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Us? Accurate?

In an age when the quality of gunwriters is deteriorating about as fast as our culture, Handgunner and GUNS are a couple of the few remaining sources of accurate information on firearms. You've recruited your writers carefully, resulting in the best staff in the industry. Some of these writers have come to you after having conflicts with previous employers due to their unwillingness to "play ball," as the saying goes. Some of your competitors, who were once dependable firearms resources, have become pathetic travesties; employing people who, apparently, obtained their knowledge of firearms from an encyclopedia.

Layne Walker

Via e-mail

Layne, I'll get right on the guys to start messing facts up, take boring photos, act like gunwriter-royalty and adopt condescending attitudes toward the readers, etc. to see if we can catch up with the competition, okay? Just kidding. Thanks for your kind words. Editor

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Author:Walker, Layne
Publication:American Handgunner
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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