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Effect of environmental enrichment for piglets in the nursery phase. Padilha-Boaretto, Joselaine Bortolanza; Groff-Urayama, Priscila Michelin; Einsfeld, Suelen Maria; de Report Jan 1, 2021 4688
Using animals on I'm A Celebrity 'is wrong' SAYS RSPCA AS IT RAISES CONCERNS WITH ITV. STEVE BAGNALL Daily Post Reporter Nov 17, 2020 466
Strict penalties for use of animals for entertainment shows in Oman. By: Times News Service Nov 8, 2020 253
Mandatory fireworks training course among potential measures to combat anti-social firework usage; A report from a group of experts including police, fire and animal welfare representatives has suggested a range of new measures to combat anti-social use of fireworks in Scotland. Conor Matchett Nov 3, 2020 402
Validation of an Alternative Feather Sampling Method to Measure Corticosterone. Voit, Marielu; Merle, Roswitha; Baumgartner, Katrin; von Fersen, Lorenzo; Reese, Lukas; Ladwig-Wiega Report Nov 1, 2020 8770
Development of a Facial Expression Scale Using Farrowing as a Model of Pain in Sows. Navarro, Elena; Mainau, Eva; Manteca, Xavier Report Nov 1, 2020 6055
A Systematic Literature Review on Depopulation Methods for Swine. Arruda, Andreia G.; Beyene, Tariku J.; Kieffer, Justin; Lorbach, Joshua N.; Moeller, Steven; Bowman, Report Nov 1, 2020 11785
Impact of Rotten Eggs on Hatchery Performances: A Multicentric Study. Franzo, Giovanni; Swart, Wessel; Ugalde, Miren Arbe; Cotta, Higor; Lecoupeur, Mathilde; Boyer, Willi Report Oct 1, 2020 3149
The Use of Pork from Entire Male and Immunocastrated Pigs for Meat Products--An Overview with Recommendations. Skrlep, Martin; Tomasevic, Igor; Morlein, Daniel; Novakovic, Sasa; Egea, Macarena; Garrido, Maria Do Oct 1, 2020 16159
Music for Monkeys: Building Methods to Design with White-Faced Sakis for Animal-Driven Audio Enrichment Devices. Piitulainen, Roosa; Hirskyj-Douglas, Hyena Report Oct 1, 2020 14421
The 2020 Five Domains Model: Including Human-Animal Interactions in Assessments of Animal Welfare. Mellor, David J.; Beausoleil, Ngaio J.; Littlewood, Katherine E.; McLean, Andrew N.; McGreevy, Paul Report Oct 1, 2020 13999
From Land to Water: Taking Fish Welfare Seriously. Sanchez-Suarez, Walter; Franks, Becca; Torgerson-White, Lauri Report Sep 1, 2020 6629
Dilemmas in the Management of Liminal Rodents--Attitudes of Dutch Pest Controllers. A.A.Gerwen, Maite M. van; Nieuwland, Joachim; Lith, Hein A. van; Meijboom, Franck L.B. Report Sep 1, 2020 9795
Effects of Growing-Finishing Pig Stocking Rates on Bermudagrass Ground Cover and Soil Properties. Pietrosemoli, Silvana; Raczkowski, Charles; Green, Jr., James T.; Villamide, Maria Jesus Report Sep 1, 2020 10358
Use of Different Cooling Methods in Pig Facilities to Alleviate the Effects of Heat Stress--A Review. Godyn, Dorota; Herbut, Piotr; Angrecka, Sabina; Vieira, Frederico Marcio Correa Report Sep 1, 2020 9437
Transforming the Adaptation Physiology of Farm Animals through Sensors. Neethirajan, Suresh Report Sep 1, 2020 13883
Naturalness and the Legitimacy of Thoroughbred Racing: A Photo-Elicitation Study with Industry and Animal Advocacy Informants. Bergmann, Iris M. Report Sep 1, 2020 19748
Methods of Assessment of the Welfare of Shelter Cats: A Review. Vojtkovska, Veronika; Voslarova, Eva; Vecerek, Vladimir Report Sep 1, 2020 23980
Milk Products from Minor Dairy Species: A Review. Faccia, Michele; D'Alessandro, Angela Gabriella; Summer, Andrea; Hailu, Yonas Report Aug 1, 2020 16519
Humane Euthanasia of Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus) with a Penetrating Spring-Loaded Captive Bolt. Cohen, Shari; Kwok, Melody; Huang, Joel Report Aug 1, 2020 6561
Exploring Attitudes toward Animal Welfare through the Lens of Subjectivity--An Application of Q-Methodology. Vecchio, Yari; Pauselli, Gregorio; Adinolfi, Felice Report Aug 1, 2020 8847
Testing an Animal Welfare Assessment Protocol for Growing-Rabbits Reared for Meat Production Based on the Welfare Quality Approach. Botelho, Nadina; Vieira-Pinto, Madalena; Batchelli, Pau; Pallisera, Joaquim; Dalmau, Antoni Report Aug 1, 2020 15659
C57BL/6J and B6129F1 Embryo Transfer: Unilateral and Bilateral Transfer, Embryo Number and Recipient Female Background Control for the Optimization of Embryo Survival and Litter Size. Lamas, Sofia; Franquinho, Filipa; Morgado, Marlene; Mesquita, Joao R.; Gartner, Fatima; Amorim, Irin Report Aug 1, 2020 7777
Long-Term Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Reproductive Performance of Swiss Webster Mice and Their Female Offspring. Meikle, Maria Noel; Arevalo, Ana Paula; Schlapp, Geraldine; Fernandez-Grana, Gabriel; Menchaca, Alej Report Aug 1, 2020 3613
Dairy Calf Welfare and Factors Associated with Diarrhea and Respiratory Disease among Chilean Dairy Farms. Calderon-Amor, Javiera; Gallo, Carmen Report Jul 1, 2020 10391
Preliminary Findings on a Novel Behavioural Approach for the Assessment of Pain and Analgesia in Lambs Subject to Routine Husbandry Procedures. Grant, Emily P.; Wickham, Sarah L.; Anderson, Fiona; Barnes, Anne L.; Fleming, Patricia A.; Miller, Report Jul 1, 2020 6910
Behavioral Diversity as a Potential Indicator of Positive Animal Welfare. Miller, Lance J.; Vicino, Greg A.; Sheftel, Jessica; Lauderdale, Lisa K. Report Jul 1, 2020 9617
Aversion to Desflurane and Isoflurane in Sprague-Dawley Rats (Rattus norvegicus). Frost, Katrina; Shah, Maaria; Leung, Vivian S.Y.; Pang, Daniel S.J. Report Jun 1, 2020 4774
Are Meat Quality Traits and Sensory Attributes in Favor of Slow-Growing Chickens? Pellattiero, Erika; Tasoniero, Giulia; Gleeson, Marco Cullere Elizabeth; Baldan, Gabriele; Contiero, Report Jun 1, 2020 7873
Energy, Production and Environmental Characteristics of a Conventional Weaned Piglet Farm in North West Spain. Fernandez, Maria D.; Losada, Eugenio; Ortega, Juan A.; Arango, Tamara; Ginzo-Villamayor, Maria Jose; Jun 1, 2020 6069
Documenting the Welfare and Role of Working Equids in Rural Communities of Portugal and Spain. Haddy, Emily; Rodrigues, Joao B.; Raw, Zoe; Burden, Faith; Proops, Leanne Report May 1, 2020 8311
State-of-the-Art and Prospective of Nanotechnologies for Smart Reproductive Management of Farm Animals. Hashem, Nesrein M.; Gonzalez-Bulnes, Antonio Report May 1, 2020 8039
Animals in Moral Limbo: How Literary Pigs May Help Lab-Generated Ones. Tuck, Nancy Report Apr 1, 2020 10004
Commonalities in Management and Husbandry Factors Important for Health and Welfare of Captive Elephants in North America and Thailand. Brown, Janine L.; Bansiddhi, Pakkanut; Khonmee, Jaruwan; Thitaram, Chatchote Report Apr 1, 2020 11910
A Data-Driven Prediction Method for an Early Warning of Coccidiosis in Intensive Livestock Systems: A Preliminary Study. Borgonovo, Federica; Ferrante, Valentina; Grilli, Guido; Pascuzzo, Riccardo; Vantini, Simone; Guarin Report Apr 1, 2020 4151
Welfare Assessment of Dairy Cows in Small Farms in Bangladesh. Islam, M. Ariful; Sharma, Arvind; Ahsan, S.; Mazumdar, S.; Rudra, K.C; Phillips, Clive J.C. Report Mar 1, 2020 9933
Impacts of Compost Bedded Pack Barns on the Welfare and Comfort of Dairy Cows. Fernandez, Anna; Mainau, Eva; Manteca, Xavier; Siurana, Adriana; Castillejos, Lorena Report Mar 1, 2020 6377
Effects of the Community Cats Program on Population Control, Migration and Welfare Status of Free-Roaming Cats in Tokyo, Japan. Mitsui, Kana; Sato, Shusuke; Kakuma, Yoshie Report Mar 1, 2020 6397
A Machine Vision-Based Method for Monitoring Scene-Interactive Behaviors of Dairy Calf. Guo, Yangyang; He, Dongjian; Chai, Lilong Report Feb 1, 2020 4668
Capture Myopathy and Stress Cardiomyopathy in a Live-Stranded Risso's Dolphin (Grampus griseus) in Rehabilitation. Camara, Nakita; Sierra, Eva; Fernandez, Antonio; Arbelo, Manuel; de Quiros, Yara Bernaldo; Arregui, Report Feb 1, 2020 4028
Preliminary Investigation to Address Pain and Haemorrhage Following the Spaying of Female Cattle. Yu, Audrey; Van der Saag, Dominique; Letchford, Peter; Windsor, Peter; White, Peter Report Feb 1, 2020 9435
Equid Assessment, Research and Scoping (EARS): The Development and Implementation of a New Equid Welfare Assessment and Monitoring Tool. Raw, Zoe; Rodrigues, Joao B.; Rickards, Karen; Ryding, Joe; Norris, Stuart L.; Judge, Andrew; Kubasi Report Feb 1, 2020 8314
"The Cone of Shame": Welfare Implications of Elizabethan Collar Use on Dogs and Cats as Reported by their Owners. Shenoda, Yustina; Ward, Michael P.; McKeegan, Dorothy; Fawcett, Anne Report Feb 1, 2020 14884
Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Bedding Materials for Dairy Cattle Using Fuzzy Clustering Analysis. Ferraz, Patricia Ferreira Ponciano; Araujo, Gabriel Silva Ferraz; Leso, Lorenzo; Klopcic, Marija; Ro Report Feb 1, 2020 10651
Human Relationships with Domestic and Other Animals: One Health, One Welfare, One Biology. Tarazona, Ariel M.; Ceballos, Maria C.; Broom, Donald M. Report Jan 1, 2020 12573
Exploring the Use of a Qualitative Behavioural Assessment Approach to Assess Emotional State of Calves in Rodeos. Rizzuto, Sally; Evans, Di; Wilson, Bethany; McGreevy, Paul Report Jan 1, 2020 8220
Musical Dogs: A Review of the Influence of Auditory Enrichment on Canine Health and Behavior. Lindig, Abigail M.; McGreevy, Paul D.; Crean, Angela J. Report Jan 1, 2020 5497
Update and inclusion of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval in the Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences. Yun, Cheol-Heui Sep 1, 2019 337
BHA defends use of whip in wake of Labour pledge. Aug 29, 2019 652
Labour to review use of racing whips. Aug 28, 2019 458
Scandal of cruelty to wild animals used for human entertainment. Aug 8, 2019 237
Scandal of cruelty to wild animals used for human entertainment. Aug 8, 2019 237
MSP welcomes views on use of fireworks. Feb 6, 2019 265
Behavioral assessment of shelter dogs submitted to different methods of environmental enrichment/Avaliacao comportamental de caes de abrigo submetidos a diferentes metodos de enriquecimento ambiental. Sampaio, Rubia Avlade Guedes; Martins, Yanna Nascimento de Figueiredo; Barbosa, Francisca Maria Sous Jan 1, 2019 3651
Induced Tool Use as Environmental Enrichment for Captive Capuchin Monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus)/Inducao do Uso de Ferramentas como Enriquecimento Ambiental para Macacos-prego (Sapajus libidinosus) Cativos. Camargo, Murilo Reis; Mendes, Francisco Dyonisio Cardoso Jul 1, 2016 6023

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