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Using the external magnetic field of composites to control fiber orientation and enhancement of electrical conductivity. Chang, Che-Wei; Chen, Shia-Chung; Tsai, Pi-Lin; Chiu, Min-Chi; Liu, Yu-Shiu Report Jun 1, 2021 6090
Modeling of Attractive Force by Magnetic Wheel Used for Mobile Robot. Noh, Myounggyu; Kwon, Eunsang; Park, So Hee; Park, Young-Woo Sep 1, 2020 2914
Characterization of Vacuum Arc Thruster Performance in Weak Magnetic Nozzle. Chowdhury, Satyajit; Kronhaus, Igal Report Jun 1, 2020 5815
Magnetorheological Elastomer Precision Platform Control Using OFFO-PID Algorithm. Guo, Ying-Qing; Zhang, Jie; He, Dong-Qing; Li, Jin-Bao Mar 31, 2020 5075
Effect of Electromagnetic Damping on System Performance of Voice-Coil Actuator Applied to Balancing-Type Scale. Abdullah; Ahn, Jung-Hwan; Kim, Hwa-Young Mar 1, 2020 5986
Impact of Static Magnetic Field on the Antioxidant Defence System of Mice Fibroblasts. Glinka, Marek; Gawron, Stanislaw; Sieron, Aleksander; Pawlowska-Goral, Katarzyna; Cieslar, Grzegorz; Jan 1, 2018 5616
An Analytical Theory of Piezoresistive Effects in Hall Plates with Large Contacts. Ausserlechner, Udo Report Jan 1, 2018 17161
Magnetoelastic Principal Parametric Resonance of a Rotating Electroconductive Circular Plate. Li, Zhe; Hu, Yu-da; Li, Jing Report Jan 1, 2017 4005
Therapeutic Effects of Static Magnetic Field on Wound Healing in Diabetic Rats. Zhao, Jing; Li, Yong-guo; Deng, Kai-qin; Yun, Peng; Gong, Ting Report Jan 1, 2017 3213
Novel Passive Two-Stage Magnetic Targeting Devices for Distal Locking of Interlocking Nails. Wong, Tze-Hong; Lee, Meng-Shiue; Wu, Sung-Yueh; Hsu, Wensyang; Chung, Tien-Kan; Wu, Chia-Pei; Hsu, P Jan 1, 2017 5166
Nanoparticles control soft robots. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 232
Removal of chloroform and water hardness from drinking water by combination of two methods of magnetic field and AOP. Jahaghi, M. Jafari.; Tahvildari, K.; Alavi, N.; Sharif, A.; Nazarpoor, P. Report Dec 1, 2014 2807
Qualitative assessment of tongue drive system by people with high-level spinal cord injury. Kim, Jeonghee; Park, Hangue; Bruce, Joy; Rowles, Diane; Holbrook, Jaimee; Nardone, Beatrice; West, D Report Mar 1, 2014 6788
Transformation inside a Null-Space Region and a DC Magnetic Funnel for Achieving an Enhanced Magnetic Flux with a Large Gradient. Sun, Fei; He, Sailing Mar 1, 2014 5805
About the Physical Reality of "Maxwell's Displacement Current" in Classical Electrodynamics. Landini, Marco Jan 1, 2014 5716
Magnetic [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4]/Ag hybrid nanoparticles as surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate for trace analysis of furazolidone in fish feeds. Yu, Wansong; Huang, Yiqun; Pei, Lu; Fan, Yuxia; Wang, Xiaohui; Lai, Keqiang Jan 1, 2014 4599
Spinless particles in exponentially varying electric and magnetic fields. Sogut, Kenan; Havare, Ali Jan 1, 2014 3780
Effect of extremely low frequency magnetic field in prevention of spinal cord injury-induced osteoporosis. Manjhi, Jayanand; Kumar, Suneel; Behari, Jitendra; Mathur, Rashmi Report Jan 1, 2013 6841
Alignment of Ti[O.sub.2] (anatase) crystal of dye-sensitized solar cells by external magnetic field. Hong, Na-Yeong; Seo, Hyunwoong; Son, Min-Kyu; Kim, Soo-Kyoung; Park, Song-Yi; Prabakar, Kandasamy; K Report Jan 1, 2013 2735
Magnetic method can clean up oil spills. Oct 1, 2012 357
Introduction and preliminary evaluation of the Tongue Drive System: wireless tongue-operated assistive technology for people with little or no upper-limb function. Huo, Xueliang; Wang, Jia; Ghovanloo, Maysam Report Jul 1, 2008 5668
Stress testing in coronary artery disease by Magnetic Field Imaging: a 3D current distribution model. Goernig, Matthias; De Melis, Massimo; Paolo, Dania Di Pietro; Tedeschi, Walfred; Liehr, Mario; Figul Report Jul 1, 2007 1437
Relation of magnetic field therapy to pain and power over time in persons with chronic primary headache: a pilot study. Kim, Tae Sook Jan 1, 2001 8398
Pulling polymers into line. May 10, 1986 370

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