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Is It Safe to Order Your Birth Control Online? Norton, Amy Sep 25, 2019 786
Research on Consumers' Attitudes in China about Using Online-to-Offline Mode for Purchasing Wooden Furniture. Lin, Meng; Wang, Zhaojun; Zhang, Zongli; Cao, Yukun Report Jun 22, 2019 8743
How to Use Tech to Address Africa's Hygiene Challenges: An aunt sitting in London could order a pack of sanitary pads for a niece in the remotest African village. What possibilities does technology present? Chimhandamba, Raymond Apr 1, 2019 1933
The connected pack: How social media is changing packaging design. Hewitt, Mark Mar 8, 2019 1708
Feeling overwhelmed? Take some strategic steps. Levans, Michael Feb 1, 2019 515
Robots at GEODIS: The global 3PL turned to mobile collaborative robots to rev up its e-commerce fulfillment operations. One measurable result: a 2x improvement in productivity. Trebilcock, Bob Feb 1, 2019 1601
THE RETAIL SUPPLY CHAIN HITS THE BRICKS (FOR CLICKS): In an era of shrinking bricks-and-mortar footprints, offline retailers can find a new use for their real estate by bringing e-commerce fulfillment to their retail stores. McCrea, Bridget Jan 1, 2019 1633
JLL: Urban infill warehouse, distribution space can fill last-mile gap: Report looks at closing the "last-mile gap" as a cost-effective and timely way for e-tailers and their delivery partners to meet same-day delivery commitments. Berman, Jeff Dec 1, 2018 540
On-demand warehousing prepares for takeoff: It's a simple concept. Warehouse space sized to a company's immediate needs and located close to the final customer. That combination is making on-demand warehousing a powerful alternative to long-term warehouse arrangements for companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startups. Forger, Gary Dec 1, 2018 1756
Calabrio's Suite Is the One for Radial: The e-commerce service provider improves its call center with Calabrio ONE. Britt, Phillip Nov 1, 2018 679
Insight into smart glasses: Providers of voice solutions see potential for smart glasses as multi-modal devices that can support a combination of voice, vision and scanning. Here's how smart glasses can be used in DCs as well as where augmented reality technology is headed. Michel, Roberto Nov 1, 2018 2258
2018 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey: LABOR CRUNCH DRIVING AUTOMATION: The combined forces of a strong economy, e-commerce growth and a tight labor market are making it more important for distribution center operations to find ways to make their existing infrastructure and people more productive. Software and automation continue to prove to be a vital part of the solution. Michel, Roberto Nov 1, 2018 3273
EU lawmaker aims to curb online marketplaces' use of merchant data, Reuters says. Oct 12, 2018 239
RETAILERS FLEX TO MEET EXPECTATIONS: To address e-commerce and omni-channel challenges, many retailers are turning to automation, software and mobile computing solutions to find balance in their distribution channels. Specter, Sara Pearson Oct 1, 2018 1512
Online B2B sales As consumer habits change, B2B sales process evolves. Barstow, Thomas A. Aug 10, 2018 396
Few Amazon Alexa Owners Use It For Shopping. Aug 8, 2018 406
Design and Implementation of E-Commerce Platform Based on Android. Shen, Jie; Sun, Guiling; Li, Yangyang Report Aug 1, 2018 2548
Oman sees growth in use of National ePayment Gateway. Jul 24, 2018 132
Can your current package navigate the e-commerce supply chain? Jun 6, 2018 979
Can manufacturing adapt to hyper-connected consumers? Apr 6, 2018 2962
Iranians Use Bitcoin For E-Commerce Despite Stigma. Dec 19, 2017 1705
2017 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey: In the thick of e-commerce adjustments: As e-commerce fulfillment pressure continues to climb, our annual survey points to the many changes taking hold--from more investment in automated approaches to piece picking, more use of robotics, increased interest in throughput metrics and general process improvement. Michel, Roberto Editorial Nov 1, 2017 2098
2017 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey: In the thick of e-commerce adjustments: As e-commerce fulfillment pressure continues to climb, our annual survey points to the many changes taking hold--from more investment in automated approaches to piece picking, more use of robotics, increased interest in throughput metrics and general process improvement. Michel, Roberto Nov 1, 2017 3433
2017 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey: In the thick of e-commerce Adjustments: As e-commerce fulfillment pressure continues to climb, our annual survey points to the many changes taking hold--from more investment in automated approaches to piece picking, more use of robotics, increased interest in throughput metrics and general process improvement. Michel, Roberto Nov 1, 2017 3414
Droning on: E-commerce Takes to the Skies. Grace, Robert Brief article Oct 1, 2017 258
Retailers use 3PLs to chase Amazon: 3PLs tackle e-fulfillment challenges with service and market specialization as well as investments in flexible automation. Specter, Sara Pearson Oct 1, 2017 1356
E-commerce for ecosystems: Using technology to reduce mankind's carbon footprint is a win-win for the environment. Molinari, Alvaro Cedeno Oct 1, 2017 1128
Travel tech startup TRAVELSPICE expands use of Microsoft Azure. Aug 17, 2017 429
The role of software agents in e-commerce: present and future challenges. Grigore, Manuela Report Jun 1, 2017 3605
Surge in smartphone usage likely during Ramadan. May 4, 2017 327
The evolving DC tech stack: with the growth of e-commerce, the technology stack for distribution centers is expanding. We explore why WES/WCS software is gaining prominence and share how operations are expanding their use of data science. Michel, Roberto Apr 1, 2017 2002
United States : SciQuest Wins NC Tech Award for Use of Technology in E-Commerce. Nov 12, 2016 173
Smartphone usage in Pakistan continues to grow. Oct 31, 2016 658
Smartphone usage in Pakistan continues to grow. Oct 31, 2016 658
Smartphone usage in Pakistan continues to grow. Oct 28, 2016 658
Lessons Learned, Challenges Ahead. Karolefski, John Oct 1, 2016 2352
Credit Agricole resumes use of prepaid, credit cards for online purchases. Sep 11, 2016 233
Form cardboard boxes to custom packaging dimensions with automated machine. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 106
India : Finance Secretary (FS) inaugurates the Training Program on Government E-Marketplace (GeM) for Government Users; FS: Training will enable the Government Procurement Officers to make best use of new technologies to procure goods and services in a mo. Aug 23, 2016 469
Germany : Intershop uses Microsoft Azure for an innovative cloud-based e-commerce offering. Aug 19, 2016 351
Research on the E-business enterprise employee occupation commitment and career happiness based on network survey. Lv, Shuliang; Duan, Tiange; Du, Lanying Jul 1, 2016 5085
Overhead handling: Heads up for productivity: new trends in overhead handling maximize the building cube product handling flexibility. Specter, Sara Pearson May 1, 2016 1537
United States : American Express and Newegg Hatch a Seamless Way to Use Membership Rewards Points for Purchases on Apr 15, 2016 373
Exploration of e-commerce platform development based on web usage mining. Qiuyu, Pan Mar 30, 2016 4436
6 Best practices for better inventory management: distribution centers are dealing with more inventory and more SKUs than ever, and the need to fill orders for multiple channels is making inventory management more important and complex. Michel, Roberto Feb 1, 2016 2183
The Uber-all economy of the future. Smith, J. Walker Report Jan 1, 2016 3276
Maximizing interoperability in e-commerce: technology and software are becoming more significant to e-commerce packaging operations. Specter, Sara Pearson Jan 1, 2016 366
Retail and e-commeracne opertations chase accuracy and flexibility. McCrea, Bridget Jan 1, 2016 1601
How are businesses really using your data? asks CBI chief; Sarah Glendinning says companies' advances in the use of data could also improve public services. Oct 5, 2015 523
Hybrid recommendation approach with utility factor in MovieLens. Buvaneswari, N.; Bose, S.; Kiruthiga, A. Jul 15, 2015 2445
The determinants of intention to use electronic booking among young users in Thailand. Bhatiasevi, Veera; Yoopetch, Chanin Report Jun 1, 2015 10665
Ample opportunities in digital space explored. Apr 20, 2015 390
Online superselling: what small businesses need to know for e-commerce success today. Hopkinson, Jim Feb 1, 2015 1908
An online shopping behavior model integrating personality traits, perceived risk, and technology acceptance. Wu, Wann-Yih; Ke, Ching-Ching Report Jan 1, 2015 5167
Factors influencing the use of electronic government services in Brazil/Fatores que influenciam o uso de servicos de governo eletronico no Brasil/Factores que influencian el uso de servicios de gobierno electronico en Brasil. de Araujo, Marcelo Henrique; Reinhard, Nicolau Jan 1, 2015 4937
United States : Digital River Webinar Explores the Use of Private Stores as a Revenue Generating Ecommerce Channel. Aug 13, 2014 282
United States : UPS Study Reveals Broad Use of E-Commerce for Industrial Purchases. May 2, 2014 422
More Precise: Stores Recommendation under O2O Commerce. Hsieh, Hui-Ching; Chen, Yen-Chiu; Lin, He-Chih May 1, 2014 3500
Stores to go digital. Feb 10, 2014 452
The affecting factors in e-shopping intention electronic ticket in the airlines. Ahmadian, Saeed; Haghtalab, Hamed; Danaee, Hasan Report Feb 1, 2014 2086
Latin American Nations Increase Usage of Bank Card and Mobile Payment in Online Commerce. Dec 11, 2013 483
Does e-commerce help agricultural markets? The case of MarketMaker. Carpio, Carlos E.; Isengildina-Massa, Olga; Lamie, R. David; Zapata, Samuel D. Oct 1, 2013 4151
E-commerce and beyond opportunities for developing country SMEs. Hussain, Atiya Oct 1, 2013 1285
Packaging and automation: sealing the deal: with the growing complexity of e-commerce orders, packaging methodologies prove critical to the speed of fulfillment. Bond, Josh Sep 1, 2013 2356
Exploring and Evaluating E-Business Models: A Preliminary Study of a Community-Based Website. Yen, Minnie; Drinka, Dennis; Kanamori, Yoshito Author abstract Aug 1, 2013 6206
Study on Global B2C E-Commerce Trends Sees More Personalization and Increased Use of Mobile Devices. Apr 19, 2013 824
Retail: inside the multi-channel DC: four approaches to multi-channel distribution show how the same tried and trusted technology can enable efficient store replenishment while keeping e-commerce customers happy. Bond, Josh Oct 1, 2012 2178
Australia : Business assisted to embrace new technologies. Brief article Aug 14, 2012 198
Virtual communities in modern business organisations: the challenge of proliferation and convergence. Usoro, Abel May 1, 2012 2288
InstanteStore Rides Mobile Commerce Wave, Anticipates Growth Explosion. Apr 7, 2012 333
High Internet Usage Coupled with Rising Disposable Income Stimulates E-Commerce in India. Mar 15, 2012 639
Antropy Consulting Chooses OpenCart to Build Ecommerce Websites. Jan 17, 2012 349
Online organization gets in sync. Dec 19, 2011 409
Internet Use and B2C E-Commerce Well Established in South Korea. Dec 15, 2011 354
2011 POS and computer systems buyers' guide. Company overview Sep 1, 2011 2761
2011 pos and computer system buyer's guide. Buyers guide Sep 1, 2011 2822
The art of selling art: making money by being creative just got a whole lot easier. Jul 1, 2011 368
Are consumers following retailers to social networks? Kunz, Michelle B.; Hackworth, Brittany A. Jul 1, 2011 9151
Case studies of cybercrime and their impact on marketing activity and shareholder value. Smith, Katherine T.; Smith, L. Murphy; Smith, Jacob L. Jul 1, 2011 5383
Top Five Ecommerce Solutions. May 26, 2011 1566
'Social commerce' begins to redefine online shopping. Brief article Mar 14, 2011 118
Changing the channel: agents and carriers need to embrace the new technology of selling and distributing insurance products. Petersmark, Frank Feb 1, 2011 1437
What influences online shopping of individuals from European countries? Kujundzic, Tino; Jadric, Mario; Cukusic, Maja Jan 1, 2011 2131
E-commerce bearing fruit for Arkansas. Bell, Robert Oct 11, 2010 1645
2010 POS and computer systems buyers' guide. Buyers guide Sep 1, 2010 2797
YubiKey Used for Strong Authentication and Highest Level of PCI Compliance for ShopVisible E-Commerce Solutions. Jul 23, 2010 443
Bokus deploys Apptus e-Sales suite. Brief article Jul 5, 2010 111
Bokus deploys Apptus e-Sales suite. Brief article Jul 5, 2010 131
Do competitive priorities drive adoption of electronic commerce applications? Testing the contingency and institutional views. Huang, Xiaowen; Gattiker, Thomas F.; Schroeder, Roger G. Jul 1, 2010 8185
Worldwide e-Commerce on the Rise Despite Crisis Finds GmbH & Co. KG. Apr 29, 2010 816
The enabling role of e-business technologies in strategic operations management. Gupta, Mahesh Technical report Apr 1, 2010 5303
An e-logistics system for sea-freight forwarding. Wong, T.N.; Chow, P.S.; Sculli, D. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 5652
Beauty 360 embraces e-commerce. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 190
E-stakeholders: una aplicacion de la teoria de los stakeholder a los negocios electronicos. Gonzalez Campo, Carlos Hernan Report Jan 1, 2010 6963
Factors affecting the adoption of e-commerce: a study of the textile industry in Wujin, China. Chong, Alain Yee Loong; Ooi, Keng Boon; Tak, Yew King; ShuYang, Zhu Dec 1, 2009 5797
Tips on using web to target clients; TECHNOLOGY: Conference focuses on valuable e-business tools. Conference news Aug 19, 2009 372
The Five "Cs" that can drive buyer power: are you using technology to drive purchasing programs? How effective is your vendor program? Are you working hand in hand with your vendor to make them a part of your system? "Commerce, Community, Communication, Compliance and Compensation" are the Five "Cs" that should be a part of every franchisor's vendor program. James, Doyle Aug 1, 2009 1369
Development and analysis of a supply chain strategy taxonomy. Mckone-Sweet, Kathleen; Lee, Yoo-Taek Report Jul 1, 2009 13871
Performance of database driven network applications from the user perspective. Tang, Shanyu; YongFeng, Huang; Yip, Yau Jim Jun 1, 2009 6430
E-business can be recession-buster; BRIEFING: Free places for firms wanting to learn how to use technology. May 11, 2009 325
Partners tap into e-commerce capabilities. Apr 20, 2009 333
Online operations have 'barely scratched the surface'. (Walgreens: E-Commerce)). Dec 8, 2008 503
Strategic use of e-commerce in the transformation of the publishing industry. Gordon, Linda C.; Kung, David S.; Dyck, Harold Report Dec 1, 2008 5923
Driving factors for e-commerce: Gulf region review. Al-Rawi, Khalid; Sabry, Khaled; Al-Nakeeb, Ahmed Jul 1, 2008 5407
Web search is heading for a Cambrian event. Germaise, Scott Jun 1, 2008 1003
E-commerce calls, but no one's home: the life industry should harness technology to save money and improve efficiency. MacDonald, Robert W. Jun 1, 2008 512
Maximizing eSourcing through a center of excellence: looking to enhance the value you are getting from your eSourcing or eProcurement tools? Creation of a Center of excellence may be the answer. Hocham, Marc; Dorf, Suzanne Mar 1, 2008 828
Meijer Sets New Platform for E-Commerce Distribution. Brief article Feb 13, 2008 157
Structure-infrastructure alignment: the relationship between TQM orientation and the adoption of supplier-facing electronic commerce among manufacturers. Huang, Xiaowen; Gattiker, Thomas F.; Schroeder, Roger G. Jan 1, 2008 9295
Veteran tackles online market. Jan 1, 2008 679
Is open source really free of charge? Vujicic Tomic, Brankica; Pogarcic, Ivan; Nizic, Berislav Report Jan 1, 2008 1992
TietoEnator Corporation to supply e-invoice solution to Nordea Sweden. Brief article Sep 24, 2007 145
Evaluating prospective e-providers: an empirical study. Das, Ajay; Buddress, Lee Sep 22, 2007 8863
Getting Serious about the Virtual Worlds revolution; E-BUSINESS. Sep 11, 2007 674
Most insurance hunters use web; E-BUSINESS. Sep 4, 2007 218
Asiana Airlines selects GXS Enterprise Gateway. Brief article Aug 22, 2007 235
Asiana Airlines selects GXS Enterprise Gateway. Brief article Aug 22, 2007 226
Sterling Commerce's GIS solution selected by PSCU Financial Services. Brief article Aug 21, 2007 137
E-commerce for successful franchisors: e-commerce may be an excellent source of revenue for franchise systems; however, it has a number of potential problems that franchise companies must avoid. Rogers, John; Bennett, Chris; Grewal, Sony Aug 1, 2007 1035
Eurostop supplies e-commerce solution to Question Air and Brief article Jul 20, 2007 219
Push is on for floral ID standards. Jun 1, 2007 411
An integrated model of the adoption and extent of e-commerce in firms. Vilaseca-Requena, Jordi; Torrent-Sellens, Joan; Meseguer-Artola, Antoni; Rodriguez-Ardura, Inma May 1, 2007 9605
Handango to use ATG's e-commerce suite for smartphone users. Brief article Apr 16, 2007 177
Digital River Inc forms e-commerce agreement with Skype. Brief article Apr 2, 2007 145
Mobile use poses risk for companies; E-BUSINESS. Mar 6, 2007 265
Debunking eMortgage myths: the full adoption of eMortgages is inevitable. Current myths about the obstacles to that adoption won't make the outcome otherwise. Dubinsky, Andrew M. Cover story Mar 1, 2007 3800
Designing new ways for selling airline tickets. Vukmirovic, Mladenka; Szymczak, Michal; Gawinecki, Maciej; Ganzha, Maria; Paprzycki, Marcin Mar 1, 2007 7565
PetMed Express uses ATG Commerce to relaunch its online store. Brief article Feb 27, 2007 117
Vcommerce develops online store for BJ's Wholesale Club. Brief article Jan 31, 2007 123
PacificNet chosen by Sony Corporation to develop e-commerce solutions. Brief article Jan 12, 2007 177
Online retailer reaps results. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 188
E-commerce disruptive innovations in charity and non-profit fund raising. Lee, Chung-Shing; Berniker, Eli; Van Wyhe, Glenn; Johnson, Kenneth J. Jan 1, 2007 6848
Freeway Commerce provides Spectrum 3 EDI to Moto. Brief article Dec 8, 2006 197 launches e-commerce platform for Mothercare Plc. Brief article Dec 6, 2006 139 launches e-commerce platform for Mothercare Plc. Brief article Dec 6, 2006 151
Selling valves online eases commercial pains. Douglas, David Dec 1, 2006 997
E-retailing continues to expand boundaries. Column Oct 2, 2006 320
Freeway Commerce supplies Spectrum 3 to Windrush Frozen Foods. Brief article Aug 24, 2006 131
Freeway Commerce supplies managed EDI services for Sodexho. Brief article Aug 11, 2006 148
E-grocery's reality check: online food retailing is all grown up. Now the best of its pioneers are raising the bar for the next generation. McTaggart, Jenny Cover story Aug 1, 2006 3808
The multichannel revolution: how retailers are leveraging service-oriented architecture (SOA) to transform their businesses. Carter, Sandy Aug 1, 2006 1483
Doing business in the DR. Aug 1, 2006 7511
Tech advancements alter re's Grand Canyon techscape. Troutman, Mark Jul 24, 2006 828
Cabo Verde Airlines selects SITA's e-ticketing solution. Brief article Jul 5, 2006 147 selects speed-trap's e-business solution. Brief article Jun 7, 2006 186
WebSideStory introduces Search 4.0. Jun 1, 2006 522
A logistician's primer on GCSS-Army (PLM+). Coker, David W.; Hallinan, J. Gary May 1, 2006 2089
Christmas season successful for online retailers - report. Brief Article Jan 4, 2006 191
Anda deploys system to cut out paperwork. Brief Article Dec 19, 2005 208
Sirenic offers substitute for out of office function. Brief Article Dec 14, 2005 227
2006: the year the online retail mortgage makes the big leagues? Newman, William A. Dec 1, 2005 1282
Click and eat. Cooke, Julia Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 276
Online Christmas 'Readiness Guide' launched by Royal Mail. Oct 26, 2005 158
Doing business on the Internet. Oct 1, 2005 1560
Ecommerce's new dawn. Jul 10, 2005 1940
NEWS BRIEFS. Mar 7, 2005 389
Electronic document distribution saves time. Oppenheim, Richard K. Jan 1, 2005 681
As part of its push for electronic commerce, GSA. Brief Article Dec 3, 2004 160
e-Commerce is buzzword for GSA schedules. Nov 19, 2004 579
Rx for growing pains: clean data, consolidation and an e-commerce solution streamline the purchasing process at a Chicago healthcare network. Oct 1, 2004 1434
Geeks: train and handle with care! Tschohl, John Sep 22, 2004 793
Only 3% of SMEs take advantage of ecommerce - report. Brief Article Sep 8, 2004 115
The effect of website and e-commerce adoption on the relationship between SMEs and their export intermediaries. Houghton, Kathryn A.; Winklhofer, Heidi Aug 1, 2004 8335
DON eBusiness Operations Office-sponsored pilot is a grand prize winner. May 1, 2004 410
Taxes, competition, and the information economy. Goolsbee, Austan Mar 22, 2004 2108
Effects of organizational scheme and labeling on task performance in product-centered and user-centered retail web sites. Resnick, Marc L.; Sanchez, Julian Mar 22, 2004 7588
Can Internet sales be taxed? Sparks, C. Ryan; McCoskey, Melanie G.; Alvis John M. Mar 22, 2004 9583
E-commerce: make your presence known: it's expensive to have a Web site, but today's business shouldn't be without one. Colby, Kent L. Mar 1, 2004 1975
Driving auto accident costs down: how Philadelphia reduced auto accident reporting costs by using the information highway. Coghlan, Thomas; vonMechow, Tod Jan 1, 2004 2519
Evaluating the impact of electronic business systems: lessons learned from three cases at the defense logistics agency. Morell, Jonathan A. Jan 1, 2004 6469
A two-step estimation of consumer adoption of technology-based service innovations. Lee, Eun-Ju; Lee, Jinkook; Eastwood, David Dec 22, 2003 10128
E-commerce: do you really need it? What can it do for your business? Bisard, Mark Dec 1, 2003 693
Few Finns shop for groceries online. Brief Article Nov 4, 2003 144
Report: use of Internet to purchase direct materials surpassed indirect materials. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 263
Will the e-mortgage ever arrive? Anderman, Sig Oct 1, 2003 2822
Digital evolution: a new venture brings builders, suppliers, and option management together on the Web. Leibowitz, Wendy Aug 1, 2003 2302
Putting "e" to work: whether it is in processes, products or markets, exporters who do not keep up with technological innovations in their field may fall behind. A solid investment strategy in "e", however, can help SMEs enter new markets and overcome or sidestep many traditional obstacles they face while competing internationally. Badrinath, R. Jul 1, 2003 1129
Helping small firms put the "e" in trade: national strategies need to concentrate on real e-issues facing small firms, so that they can benefit from information and communications technologies. Peters, Teresa Jul 1, 2003 1060
Straight talk: builders who use the Internet to run e-commerce transactions with suppliers and subcontractors report tangible benefits--but their numbers are few overall. Zurier, Steve Jun 1, 2003 1185
Latin American E-commerce lacks infraestructure. Brief Article May 1, 2003 256
Toward a total federal e-acquisition solution: why GSA's Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) is an important, yet separate component of agency e-acquisition systems. Zapfel, Gene; McLaren, Colin; Sharma, Rajesh Apr 1, 2003 2337
E-commerce = efficiency and economy for army recruiters: e-commerce saves recruiters over 400 hours per month, boosts service. Clapper, Dave Mar 22, 2003 1486
E-commerce gets real: online relationships between builders and suppliers are finally catching up with the rest of the world. Here's how it's working for one company. Wardell, Charles Mar 1, 2003 1400
More firms are designing, maintaining Web sites. (List Overview). Leonard, Martha Jan 20, 2003 626
Internet for business: does having a presence on the World Wide Web rally benefit your company? Colby, Kent L. Jan 1, 2003 1619
Dot-com funeral? Not for two Indiana businesses. (Opener). Dec 1, 2002 462
e-Commerce. Nov 1, 2002 640
ForestExpress touts transaction volume. (Scrap Industry News). Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 203
UK Government examines the impact of e-commerce on the packaging industry. Brief Article Oct 9, 2002 168
As credit department goes electronic, consider e-mail policy. (Legal Corner). Blakeley, Scott Oct 1, 2002 815
Managing receivables in the digital economy. Lambert, Pete Oct 1, 2002 5178
Using corporate websites for export marketing. Dou, Wenyu; Nielsen, Ulrik Ollie; Tan, Chee Ming Sep 1, 2002 7474
Royalty reporting and payment collection made easy: is it fast and easy for franchisees to make royalty payments? Do they have payment options? Is receipt of royalty payments timely and accurate? (Management & Operations). Testa, Lynne Sep 1, 2002 1876
European online B2B trade set to rise claims Forrester survey. Brief Article Aug 27, 2002 160
IDC report examines Western European utilities and their e-business plans. Brief Article Aug 2, 2002 150
E-Com: changing the process; using new technology to simply mirror the existing manual system is not enough. Instead, companies should view IT as an opportunity to dramatically improve their core business processes. Price, Matt Aug 1, 2002 2484
DOD issues proposed rule regarding electronic submission and processing of claims for contract payments. (Regulation). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 253
UK Government observes the technology gap between small and large businesses. Brief Article Jul 30, 2002 126
UK Government observes the technology gap between small and large businesses. Brief Article Jul 30, 2002 111
Economist Intelligence Unit ranks countries for their 'e-readiness'. Brief Article Jul 25, 2002 108
Online spending in the US up over last year claims comScore Media Metrix. Brief Article Jul 22, 2002 102
E-commerce in the federal marketplace. Lee, Mark Industry Overview Jun 1, 2002 1964
An exploratory study of Internet adoption by primary wood products manufacturers in the western United States. (Management). Vlosky, Richard P.; Westbrook, Tom; Poku, Kofi Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2002 5007
IDC issues predictions for European e-commerce. Brief Article May 8, 2002 117
Going places: Carl Gibeily reports from Lebanon on the latest developments in the online travel business. (Business & Finance). Gibeily, Carl Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 1513
E-marketplace evolution. Apr 10, 2002 1498
Collaborative buying. Apr 10, 2002 1363
Building blocks. Apr 10, 2002 2147
Lincoln National Corp. (Technology). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 104
Getting your money's worth on-ling? (Editorial). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 289
Charge it! Hoping to coax more teens into buying online, marketers offer teens their own brand of plastic. (National). Tedeschi, Bob Mar 25, 2002 1154
Strategy Analytics report recommends e-business strategies for the US petroleum industry. Brief Article Mar 8, 2002 115
B2B bright spot: The big exchanges forecast growth and good times. Distrust between retailers and suppliers remains an obstacle, however. (Executive Report: Technology). Weir, Tom Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 1258
Top 20 reasons to consider e-commerce. Newton, Craig Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 1060
A powerful tool: Examples of enhanced, streamlined operations through e-commerce. (E-Business). Kronemyer, Bob Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 863
E-tailing of Services: An Indian Scenario. (Research Note). Bhattachryya, S.K. Jan 1, 2002 4365
Capitalizing on the promise of e-business: talking about the market advantages of e-business is easy. Realizing those advantages is another thing entirely. True, the e-business game can be tough. But you can't afford to sit meekly on the sidelines and let someone else set your agenda for you. These guidelines will help you confidently enter the B2B fray with a winning game plan in hand. (Technology). Cullen, Kathryn Jan 1, 2002 4665
Boon or bane? Impact of the digital age on small business exporting. Elango, B.; Donald Jones, J. Jan 1, 2002 5451
Entrepreneurial leadership styles: what works and what doesn't. von Bergen, C.W.; Soper, Barlow Jan 1, 2002 4825
The global net-enhanced organization. Cheek, Ronald G.; Sale, Martha Lair; Hatfield, Robert Jan 1, 2002 5218
Study shows business are slow to embrace e-commerce: get more from your computer than e-mail and a website. (Facts & Figures). Williams-Harold, Bevolyn Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 275
Learn new ways to work the Web: the Internet has not, as some predicted, done away with traditional commerce. Instead, it has evolved into a versatile communication tool that puts a business at its customers' fingertips. Bisoux, Tricia Nov 1, 2001 2004
Exporting Tech from Texas. Walker, Bianca; Luff, David Aug 1, 2001 2205
Fast Tracking. Vangen, Clara M.W. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 638
New additions. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 108
Only 17% UK Web Sites Transactional. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 175
DOD, GSA, and NASA Issue Interim Rule Regarding Designation of a Single Point of Universal Electronic Access to Governmentwide Procurement. Dees, C. Stanley Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 219
MPF GUIDELINES AVAILABLE ONLINE. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 120
Cracking the Code. Newman, William Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 1208
E-billing Surfaces in Rural Towns, Despite Low Demand. Denes, Shary Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 2015
Is E-Commerce Still Alive and Kicking? Marcovitz, Marshall Jul 1, 2001 2016
POINT, CLICK, BUY! Hoban, Sandra Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 1014
Web-Based Informational Practices of Logistics Service Providers: An Empirical Assessment. LYNAGH, PETER M.; MURPHY, PAUL R.; POIST, RICHARD F.; GRAZER, WILLIAM F. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 6084
German buyers beat UK on-line. Brief Article May 1, 2001 387
Andrea Bowers. Brief Article May 1, 2001 897
B2B e-Commerce Opportunities. Chopra, Sunil; Dougan, Darren; Taylor, Gareth May 1, 2001 4975
No Strings Attached. Bisker, James H. May 1, 2001 1881
New Web Site Gives Boost to Electronic Prescribing. SILVERMAN, JENNIFER Brief Article Apr 15, 2001 473
How Important Is the Internet to Your Business? METZ, JERRY Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 406
Army Reverse Auctions: An E-Commerce Acquisition Tool. ELGART, EDWARD G. Mar 22, 2001 2851
The Promise of E-commerce to Defense: The Road Ahead (to Savings!). BROWER, J. MICHAEL Mar 22, 2001 1153
FREDDIE MAC TO REWARD TOP BROKERS. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 160
E-Commerce - UK needs help. (E-Commerce News). Mar 1, 2001 279
British engineers fail to grasp ebusiness opportunities. (E-Commerce News). Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 142
Small Businesses See Future in Internet Economy. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 373
Capitalizing on Change. Breading, Mark A. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 754
Kowabunga, Kawasaki. Kelly, Sean Mar 1, 2001 240
`E-Business a New Collaboration'. Brief Article Feb 19, 2001 149
Better Buying Online. Feb 1, 2001 642
On top of on-line. Wellings, Paul Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 904
As I do each January, here is my list of the top happenings in IT during the previous year. NORRIS, DONALD F. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 926
Distribution and the supply chain. Keough, Jack Industry Overview Jan 1, 2001 1034
The Engines Driving Intelligent Trading Networks. Minahan, Tim A. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 3877
Internet marketing can boost your profits. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 112
Putting the Internet to Work. REDMOND, JIMMY Dec 1, 2000 1552
Web-Enabling the CMBS World. BERGSMAN, STEVE Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 3558
Bricks-and-Clicks Firms Gain Momentum. Karris, Nick Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 1314
Business-to-Business E-Commerce: Streamlining Foundry Purchasing. Mason, Christine Nov 1, 2000 3183
Paperless LCs. Clements, David Nov 1, 2000 1484
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