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A collaborative and evolving response to the needs of frontline workers, patients and families during the COVID-19 pandemic at Tygerberg Hospital, Western Cape Province, South Africa. Brocker, E.; Louw, K.A.; Hewett, M.; Burger, H.; Felix, R.; De Koker, P.; Rossouw, J.; Seedat, S. Report May 1, 2021 3455
Carve-out plan financial requirements associated with national behavioral health parity. Friedman, Sarah; Xu, Haiyong; Azocar, Francisca; Ettner, Susan L. Dec 1, 2020 4789
Consider ketamine and psychotherapy. Ryan, Wesley Sep 1, 2020 554
The Use of Imagery Activated by Music Listening in Psychotherapy: 'Listening, receiving and perceiving one's own and others' emotional dimension of sound: Some aspects of listening to music and listening as a treatment': A presentation given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 9 November 2019. Orlando, Letizia Conference news Jul 1, 2020 4930
Is the 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine assisted psychotherapy a novel approach to managing post-traumatic stress disorder? Aug 31, 2019 658
Effectiveness of Kangaroo Care for a Patient with Postpartum Depression and Comorbid Mother-Infant Bonding Disorder. Takubo, Youji; Nemoto, Takahiro; Obata, Yohei; Baba, Yoko; Yamaguchi, Taiju; Katagiri, Naoyuki; Tsuj Mar 31, 2019 4249
Couples' Treatment Preferences for Insomnia Experienced During Pregnancy. Sedov, Ivan; Madsen, Joshua W.; Goodman, Sherryl H.; Tomfohr-Madsen, Lianne M. Report Mar 1, 2019 5465
Changes in Child Psychodynamic Psychotherapy According to the Parents' View/Mudancas na psicoterapia psicodinamica de criancas na visao de pais e maes/Cambios en la psicoterapia psicodinamica de ninos en la vision de padres y madres. Ramires, Vera Regina Rohnelt; Carvalho, Cibele; Gastaud, Marina Bento; de Oliveira, Luiz Ronaldo Fre Jan 1, 2019 8728
A Naturopath's View of Homeopathy or Psychotherapy with Props. Lobay, Douglas Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2018 2217
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Used by Infertile Women in Turkey. Ozkan, Filiz Suzer; Karaca, Aysel; Sarak, Kader Report Jun 1, 2018 5508
IN THIS ISSUE. Wang, Liwei; Chen, Jinghong Report Feb 1, 2018 1658
Counseling Theories for Alcohol and Drug Education. Cottone, R.R. Report Dec 1, 2017 703
Web-Based Supportive Psychotherapy to Prevent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Cross Sectional Study on the Iranian National Under-14 Girls' Football Team After Nepal Earthquake in 2015. Hassanmirzaei, Bahar; Soltani, Salman Khalifeh; Haratian, Zohreh; Moghadam, Navid Report Dec 1, 2017 4052
Psychotherapy: Playing the Three Monkeys in Mental Health Service Provision? Dereboy, Cigdem; Senel, Hakan; Ozturk, Cennet Safak; Sakiroglu, Mehmet; Eskin, Mehmet Report Dec 1, 2017 5798
Bipolar Disorder 2017 (Advances in Psychotherapy: Evidence Based Practice). Reiser, Robert P.; Thompson, Larry W.; Johnson, Sheri L.; Suppes, Trisha Report Dec 1, 2017 416
Evidence-based Practice and Single-case Designs in Psychotherapy. Georgoulakis, James M.; Zollmann, Johanna G.; Pate, Christopher L.; Hallett, Amy J. Report Oct 1, 2017 5454
Improving the recognition of borderline personality disorder: Using questionnaires and identifying a gate criterion may lead to an earlier diagnosis. Zimmerman, Mark Report Oct 1, 2017 4624
Successful therapy of recidivating vaginal infection with the aid of psychosomatic energetics. Ottmann, Petra Jul 1, 2017 1318
The necessity of including comprehensive psychotherapy within naturopathy and herbal degrees. Karzon, Randa Report Mar 1, 2017 285
Clinical features and neurorehabilitation in ischemic stroke. Anca, Gogu; Catalin, Jianu; Any, Docu Axelerad; Mirela, Lupu; Oana, Glavan Report Jan 1, 2017 4145
Christian counseling and psychotherapy: components of clinician spirituality that predict type of Christian intervention. Sutton, Geoffrey W.; Arnzen, Christine; Kelly, Heather L. Sep 22, 2016 5738
A review of NICE guidelines on the management of borderline personality disorder. Ali, Syed; Findlay, Christopher Report Mar 1, 2016 5090
RELAPSE: answers to why a patient is having a new mood episode. Rakofsky, Jeffrey J. Report Feb 1, 2016 651
Editorial. Bain, Katherine Editorial Dec 22, 2015 758
The benefits of child-parent psychotherapy to marital satisfaction. Peltz, Jack S.; Rogosch, Fred A.; Rogge, Ronald D.; Cicchetti, Dante; Toth, Sheree L. Report Dec 1, 2015 6059
Application of the SRQ20 and the protocol of psychological assessment in patients with leprosy in a reference Centre in Brazil. Cunha, Marilia Aparecida De Souza; Antunes, Douglas Eulalio; Da Silveira, Ricardo Wagner Machado; Go Report Sep 1, 2015 4836
Psychoanalytic training in South Africa: attending to the marginalia. Young, Lisa Saville Report Dec 22, 2014 5009
Treating bipolar mania in the outpatient setting: Enlist the help of family, employ evidence-based pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic strategies. Rakofsky, Jeffrey J.; Dunlop, Boadie W. Clinical report Nov 1, 2014 4742
Chapter Two: components of life coaching. Hartman, David; Zimberoff, Diane Report Sep 22, 2014 11345
To prevent depression recurrence, interpersonal psychotherapy is a first-line treatment with long-term benefits: algorithm helps determine when behavioral therapy, medication are appropriate. Constantino, Michael J.; Greenberg, Roger P.; Laws, Holly B. Clinical report Apr 1, 2014 4544
A brief review and update of mode deactivation therapy. Bayles, Corliss; Blossom, Paige; Apsche, Jack Report Mar 22, 2014 2769
Psychoanalysis and primary health care. Berg, Astrid Report Mar 22, 2014 3724
Adapting acceptance and commitment therapy for parents of children with life-threatening illness: pilot study. Burke, Kylie; McCarthy, Maria; Hearps, Stephen; Muscara, Frank; Dimovski, Anica; Anderson, Vicki; Wa Report Mar 1, 2014 3416
Relation between data collected during the interview and auditory processing disorder/Relacao entre dados coletados na anamnese e disturbio do processamento auditivo. Fridlin, Sheila Lindenbojm; Pereira, Liliane Desgualdo; Perez, Ana Paula Mar 1, 2014 3906
Toward a Psychotherapy Integration Approach for Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Critical Literature Review. Confer, Jacob Russell Report Aug 1, 2013 249
Japanese Culture-Bound Disorders: The Relationship between "Taijin Kyofusho, Hikikomori," and Shame. Cole, Levi Edward Report Aug 1, 2013 376
Healing pathways: a program for women with physical disabilities and depression. Hassouneh, Dena; Nguyen, Thuan; Chen, Zunqiu; McNeff, Elizabeth Report Jan 1, 2013 12180
Grief therapy? First, do no harm. Freed, Bates Betsy Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2012 694
Functional Analytic Psychotherapy with juveniles who have committed sexual offenses. Newring, Kirk A.B.; Wheeler, Jennifer G. Jun 22, 2012 7734
Working in-vivo with client sense of unlovability. Tsai, Mavis; Reed, Richard Jun 22, 2012 2937
Infant-parent psychotherapy at primary care level: establishment of a service. Berg, Astrid Report Jun 1, 2012 2571
Bridging the gap in delivery of psychological treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder. Karlin, Bradley E. May 1, 2012 2365
Antidepressants versus interpersonal psychotherapy in treating depression in HIV-positive patients. Moosa, M.Y.H.; Jeenah, F.Y. Report May 1, 2012 5237
Why you can't always have it all: a trial counsel's guide to HIPAA and accessing protected health information. Radio, Kristy Dec 1, 2011 8606
Theory- and Evidence- Based Intervention: Practice-Based Evidence--Integrating Positive Psychology into a Clinical Psychological Assessment and Intervention Model and How to Measure Outcome. Nissen, Poul Report Aug 1, 2011 234
Anxiety treatment: keeping up with the British. London, Robert T. Report Jun 1, 2011 878
Immanent transcendence, projection and re-collection. Hartman, David; Zimberoff, Diane Report Sep 22, 2010 25993
On fear and loathing in the fragile masculine self. Watkins, C. Edward, Jr.; Blazina, Christopher Report Sep 22, 2010 4701
Internet addiction: consensus, controversies, and the way ahead. Chakraborty, K.; Basu, D.; Kumar, K.G. Vijaya Report Sep 1, 2010 7467
Treating approaches of neurotic disorders in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Toirov, Erkin Report Jul 1, 2010 3471
A comparative study of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of methadone addicts. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 135
Cognitive hypnotherapy for depression: an empirical investigation. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 166
An overview of the psychotherapy of dissociative identity disorder. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 218
A pilot study of seeking safety therapy with OEF/OIF veterans. Norman, Sonya B.; Wilkins, Kendall C.; Tapert, Susan F.; Lang, Ariel J.; Najavits, Lisa M. Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 3527
Mindfulness as a therapy method/Bir terapi yontemi olarak farkindalik. Catak, Pelin Devrim; Ogel, Kultegin Report Mar 1, 2010 3529
Boundaries of psychopathology-psychotherapy and adolescents with homosexual experiences/Psikopatolojinin-psikoterapinin sinirlari ve escinsel deneyimi olan ergenler. Yildirim, Ejder Akgun; Hacioglu, Munevver Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2010 1380
A review of the community reinforcement approach in the treatment of opioid dependence. Abbott, Patrick J. Report Dec 1, 2009 5103
General semantics ... vast ... great in extent or range. Dawes, Milton Report Oct 1, 2009 6879
The efficacy of relaxation training in treating anxiety. Francesco, Pagnini; Mauro, Manzoni Gian; Gianluca, Castelnuovo; Enrico, Molinari Sep 22, 2009 2578
What is the best way to manage phantom limb pain? Black, Lance M.; Persons, Robert K.; Jamieson, Barbara Clinical report Mar 1, 2009 1132
Can counseling prevent or treat postpartum depression? Moss, Shannon B.; Pierce, Jessica; Montoya, Cathy C. Clinical report Mar 1, 2009 1300
Dr. Jacob Marshak: an innovative approach to addiction therapy. Caruso, Donna Interview Feb 1, 2009 3373
On Fighting PTSD with Ecstasy. Kiesling, Stephen Jan 1, 2009 397
Even keeled: a practical approach to living with someone with bipolar II disorder. Neal, Philip Sep 1, 2008 1524
Comprehensive treatment essential for vulvodynia. Boschert, Sherry Mar 1, 2008 720
IOM panel: few data exist to support PTSD therapies. Ault, Alicia Nov 1, 2007 850
Patient, fix thyself: no pills, no shrink's sofa, no whining. Cognitive behavioral therapy sheds long-winded wallowing in past pain--and may be better than Prozac--after only 25 sessions. Langreth, Robert Jul 1, 2007 3183
Moving behavioral science from efficacy to effectiveness. Hallfors, Denise; Cho, Hyunsan Jun 22, 2007 7343
New study: psychotherapy shows mixed survival effects in metastatic cancer. Jancin, Bruce Jan 15, 2007 354
Citalopram may ease depression in heart disease. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Jan 1, 2007 1159
'Sequential' approach to combo Tx can work: augmenting medication with psychotherapy 'ties in with the growing emphasis on remission.'. Sherman, Carl Aug 1, 2006 1024
Does psychotherapy help some students? An overview of psychotherapy outcome research. Whiston, Susan C. Jun 1, 2006 5239
Try integrated psychotherapy for complex issues. Evans, Jeff Feb 1, 2006 1024
Selecting patients for VNS. Rush, A. John Jan 1, 2006 738
Bipolar-specific psychosocial therapy reduces episodes. Oct 1, 2005 516
Hunting for good therapy. Atkinson, Roland Sep 1, 2005 1665
Beating dog phobias. London, Robert T. Sep 1, 2005 1408
Therapy specific to bipolar is useful adjunct to medication. Zoler, Mitchel L. Aug 1, 2005 528
Nondrug options may help ease depression: some types of psychotherapy are as effective as medication in treating pregnancy-related depression. Sherman, Carl May 15, 2005 542
Adjunctive psychotherapy benefits bipolar patients. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 1, 2004 740
Drug-free therapy postpones recurrent depression: childbearing years. Splete, Heidi Jun 1, 2004 591
Bipolar patients better understand value of medication, compliance with psychotherapy. Frieden, Joyce Jun 1, 2004 940
Psychotherapy may offer more benefits for PTSD. Sherman, Carl Jun 1, 2004 424
Psychotherapy often required to conquer obesity: behavior modification often insufficient. Mulcahy, Nicholas Feb 1, 2004 604
Mental health care needed for obese patients to lose weight: behavior modification insufficient. Mulcahy, Nicholas Dec 1, 2003 651
Neuro-somatic treatment for depression ... A preliminary report on a group treatment program. Sutherland, Christine Sep 22, 2001 2834
Treating Depressive Disorders. AREAN, PATRICIA A.; ALVIDREZ, JENNIFER Jun 1, 2001 184
Therapists Fight To Reverse PORT Recommendations. WORCESTER, SHARON Jun 1, 2001 553
Don't Overlook Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia. CHRISTENSEN, LYNNE Jun 1, 2001 497
FP Residents Use Psychotherapy to Help Homeless. PARKER, SUSAN G. Aug 15, 1999 900
Psychotherapy for Some Anxiety Sequelae of Leukemia. Stokes, Trevor May 1, 1999 2970
Using psychotherapy to deal with mental health problems in organizations. Davis, Tim R.V. Mar 1, 1991 8088
If you're over 65 and feeling depressed ... treatment brings new hope. Pamphlet Jan 1, 1990 1858
Depression. Sargent, Marilyn Pamphlet Jan 1, 1990 2870
A survey of providers of treatment to sex offenders in Virginia. Carr, Karen F. Jan 1, 1990 1365
Chronic pain. pamphlet Nov 1, 1989 7120
Therapy for posterity. Aug 24, 1985 190

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