 2017 3971
Using Deep Learning for Classification of Lung Nodules on Computed Tomography Images. Song, QingZeng; Zhao, Lei; Luo, XingKe; Dou, XueChen Jan 1, 2017 4779
Feature Selection and ANN Solar Power Prediction. O'Leary, Daniel; Kubby, Joel Report Jan 1, 2017 4364
Modelling the Photovoltaic Output Power using the Differential Polynomial Network and Evolutionary Fuzzy Rules. Zjavka, Ladislav; Kromer, Pavel; Misak, Stanislav; Snasel, Vaclav Report Jan 1, 2017 5951
Deep Hierarchical Representation from Classifying Logo-405. Hou, Sujuan; Lin, Jianwei; Zhou, Shangbo; Qin, Maoling; Jia, Weikuan; Zheng, Yuanjie Report Jan 1, 2017 5268
The Dissolved Oxygen Prediction Method Based on Neural Network. Xiao, Zhong; Peng, Lingxi; Chen, Yi; Liu, Haohuai; Wang, Jiaqing; Nie, Yangang Report Jan 1, 2017 3765
Modeling and Error Compensation of Robotic Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines Using BP Neural Network. Gao, Guanbin; Zhang, Hongwei; San, Hongjun; Wu, Xing; Wang, Wen Report Jan 1, 2017 4419
Structure Optimization of a Vibration Suppression Device for Underwater Moored Platforms Using CFD and Neural Network. Mao, Zhaoyong; Zhao, Fuliang Report Jan 1, 2017 10782
Intelligent Image Recognition System for Marine Fouling Using Softmax Transfer Learning and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Chin, C.S.; Si, JianTing; Clare, A.S.; Ma, Maode Report Jan 1, 2017 5462
Layout Optimization of Two Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Drag Reduction with a Combined CFD and Neural Network Method. Tian, Wenlong; Mao, Zhaoyong; Zhao, Fuliang; Zhao, Zhicao Report Jan 1, 2017 6867
Minimal-Learning-Parameter Technique Based Adaptive Neural Sliding Mode Control of MEMS Gyroscope. Xu, Bin; Zhang, Pengchao Report Jan 1, 2017 2995
A Novel SHLNN Based Robust Control and Tracking Method for Hypersonic Vehicle under Parameter Uncertainty. Li, Chuanfeng; Wu, Hao; Yang, Zhile; Wang, Yongji; Sun, Zeyu Report Jan 1, 2017 7134
Forecasting the Acquisition of University Spin-Outs: An RBF Neural Network Approach. Liu, Weiwei; Yang, Zhile; Bi, Kexin Report Jan 1, 2017 6582
Adaptive Neural Network Sliding Mode Control for Quad Tilt Rotor Aircraft. Yin, Yanchao; Niu, Hongwei; Liu, Xiaobao Report Jan 1, 2017 5941
Adaptive Neural Output Feedback Control for Uncertain Robot Manipulators with Input Saturation. Mei, Rong; Yu, Cheng Jiang Report Jan 1, 2017 7532
Nonlinear System Identification Using Quasi-ARX RBFN Models with a Parameter-Classified Scheme. Wang, Lan; Cheng, Yu; Hu, Jinglu; Liang, Jinling; Dobaie, Abdullah M. Report Jan 1, 2017 7143
Deep Recurrent Model for Server Load and Performance Prediction in Data Center. Huang, Zheng; Peng, Jiajun; Lian, Huijuan; Guo, Jie; Qiu, Weidong Report Jan 1, 2017 6283
Multiconstrained Network Intensive Vehicle Routing Adaptive Ant Colony Algorithm in the Context of Neural Network Analysis. Chen, Shaopei; Yang, Ji; Li, Yong; Yang, Jingfeng Report Jan 1, 2017 7359
Follow-Up and Risk Assessment in Patients with Myocardial Infarction Using Artificial Neural Networks. Gligorijevic, Tatjana; Sevarac, Zoran; Milovanovic, Branislav; Dajic, Vlado; Zdravkovic, Marija; Hin Report Jan 1, 2017 5550
Neural Network-Based State Estimation for a Closed-Loop Control Strategy Applied to a Fed-Batch Bioreactor. Romoli, Santiago; Serrano, Mario; Rossomando, Francisco; Vega, Jorge; Ortiz, Oscar; Scaglia, Gustavo Report Jan 1, 2017 8328
Composite Learning Sliding Mode Control of Flexible-Link Manipulator. Xu, Bin; Zhang, Pengchao Report Jan 1, 2017 2801
Rancidity Estimation of Perilla Seed Oil by Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis Techniques. Hong, Suk-Ju; Rho, Shin-Joung; Lee, Ah-Yeong; Park, Heesoo; Cui, Jinshi; Park, Jongmin; Hong, Soon-J Report Jan 1, 2017 6681
Research on design of the smart factory for forging enterprise in the industry 4.0 environment. Pei, Fengque; Tong, Yifei; He, Fei; Li, Dongbo Report Jan 1, 2017 4224
Prediction of and experimental study on cutting force of austempered vermicular graphite cast iron using artificial neural network. Mavi, Ahmet; Ozden, Semih; Korkut, Ihsan Report Jan 1, 2017 3577
Floristic diversity and equitability in forest fragments using artificial neural networks/Diversidade floristica e equabilidade em fragmentos florestais usando redes neurais artificiais. Cabacinha, Christian Dias; Lafeta, Bruno Oliveira Jan 1, 2017 4306
SOLVING SUDOKU PUZZLE with NUMBERS RECOGNIZED by USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS. Sevgen, Selcuk; Arslan, Emel; Samli, Ruya Report Jan 1, 2017 2560
Car Detection from Low-Altitude UAV Imagery with the Faster R-CNN. Xu, Yongzheng; Yu, Guizhen; Wang, Yunpeng; Wu, Xinkai; Ma, Yalong Report Jan 1, 2017 5953
Predicting Freeway Work Zone Delays and Costs with a Hybrid Machine-Learning Model. Du, Bo; Chien, Steven; Lee, Joyoung; Spasovic, Lazar Report Jan 1, 2017 5857
An Automatic Gastrointestinal Polyp Detection System in Video Endoscopy Using Fusion of Color Wavelet and Convolutional Neural Network Features. Billah, Mustain; Waheed, Sajjad; Rahman, Mohammad Motiur Report Jan 1, 2017 4281
Application of Machine Learning in Postural Control Kinematics for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. Costa, Luis; Gago, Miguel F.; Yelshyna, Darya; Ferreira, Jaime; Silva, Helder David; Rocha, Luis; So Report Jan 1, 2017 9613
Adaptive Resource Utilization Prediction System for Infrastructure as a Service Cloud. Ullah, Qazi Zia; Hassan, Shahzad; Khan, Gul Muhammad Report Jan 1, 2017 6346
Bag of Visual Words Model with Deep Spatial Features for Geographical Scene Classification. Feng, Jiangfan; Liu, Yuanyuan; Wu, Lin Report Jan 1, 2017 7558
Feature Extraction and Fusion Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Face Detection. Lu, Xiaojun; Duan, Xu; Mao, Xiuping; Li, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Xiangde Report Jan 1, 2017 4596
Robust Adaptive Neural Control of Morphing Aircraft with Prescribed Performance. Wu, Zhonghua; Lu, Jingchao; Shi, Jingping; Liu, Yang; Zhou, Qing Report Jan 1, 2017 6355
New Methods of Finite-Time Synchronization for a Class of Fractional-Order Delayed Neural Networks. Zhang, Weiwei; Cao, Jinde; Alsaedi, Ahmed; Alsaadi, Fuad E. Jan 1, 2017 4006
A Self-Tuning Proportional-Integral-Derivative-Based Temperature Control Method for Draw-Texturing-Yarn Machine. Song, Rong; Chen, Shuting Report Jan 1, 2017 8061
Study on MPGA-BP of Gravity Dam Deformation Prediction. Wang, Xiaoyu; Yang, Kan; Shen, Changsong Report Jan 1, 2017 8549
Neural Prescribed Performance Control for Uncertain Marine Surface Vessels without Accurate Initial Errors. Si, Wenjie; Dong, Xunde Report Jan 1, 2017 5857
Based on Soft Competition ART Neural Network Ensemble and Its Application to the Fault Diagnosis of Bearing. Yang, Dan; Mu, Hailin; Xu, Zengbing; Wang, Zhigang; Yi, Cancan; Liu, Changming Report Jan 1, 2017 5667
Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis Method for Power Transformers Using Modified Kriging Model. Ding, Yu; Liu, Qiang Jan 1, 2017 3166
Short-Term Load Forecasting Model Based on the Fusion of PSRT and QCNN. Zhang, Zhisheng Report Jan 1, 2017 4573
The Implementation of Driver Model Based on the Attention Transfer Process. Zhao, ShuanFeng; Guo, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 7557
A MapReduce Based High Performance Neural Network in Enabling Fast Stability Assessment of Power Systems. Liu, Yang; Liu, Youbo; Liu, Junyong; Li, Maozhen; Liu, Tingjian; Taylor, Gareth; Zuo, Kunyu Report Jan 1, 2017 6642
The Loading Control Strategy of the Mobile Dynamometer Vehicle Based on Neural Network PID. Yan, Xianghai; Xu, Liyou; Wang, Yuan Report Jan 1, 2017 3638
A Method for Recognizing Fatigue Driving Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory and Fuzzy Neural Network. Zhu, WenBo; Yang, Huicheng; Jin, Yi; Liu, Bingyou Report Jan 1, 2017 6112
Predicting Real-Time Crash Risk for Urban Expressways in China. Liu, Miaomiao; Chen, Yongsheng Report Jan 1, 2017 6578
Modulation Classification Based on Extensible Neural Networks. Yang, Guan Qing Report Jan 1, 2017 5291
Constrained Quadratic Programming and Neurodynamics-Based Solver for Energy Optimization of Biped Walking Robots. Wang, Liyang; Chen, Ming; Jiang, Xiangkui; Wang, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 8106
The Method of Solving Structural Reliability with Multiparameter Correlation Problem. Du, Juan; Li, Haibin; He, Yun Report Jan 1, 2017 7905
A Small-Sample Adaptive Hybrid Model for Annual Electricity Consumption Forecasting. Meng, Ming; Fu, Yanan; Shi, Huifeng; Wang, Xinfang Report Jan 1, 2017 4733
Bending Angle Prediction Model Based on BPNN-Spline in Air Bending Springback Process. Guo, Zhefeng; Tang, Wencheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5922
Neural Networks Approximator Based Robust Adaptive Controller Design of Hypersonic Flight Vehicles Systems Coupled with Stochastic Disturbance and Dynamic Uncertainties. Zhu, Guoqiang; Sun, Lingfang; Zhang, Xiuyu Report Jan 1, 2017 5969
A Hybrid Approach for Evaluating Faulty Behavior Risk of High-Risk Operations Using ANP and Evidence Theory. Zheng, Xia-Zhong; Wang, Fei; Zhou, Jian-Lan Report Jan 1, 2017 10388
Bearing Fault Detection by One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks. Eren, Levent Report Jan 1, 2017 4432
Data Analysis and Modeling of Chilled Water Loops in Air Conditioning Systems. Zhao, Zhida; Yu, Nanyang; Yu, Tao; Zhang, Haofei Report Jan 1, 2017 6834
A Hybrid Wavelet Fuzzy Neural Network and Switching Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for AC Servo System. Hou, Run-min; Hou, Yuan-long; Wang, Chao; Gao, Qiang; Sun, Hao Report Jan 1, 2017 4736
Facial Expression Recognition Using Stationary Wavelet Transform Features. Qayyum, Huma; Majid, Muhammad; Anwar, Syed Muhammad; Khan, Bilal Report Jan 1, 2017 5412
Abalone Muscle Texture Evaluation and Prediction Based on TPA Experiment. Dong, Jiaxu; Fang, Xiaoyan; Wang, Huihui; Zhang, Xu; Tao, Xueheng Report Jan 1, 2017 4792
Applying Two-Stage Neural Network Based Classifiers to the Identification of Mixture Control Chart Patterns for an SPC-EPC Process. Shao, Yuehjen E.; Chang, Po-Yu; Lu, Chi-Jie Report Jan 1, 2017 7576
Estimation of Costs and Durations of Construction of Urban Roads Using ANN and SVM. Pesko, Igor; Mucenski, Vladimir; Seslija, Milos; Radovic, Nebojsa; Vujkov, Aleksandra; Bibic, Dragan Report Jan 1, 2017 10265
Feedforward Nonlinear Control Using Neural Gas Network. Machon-Gonzalez, Ivan; Lopez-Garcia, Hilario Report Jan 1, 2017 4842
Optimizing Cutting Conditions and Prediction of Surface Roughness in Face Milling of AZ61 Using Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Network. Alharthi, Nabeel H.; Bingol, Sedat; Abbas, Adel T.; Ragab, Adham E.; El-Danaf, Ehab A.; Alharbi, Ham Jan 1, 2017 4717
Quantifying Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Solar Radiation over the Northeast China Based on ACO-BPNN Model and Intensity Analysis. Li, Xiangqian; Tong, Zhijun; Guo, Enliang; Luo, Xiaolong Report Jan 1, 2017 8125
A New Method for Evaporation Modeling: Dynamic Evolving Neural-Fuzzy Inference System. Kisi, Ozgur; Mansouri, Iman; Hu, Jong Wan Report Jan 1, 2017 5165
Forecasting Drought Using Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network Model. Ali, Zulifqar; Hussain, Ijaz; Faisal, Muhammad; Nazir, Hafiza Mamona; Hussain, Tajammal; Shad, Muham Report Jan 1, 2017 5563
ANN Model-Based Simulation of the Runoff Variation in Response to Climate Change on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. Juan, Chang; Genxu, Wang; Tianxu, Mao; Xiangyang, Sun Report Jan 1, 2017 9678
Deep Learning in Visual Computing and Signal Processing. Xie, Danfeng; Zhang, Lei; Bai, Li Jan 1, 2017 8521
Determination of Damage in Reinforced Concrete Frames with Shear Walls Using Self-Organizing Feature Map. Nikoo, Mehdi; Sadowski, Lukasz; Khademi, Faezehossadat; Nikoo, Mohammad Jan 1, 2017 4343
CNN-Based Pupil Center Detection for Wearable Gaze Estimation System. Chinsatit, Warapon; Saitoh, Takeshi Jan 1, 2017 4999
An Evaluation of Hand-Force Prediction Using Artificial Neural-Network Regression Models of Surface EMG Signals for Handwear Devices. Yokoyama, Masayuki; Koyama, Ryohei; Yanagisawa, Masao Report Jan 1, 2017 5838
Pedestrian Stride Length Estimation from IMU Measurements and ANN Based Algorithm. Xing, Haifeng; Li, Jinglong; Hou, Bo; Zhang, Yongjian; Guo, Meifeng Jan 1, 2017 5345
A Design Space Exploration Framework for ANN-Based Fault Detection in Hardware Systems. Savva, Andreas G.; Theocharides, Theocharis; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos Jan 1, 2017 6021
ARM-Cortex M3-Based Two-Wheel Robot for Assessing Grid Cell Model of Medial Entorhinal Cortex: Progress towards Building Robots with Biologically Inspired Navigation-Cognitive Maps. Cuneo, J.; Barboni, L.; Blanco, N.; del Castillo, M.; Quagliotti, J. Jan 1, 2017 4720
Learning Control of Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Fuzzy Neural Networks. Kayacan, Erdal; Khanesar, Mojtaba Ahmadieh; Rubio-Hervas, Jaime; Reyhanoglu, Mahmut Report Jan 1, 2017 6415
Autonomous Orbit Determination for Lagrangian Navigation Satellite Based on Neural Network Based State Observer. Gao, Youtao; Zhao, Tanran; Jin, Bingyu; Chen, Junkang; Xu, Bo Report Jan 1, 2017 4168
KBNN Based on Coarse Mesh to Optimize the EBG Structures. Chen, Yi; Tian, Yu-Bo; Sun, Fei-Yan Report Jan 1, 2017 4781
Performance Assessment and Prediction for Superheterodyne Receivers Based on Mahalanobis Distance and Time Sequence Analysis. Sun, Jinwen; Lu, Chen; Wang, Manxi; Yuan, Hang; Qi, Le Report Jan 1, 2017 5737
Effects of continuous use, excessive and/or prolonged of Diclorvos compound in laboratory rats CD (SD) BR. Jefry, Mora; Dario, Amaya; Ramos, Olga Dec 1, 2016 3004
Comparative analysis and speed control of SR motor using PID, FLC and ANN controller with FFT analysis. Murugesan, A.; Jeyabharath, R. Report Dec 1, 2016 4824
Identification and detection of organophosphorus pesticides using artificial neural networks based on spectra obtained in gas chromatography. Palacios, Angelica; Ramos, Olga; Amaya, Dario Report Dec 1, 2016 2196
Scientific data analysis using neural networks as exemplified in defining the factors impacting the C-reactive protein level. Zakharov, Alexander A.; Olennikov, Evgeni A.; Payusova, Tatyana I.; Petelina, Tatyana I.; Musikhina, Report Nov 1, 2016 2718
A novel ECG signal processing and abnormal heart beat classification algorithm based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) model and the neural network. Liu, Lixun; Si, Yujuan; Wang, Yuemeng Nov 1, 2016 3881
Comparing the forecasting performance of futures oil prices with genetically evolved neural networks. Shazly, Mona El; Lou, Alice Report Nov 1, 2016 5517
New Google machine translation uses neural network system. Sep 28, 2016 294
Predicting the effects of the continuous use of dimethoate in laboratory rats CD(SD)BR. Mora, Jefry; Amaya, Hurtado Dario; Ramos, Sandoval Olga Report Sep 1, 2016 2848
Uso de redes neurais artificiais na analise de variaveis ambientais associadas a deposicao de serapilheira. Aquino, Priscila Sales Rodrigues; Rodrigues, Marcos Sales; Castro, Renato Vinicius Oliveira; Nappo, Report Aug 1, 2016 6921
Study on the risk factors of sports injury accidents in colleges based on fuzzy neural network and information security. Hongmei, Deng; Xiaodong, Long; Ganchen, Tao; Heping, Du; Shaoyong, Wan; Chunjing, Tu Report Aug 1, 2016 4982
Forecasting hazardous waste generation using short data sets: case study of lithuania/Pavojinguju atlieku susidarymo prognozavimas naudojant trumpas duomenu imtis: lietuvos atvejis. Karpusenkaite, Aiste; Denafas, Gintaras; Ruzgas, Tomas Report Aug 1, 2016 5145
Optimizing multi GPU with fixation based sculpture restoration on pixel-by-pixel using deep convolution neural network. Pavithra, S.; Rengarajan, A. Jul 1, 2016 3581
Modeling of local scour depth around bridge piers using artificial neural network. Khassaf, Saleh I.; Abdulwhab, Ali Q. Technical report Jul 1, 2016 3711
A hybrid model for estimating the probability of default of corporate customers. Raei, Reza; Kousha, Mahdi Saeidi; Fallahpour, Saeid; Fadaeinejad, Mohammad Report Jun 22, 2016 8735
Comparison of RSM and ANN optimization methods in determining antibacterial properties of cotton against E. coli. Moghadam, M.B.; Montazer, M.; Nazari, A.; Roshani, G.; Ataei, M. Report Jun 1, 2016 2851
Construction and analysis of Hydrogeological Landscape units using Self-Organising Maps. Cracknell, M.J.; Cowood, A.L. Report May 1, 2016 9800
The use of multilayer perceptron artificial neural networks for the classification of ethanol samples by commercialization region/Utilizacao de Redes Neurais Artificiais Perceptron de Multiplas Camadas para classificacao de amostras de etanol com a regiao de comercializacao. Romagnoli, Erica Signori; Silva, Livia Ramazzoti Chanan; Angilelli, Karina Gomes; Ferreira, Bruna Ap Apr 1, 2016 3124
Artificial neural network based performance assessment of thermosyphon solar water heating system. Premalatha, N.; ValanArasu, A. Report Apr 1, 2016 4458
An efficient artificial neural network for identification of volcano hotspots using satellite images. Rathnam, S. Muni; Ramashri, T. Report Apr 1, 2016 3607
Application of hybrid wavelet neural network in one-dimensional signal denoising using multiple wavelet functions. Arora, Jasmineet Kaur; Murthy, Somanchi K.; Deodhar, R.S. Apr 1, 2016 2821
Efficient diagnosis of leukemia using neural networks. Rajalakshmi, V.; Mala, G.S. Anandha; Chatana, Mandava; Saranya, D. Report Mar 1, 2016 2878
FPGA implementation of range addressable activation function for lattice-ladder neuron. Sledevic, Tomyslav; Navakauskas, Dalius Report Feb 1, 2016 3138
Fertility care management system using ANN based machine learning techniques. Sundar, C. Report Feb 1, 2016 5452
Optimization of brake friction materials using mathematical methods and testing. Daei, Amir Reza; Davoudzadeh, Nima; Filip, Peter Report Jan 1, 2016 3577
Neural network modeling in problems of electrical grids modes prediction. Moroz, A.N.; Cheremisin, N.M.; Cherkashina, V.V.; Kholod, A.V. Report Jan 1, 2016 2330
Using self-organizing neural network map combined with Ward's clustering algorithm for visualization of students' cognitive structural models about aliveness concept. Yorek, Nurettin; Ugulu, Ilker; Aydin, Halil Report Jan 1, 2016 10014
Course control of underactuated ship based on nonlinear robust neural network backstepping method. Yuan, Junjia; Meng, Hao; Zhu, Qidan; Zhou, Jiajia Report Jan 1, 2016 5678
Deep neural networks based recognition of plant diseases by leaf image classification. Sladojevic, Srdjan; Arsenovic, Marko; Anderla, Andras; Culibrk, Dubravko; Stefanovic, Darko Report Jan 1, 2016 6948
Exploring the combination of Dempster-Shafer theory and neural network for predicting trust and distrust. Wang, Xin; Wang, Ying; Sun, Hongbin Report Jan 1, 2016 7415
Neural networks technique for filling gaps in satellite measurements: application to ocean color observations. Krasnopolsky, Vladimir; Nadiga, Sudhir; Mehra, Avichal; Bayler, Eric; Behringer, David Report Jan 1, 2016 6331
Objects classification by learning-based visual saliency model and convolutional neural network. Li, Na; Zhao, Xinbo; Yang, Yongjia; Zou, Xiaochun Report Jan 1, 2016 7193
A hybrid neural network model for sales forecasting based on ARIMA and search popularity of article titles. Omar, Hani; Hoang, Van Hai; Liu, Duen-Ren Report Jan 1, 2016 7193
Model Building and Optimization Analysis of MDF Continuous Hot-Pressing Process by Neural Network. Li, Qingfa; Liu, Yaqiu; Zhu, Liangkuan Report Jan 1, 2016 10365
Seepage Monitoring Models Study of Earth-Rock Dams Influenced by Rainstorms. Qiu, Jianchun; Zheng, Dongjian; Zhu, Kai Report Jan 1, 2016 6455
Simplified Information Maximization for Improving Generalization Performance in Multilayered Neural Networks. Kamimura, Ryotaro Jan 1, 2016 6691
A New Approach for Chaotic Time Series Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Network. Li, Qinghai; Lin, Rui-Chang Jan 1, 2016 4615
Exploiting Product Related Review Features for Fake Review Detection. Sun, Chengai; Du, Qiaolin; Tian, Gang Jan 1, 2016 4229
An ANN-GA Framework for Optimal Engine Modeling. Tahboub, Khaldoun K.; Barghash, Mahmoud; Arafeh, Mazen; Ghazal, Osama Jan 1, 2016 3849
A New Hybrid Approach for Wind Speed Prediction Using Fast Block Least Mean Square Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network. Filik, Ummuhan Basaran Jan 1, 2016 4320
Activity recognition in adaptive assistive systems using artificial neural networks. Oniga, Stefan; Suto, Jozsef Report Jan 1, 2016 3302
Comparison of Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithms used for Predicting Live Weight at Post Weaning Period From Some Biometrical Characteristics in Harnai Sheep. Report Dec 31, 2015 3717
Scientific reification. Green, David; Rodger, Craig J.; Brundell, James B.; Mills, Steven; Brook, Peter Dec 1, 2015 6512
Mutual Information-Based Modified Randomized Weights Neural Networks. Tang, Jian; Wu, Zhiwei; Jia, Meiying; Liu, Zhuo Report Nov 1, 2015 3197
Comparative Study of Various Techniques of Fingerprint Recognition Systems. Ahmed, Hany Hashem; Kelash, Hamdy M.; Tolba, Maha S.; ELRashidy, Mohammed A. Case study Sep 1, 2015 5852
The viability of neural network for modeling the impact of individual job satisfiers on work commitment in Indian manufacturing unit. Chandrasekar, Therasa; Chidambaram, Vijayabanu; Venkatraman, Srinivasakumar; Venugopal, Vijayanand Report Sep 1, 2015 5379
An efficient face recognition method using bi-orthogonal wavelet, gabor features and back propagation neural network. Fred, A. Lenin; Wilson, S. Report Aug 1, 2015 2508
Performance analysis of rotor position estimation of SRM using artificial neural network techniques. Rajan, K. Kasi; Latha, P. Report Aug 1, 2015 3275
Iris identification based on neural networks. Subban, Ravi; Susithan, N. Report Aug 1, 2015 3092
An ensemble model for predicting energy performance in residential buildings using data mining techniques. Manimaran, Subramanian; AlBastaki, Ibrahim; Mangai, J. Alamelu Report Jul 1, 2015 5641
Software failures prediction using RBF neural network. Yakovyna, V.S. Report Jul 1, 2015 3810
Improving content personalization through ant optimization in E-learning. Sivakumar, N.; Praveena, R.; Saranya, S. Report Jun 1, 2015 3133
Application of artificial neural network for predicting shaft and tip resistances of concrete piles. Report Jun 1, 2015 6173
Smart robot arm motion using computer vision. Iscimen, Bilal; Atasoy, Huseyin; Kutlu, Yakup; Yildirim, Serdar; Yildirim, Esen Report Jun 1, 2015 3343
Towards crafting an improved functional link artificial neural network based on differential evolution and feature selection. Dash, Ch. Sanjeev Kumar; Behera, Ajit Kumar; Dehuri, Satchidananda; Cho, Sung-Bae; Wang, Gi-Nam Report Jun 1, 2015 8583
Efficient fault feature extraction and fault isolation for high voltage DC transmissions. Li, Zhixiong; Sheng, Chenxing; Li, Yuanjing; Xing, Jingtang; Su, Benyu Report May 1, 2015 4441
Fault diagnosis on bevel gearbox with neural networks and feature extraction. Waqar, Tayyab; Demetgul, Mustafa; Kelesoglu, Cemal Report May 1, 2015 3678
Incorporation of neural network to HPMHT for tracking multiple targets. Turkmen, Ilke; Celik, Harun Report Apr 1, 2015 2505
Breast cancer classification using various machine learning techniques. Palaniammal, V.; Chandrasekaran, R.M. Report Mar 1, 2015 2617
The usage of artificial neural networks for intelligent lighting control based on resident's behavioural pattern. Paulauskaite-Taraseviciene, Agne; Morkevicius, Nerijus; Janaviciute, Audrone; Liutkevicius, Agnius; Report Feb 1, 2015 6142
Fault detection and diagnosis of belt weigher using improved DBSCAN and Bayesian regularized neural network. Liang, Zhu; Fei, He; Yifei, Tong; Dongbo, Li Report Jan 1, 2015 5377
Neural network modeling the potential of steels with different chrome content. Kramar, Vadim; Dushko, Veronika; Rodkina, Anna; Alchakov, Vasiliy Technical report Jan 1, 2015 2664
Face detection and identification using competitive neural network. Mazid, Abdul; Singh, Daya Shankar; Pawar, Vijayant Report Dec 1, 2014 3348
Foreground-background separation by feed-forward neural networks in old manuscripts. Kefali, Abderrahmane; Sari, Toufik; Bahi, Halima Report Dec 1, 2014 7303
Neural network controlled switched capacitor for improving the powerfactor in an inductive circuits using PSO Algorithm. Mohandass, M.P.; Manoharan, S. Report Dec 1, 2014 2466
Compression ratio of municipal solid waste simulation using artificial neural network and adaptive neurofuzzy system. Mokhtari, Maryam; Heshmati R, Ali Akbar; Shariatmadari, Nader Report Dec 1, 2014 5066
Comparison of medical image compression using DWT algorithm and neural network techniques. Jasmi, R. Praisline; Perumal, B.; Rajasekaran, M. Pallikonda Report Nov 1, 2014 4038
Estimating parameters of economic irrigation water supply function: comparison of regression model and artificial neural network (case study of agriculture sector in Arsanjan). Hasanshahi, Morteza Case study Nov 1, 2014 3569
Algorithm for minimizing waste of production lines using neural networks in textile industry. Farsi, Fariba; Shirdel, Gholam Hassan Report Nov 1, 2014 5178
Water level elevation variations modeling using support vector machine and neural network. MojtabaNoury; Poshtegal, Maryam Khalilzadeh; Seyedahmad mirbagheri; Pakmanesh, Mansoor; MahsaMemaria Report Nov 1, 2014 4666
Persian/Arabic handwritten digit recognition using local binary pattern. Biglari, Mohsen; Mirzaei, Faezeh; Neycharan, Jalil Ghavidel Statistical data Oct 1, 2014 2732
New nondestructive way of identifying the values of pull-off adhesion between concrete layers in floors. Sadowski, Lukasz; Hola, Jerzy Report Aug 1, 2014 5216
Kohonen Neural Network Stress Detection Using Only Electrodermal Activity Features. Bornoiu, Ionut-Vlad; Grigore, Ovidiu Aug 1, 2014 4768
Predicting the ground water level with artificial neural network: a case study of Talar watershed in Ghaemshahr, Iran. Imani, Kaveh; Zamani, Mostafa; Amiribesheli, Reza; Gilanilarimi, Mohamad Report Jul 1, 2014 2301
Chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures predicted using artificial neural network. Azariyun, E.; Azariyun, M. Report Jun 20, 2014 3902
Detection of reflection in Iris images using back propagation. Karymian, T.; Noshad, B.; Taherykhani, M.R.; Seriyasat, H.R.; Zamany, H. Report Jun 1, 2014 3353
Investigating effect of input patterns on daily discharge prediction of Talar River using artificial neural network. Imani, Kaveh; Orimi, Mehdi Gouran; Besheli, Reza Amiri Report Jun 1, 2014 2598
The role of accounting information in forecasting the financial and economic crisis to methods based on artificial neural networks approach. Khazaie, Kamyar; Talebi, Soodabeh; Bakhshi, Majid Report Jun 1, 2014 3386
Development of intelligent model for personalized guidance on wheelchair tilt and recline usage for people with spinal cord injury: methodology and preliminary report. Fu, Jicheng; Jones, Maria; Jan, Yih-Kuen Report May 1, 2014 8234
Credit analysis using data mining: application in the case of a credit union. Sousa, Marcos de Moraes; Figueiredo, Reginaldo Santana May 1, 2014 6424
More Precise: Stores Recommendation under O2O Commerce. Hsieh, Hui-Ching; Chen, Yen-Chiu; Lin, He-Chih May 1, 2014 3500
Fault detection of induction motor ball bearings. Haddadnia, Javad; Seryasat, Omid Rahmani; Rabiee, Hamidreza Apr 15, 2014 3363
Fault detection of rolling bearings using discrete wavelet transform and neural network of SVM. Seryasat, O.R.; Habibi, M.; Ghane, M.; Taherkhani, H. Report Apr 15, 2014 3163
Predicting freeway pavement construction cost using a back-propagation neural network: a case study in Henan, China/Greitkelio dangos irengimo sanaudu prognozavimas naudojant atgalinio sklidimo neuronini tinkla: Kinijos Henano provincijos pavyzdys/Automagistralu segas konstrukciju buvniecibas izmaksu prognozesana ar pagatne versto macisanas algoritma neiralo tiklu: Henanas piemers Kina ... He, Jie; Qi, Zhiguo; Hang, Wen; Zhao, Chihang; King, Mark Report Mar 1, 2014 8089
Configuring artificial neural networks for stock market predictions. Ruxanda, Gheorghe; Badea, Laura Maria Report Mar 1, 2014 7424
Prediction of optimal adsorption of aqueous phenol removal with oil palm empty fruit bunch activated carbon using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Olanrewaju, R.F.; Muyibi, S.A. Report Mar 1, 2014 3696
River discharge prediction using artificial neural network and support vector machine. Orimi, M. Gouran; Amiri, R.; Yazdi, S.I. Kazemi; Besheli, R. Amiri Feb 14, 2014 5028
Automatic Assessing of Tremor Severity Using Nonlinear Dynamics, Artificial Neural Networks and Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier. Geman, Oana; Costin, Hariton Feb 1, 2014 4856
Long Time Behavior for a System of Differential Equations with Non-Lipschitzian Nonlinearities. Tatar, Nasser-Eddine Jan 1, 2014 3688
Modeling Slump of Ready Mix Concrete Using Genetically Evolved Artificial Neural Networks. Chandwani, Vinay; Agrawal, Vinay; Nagar, Ravindra Jan 1, 2014 5438
Performance Enhancement of Target Recognition Using Feature Vector Fusion of Monostatic and Bistatic Radar. Lee, Seung-Jae; Choi, In-Sik; Cho, Byung-Lae; Rothwell, Edward J.; Temme, Andrew K. Jan 1, 2014 4720
Ternary gas permeation through synthesized PDMS membranes: experimental and CFD simulation based on sorption-dependent system using neural network model. Farno, Ehsan; Rezakazemi, Mashallah; Mohammadi, Toraj; Kasiril, Norollah Report Jan 1, 2014 7118
Using Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm for analysts' equities clustering. Osouli, Nasim; Khoshbakht, Esmaeil; Ansari, Zinat; Kazemi, Mahdi Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 1265
Analysts' equity forecasts using of multi-layer perception (MLP). Momeni, Alireza; Maleki, Saber; Khajeh, Roohollah Report Jan 1, 2014 1690
Using Radial Basis Function (RBF) for analysts' equities forecasts. Osouli, Nasim; Ansari, Zinat; Kazemi, Mahdi Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 1130

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