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Promoting Professional Vision of Classroom Management Through Different Analytic Perspective in Video-Based Learning Environments. Gold, Bernadette; Pfirrmann, Christina; Holodynski, Manfred Report Sep 1, 2021 12211
The 'doubleness' of transition: Investigating classroom talk practices in literacy lessons at the end of primary school and the beginning of secondary school. Garoni, Stephanie; Edwards-Groves, Christine; Davidson, Christina Report Jun 1, 2021 8538
Snowflake Selfies: Research by Students with Smartphones. Sep 1, 2020 1801
Teachers' self-reported L1 and L2 use and self-assessed L2 proficiency in primary EFL education. Wilden, Eva; Porsch, Raphaela Sep 1, 2020 9161
Debates about Educational Issues: A Pedagogical Strategy to Explore Argumentative Skills in the EFL Classroom /Debates acerca de aspectos educativos: una estrategia pedagogica para explorar las habilidades argumentativas en el salon de ingles como lengua extranjera. Duarte Infante, Ángela Vanesa; Fonseca Velandia, Sandra Milena; Ramos Holguín, Bertha Report Jan 1, 2020 7002
Emotions Attributions of ELT Pre-Service Teachers and Their Effects on Teaching Practice/Atribuciones de las emociones de los profesores de ingles en formacion y sus efectos en el desarrollo profesional. Lopez, Mariza G. Mendez Jan 1, 2020 7841
Building a Classroom Community That Supports Students' Social/Moral Development. Watson, Marilyn; Daly, Lana; Smith, Grinell; Rabin, Colette Sep 22, 2019 9637
INVESTIGATING INTENTIONALITY AND MINDFULNESS OF STORYTELLING AS PEDAGOGY: What Student Evaluations Reveal About My Practice. McDonald, Denise Jan 1, 2019 5064
Teacher's Use of Classroom Management Strategies for Enhancing Student Learning at the Secondary School Level in District Kohat. Muhammad Nisar, Niaz Muhammad Aajiz and Iqbal Amin Khan Dec 31, 2018 6143
Blog-Mediated Reflection for Professional Development: Exploring Themes and Criticality of L2 Teachers' Reflective Practice. Tajeddin, Zia; Aghababazadeh, Yasaman Report Sep 22, 2018 9565
Inspiring music teachers: A study of what is important in practice. Robinson, Jennifer Report Jan 1, 2018 4428
Social Learning Analytics in Higher Education. An experience at the Primary Education stage. Diaz-Lazaro, Jose Javier; Fernandez, Isabel M. Solano; del Mar Sanchez Vera, Maria Jul 1, 2017 4870
Exploring Relationships between Personal Variables, Programmatic Variables, and Self-Efficacy in School-Based Agricultural Education. McKim, Aaron J.; Velez, Jonathan J.; Clement, Haley Q. Report Apr 1, 2017 6453
Four tools for bilingual classroom learning. Feb 1, 2015 288
Five-year-olds doing science and technology: how teachers shape the conversation. Thwaite, Anne; McKay, Graham Report Feb 1, 2013 5915
Reading Edge. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jun 1, 2012 388
How to Motivate Your Students. Girmus, Ronald L. Report May 27, 2012 282
Unique classroom. Brous, Miriam T. Apr 1, 2012 686
Energizing the elementary Physical Education teacher preparation program through integration. Kanary, Donna M. Mar 22, 2012 1194
An International Teacher Training Project: Integrating Subject Content, Communicative and Digital Competences in Didactic Materials. Sierra, Lina; Martin, Piedad Report Feb 1, 2012 216
The Class-Wide Good Behavior Board Game. Cipani, Ennio Report Aug 1, 2010 240
A review of timeout ribbons. Kostewicz, Douglas E. Report Mar 22, 2010 4273
An integration of "backwards planning" unit design with the "two-step" lesson planning framework. Jones, Karrie A.; Vermette, Paul J.; Jones, Jennifer L. Dec 22, 2009 1725
The jigsaw classroom. Reese, Susan Apr 1, 2009 1343
When the ship sails adrift: school has just started and you're already on your way to the island of chaos. How can you get your classroom management back on track? Flannery, Mary Ellen Sep 1, 2008 1072
Chapter 1: Philosophy and scope of school-based agricultural education. Jan 1, 2008 8757
Improving Mathematics Skills Using Differentiated Instruction with Primary and High School Students. Ellis, Daniel K.; Ellis, Kerry A.; Huemann, Linda J.; Stolarik, Elizabeth A. Author abstract Jun 1, 2007 642
A day of tasteful art. McCann, Lauren May 1, 2007 1238
Three-dimensional art. Greenman, Geri May 1, 2007 873
Making the most of chance: Monica Baker and Helen Chick reveal the potential of a basic spinner game to prompt consideration of important concepts of chance, when developed further by the teacher. Baker, Monica; Chick, Helen Mar 22, 2007 2502
Mathematical research using real data in the R-7 classroom: Naomi Darby takes an innovative approach to representing real data in the classroom. Darby, Naomi Mar 22, 2007 1931
Warm ups--they're not just for gym. Feb 1, 2007 755
Preventing disruptive behavior in the urban classroom: effects of the Good Behavior Game on student and teacher behavior. Lannie, Amanda L.; McCurdy, Barry L. Feb 1, 2007 4748
The 'power' of a student information system: neither distance nor war was any match for technology in one mother's effort to help turn around her son's sliding math performance. Bazemore, Corey Dec 1, 2006 743
Extracurricular: for technologists who do their homework. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 198
It's there: talk about it: race and poverty don't need to be the elephants in the classroom. As culturally responsive teaching takes root, these issues can actually help your students learn. Kopkowski, Cynthia Nov 1, 2006 3553
Developing a fitness to teach policy to address retention issues in teacher education. Desjean-Perrotta, Blanche Sep 22, 2006 4208
Implementing computer technologies: teachers' perceptions and practices. Abrami, Philip C. Mar 22, 2006 11460
Using activities to teach economics: lessons from the experimentalists. Brock, John R.; Lopus, Jane S. Mar 22, 2006 3150
Buried treasure. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 154
Training day: with the right technology on board, teachers can learn just about anything. Vogel, Carl Jan 1, 2006 2075
Classroom use of the art print. Dec 1, 2005 915
Little fingers weaving big projects. Bogart, Beth; Stiles, Lorrie; White, Jan; Hiller, Peter Dec 1, 2005 1020
Classroom discipline. Stephens, Pam Dec 1, 2005 511
Classroom use of the art print. Nov 1, 2005 909
Linoleum leaf prints. Skophammer, Karen Nov 1, 2005 702
Photograms with X-rays: X-cellent! Guhin, Paula Nov 1, 2005 591
Knights in shining armor. Curio, Michele Nov 1, 2005 929
Projecting through perspective. Greenman, Geri Nov 1, 2005 1405
After the hurricane. McCabe, Suzanne Cover Story Oct 3, 2005 2197
What if America had lost the revolution? Did you ever wonder what your life would be like if the United States were led by a king or queen? Wilmore, Kathy Oct 3, 2005 1546
Draw a word. Grant, Nancy Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 114
Express yourself: using color schemes, cameras, and computers. Lott, Debra Sep 1, 2005 601
Patterns of guidance in inquiry learning. Hakkarainen, Kai Jun 22, 2005 6446
Western lit. Sprague, Jim; Perry, Marjorie Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 118
Classroom idea-sparkers. Kieff, Judith Dec 22, 2004 2046
TECHNOLOGY: Empowering Technology for Teacher Education. Van Horn, Royal May 1, 2004 1555
A classroom experiment on the benefit of auditing in financial markets. Boylan, Scott J. May 1, 2004 9935
Embrace the back row: the start of the school year is a time to reflect on our past practice and relationships with students. Stager, Gary Sep 1, 2003 726

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