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Urinalysis and body fluids, 5th ed.


Urinalysis and body fluids, 5th ed.

Strasinger, Susan King and Marjorie Schaub Di Lorenzo.

F.A. Davis


292 pages




With a good mixture of theory and practical information and an attractive format, this edition has been fully updated to reflect current technologies and practices. Strasinger (U. of West Florida) and Di Lorenzo (U. of Nebraska) start with a comprehensive explanation of safety in the clinical laboratory, including biological and chemical hazards, then give basic background on renal function and urinalysis, including urine formation and composition, volume, specimen collecting and handling, and types of specimens. They describe the physical examination of urine, including color and clarity and proceed to a range of chemical examinations, microscopic examination (including sediment examination techniques), renal disease, urine screening for metabolic disorders, and quality assessment and management in the urinalysis lab. Other comprehensive examinations described here include cerebrospinal fluid, semen, synovial fluid, serous fluid, amniotic fluid and feces. The full-color imagery is particularly well done, and the case studies and examples are well-chosen.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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