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Urethane processing systems: product lines reviewed.


See Meter-Mix, Inc.


Portable air-operated, pour-in-place foaming system for polyurethane is designed for use with company's Adaptapak foam, a 0.5-lb density, semi-rigid material. System operates with compressed air and uses PTFE-coated gun with a fingertip-controlled air-purge mechanism.


Designs, builds and installs complete urethane processing lines. Areas included are:

* Bulk storage and blending, including fiber or filler blending systems.

* Low- and high-pressure metering and mixing equipment, including RIM and RRIM units.

* Mold carriers, including mold clamps, turntables and mold conveyor systems.

* Auxiliary robotics, ovens, hydraulics and materials-handling equipment.

* Structural RIM preform systems for producing multilayer glass-mat preforms.


(Formerly Amplan, Inc.) Manufactures automatic meter/mix/dispense equipment to process two-, three-, and four-component urethane elastomers and foams. Company's "Flying Wedge" features variable ratio, digital-readout temperature control to 300 F, vacuum degassing, positive-displacement metering, and output rates from 50 g to 50 lb/min. Unit handles laboratory, prototype, and production applications.


Offers metering/mixing/dispensing machines for casting urethanes, silicones, polyesters, and epoxies. Shot size is adjustable from very small to continuous at a rate of 2-3 gal/min. Company also supplies continuous on-the-fly resin degassers.


PU foam equipment line includes meter/mix/dispense units that apply rigid and semi-rigid foams in densities ranging from 0.35 to 10 lb/cu ft at 3 to 60 lb/min. Systems include a dispensing gun and chemicals packaged in pressurized tanks and are said to be suitable when low capital cost, simplicity of operation, and low maintenance are desired. Two systems are offered: an Autofroth unit for producing rigid froth foams for building insulation, refrigeration and flotation applications, and an Autopak system for making foam-in-place, semi-rigid foams used in industrial packaging.


Manufactures systems and components for decorative and protective urethane, epoxy, or hybrid systems. A broad selection of fixed and variable-ratio proportioning systems deliver a wide range of volumes, from micro-shots to 60 lb/min, and are available in air-, hydraulic-, or electric-powered models. Application devices for manual or automatic spray, using high-volume, low-pressure, airless, air-assisted airless, or conventional air atomization complement material delivery systems.

Urethane foam systems are available which utilize high-volume spray, pour, or frothing, as well as micro-shots to fill voids. Low-volume special applications are available in standard packages, or can be designed for custom installations.


Slingshot gun is available for either spraying or pouring PU foams and other two-component reactive polymers. The gun adapts to virtually all existing plural-component equipment. Hand-held and machine-mounted models are offered with either manual (standard), semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation. Features include built-in lead/lag adjustment and choice of mechanical or static mixing. The gun is suited to applications requiring precise rates.


Offers a complete line of standard and custom-made polyurethane equipment and turnkey systems. Urethane equipment includes Models A, B, C, H, HE, and S metering units. A complete range of clamps 2 to 800 tons is available. Turnkey specifications include Capsotec (window) encapsulation, Insotec (sound absorption), Stratotec (headliners), Compotec (SRIM solutions), Rotoflex (flexible foam), Rimmodule (RRIM, polyurea), Zero-Time Change (appliance cabinet), laminators, drum units, and other systems.


Represents Mondomix Holland multicomponent equipment for processing multicomponent reactive resin systems with various types of metering devices commensurate with viscosity characteristics, accuracy requirements, and matched to meet overall process control/demands of the production line. Metering/ratio accuracy is controlled by mass-flow meters with computer-monitored interlock responsive to the instant demand of the production line. Temperature control of all components is available, including the mixer rotor, and stator. A special application of the mixing head design permits the mechanical encapsulation of gases providing foam cell-size control down to the submicron range (in lieu of chemical blowing reagents). Upon dispensing this mechanically encapsulated glass blend, the blend emerges pre-expanded and may be titled "frothing equipment."

With the required elimination of CFCs for urethane foaming operations and the potential substitution of HCFCs, the difference in the resultant thermal insulation properties can be eliminated by producing submicron-sized cells using the special Mondomix mixing heads.

Materials in contact with the polymeric components are all stainless steel. Throughput capacities range from 10 lb/hr to more than 10,000 lb/hr. Laboratory-sized test/demonstration equipment is available for process evaluation.


Manufactures low-pressure and high-pressure (RIM) metering, mixing and dispensing machines for processing polyurethane foams and elastomers. Low-pressure equipment features company's patented Pulse-Surge air/solvent purge timer that reduces purge solvent usage by up to 70%. Output ranges are from 50 g/min to 240 lb/min. Mix ratios are infinitely variable from 5:1 to 1:5. Process temperatures are controlled within |+ or -~1|degree~F. Readings for pressure, temperature and throughput are available with statistical process control (SPC) communications as an option.

RIM equipment features impingement mixing with mechanical self-cleaning mix heads of either straight or angled design, and axial piston metering pumps and precise temperature control between 75 and 120 F. Outputs range from 10 to 220 lb/min; mix ratios are variable from 3:1 to 1:3.


See Admiral Equipment Co.


Company's Plastic Processing Machinery Division designs, engineers, and installs a broad range of polyurethane processing machinery for the automotive, appliance and custom-molding industries. Equipment offered includes:

* High/low pressure metering machines from 50 g/min to 400 lb/min with fully adjustable ratios to 5:1-1:5.

* Hydraulic and pneumatic presses, clamps and mold carriers for all RIM, RRIM, SRIM and RTM molded products.

* Racetrack carousels, rotary tables and stationary press systems for rigid and flexible parts.

Company also supplies low-density rigid urethane A and B components in returnable, reusable pressure vessels complete with a purge froth dispenser.


Manufactures a broad range of equipment for metering and dispensing plural component urethane systems. Low-pressure equipment covers a range from 0.3 lb/min up to 1000 lb/min and uses a patented valving system. The system reportedly can handle a wide range of materials in multistream inputs from 2 to 20 metered streams.

Company builds RIM equipment, running at speeds of 50 to 800 lb/min. The mixing head incorporates a sleeved design said to be economical and is offered in a straight head as well as a "free pour" design to allow impingement mixing into open molds without splash. Custom equipment is available.


Supplies a range of high- and low-pressure urethane systems which include:

* Rotary table systems for molded parts.

* Continuous double-belt conveyor systems for foam-core panel production.

* Semi-continuous and discontinuous lines for foam-core panels.

* Continuous production lines for pipe insulation.

* Production lines for water heaters and refrigerator cabinets.

* Single machines and complete production lines for automotive, furniture, technical parts (including computer cabinets), medical, recreational, and leisure applications.

Various types of mold carriers and metal and epoxy molds are also available as well as bulk handling and blending systems for urethane systems.


Company's Delta-Therm rigid urethane foam dispensing equipment includes the following features:

* Urethane foam A and B components are shipped in returnable pressure vessels.

* Chemical dispensing is controlled by a timer and monitored by a module that sounds an alarm if the flow departs from the designed ratio.

* Fixed-rate flow controllers regulate the chemical system component flow as a timer activates on/off ball valves, which are the only moving parts on the gun.

* Chemical components meet in the gun body and are mixed in an attached static mixing chamber prior to dispensing. Gun is solventless and flushless.

Rigid, semi-rigid and flexible urethane foam systems and elastomeric compounds are also offered.


Company custom formulates rigid, flexible, semi-rigid and elastomer urethane chemical systems and distributes a full line of low- and high-pressure urethane dispensing equipment for pour, spray, and RIM. Complete turnkey systems, in which chemicals, equipment, and services are provided, along with a complete line of low or non-CFC foam systems for flotation, refrigeration and roofing.


Company has added two new units to its line of FRP-related systems. Both units enable fabricators to expand applicating/laminating procedures:

* A dual-component system is for use with two-component, 1:1 ratio materials such as two-part resins and urethane foams. The compact pumping unit can be used for spraying, pouring or RTM processes. Company's Little Willie gun is used either as an external airless-sprayer or with an internal-mix head attachment. Optional features of unit include in-line heaters, heated hoses and digital timing systems.

* A low-cost airless gelcoat, entry-level compact system for RTM can be wall-mounted or attached to a 5-gal pail, and is suitable for R&D or small production runs. Unit features a 5:1 ratio material pump, a slave catalyst system and the Little Willie gun with an internal-mix head suitable for wet-out rollers, saturators, or RTM nozzles. A digital timer can be used for exact-time pours of material.

Company also provides pour equipment for foam packaging applications and spray equipment for insulation and waterproofing. Pack-and-Foam unit features an air-purge gun, 20-ft heated hoses and direct pumping from drums. The FSF-20-1-50 foam-spray gun is complete with heated hose, external-mix spray gun, and drum pump.


Manufactures machines for automated handling, slabbing, down cutting, shaping, and contour cutting of expanded polystyrene and flexible urethane foam. Equipment includes fully integrated, computer-controlled bun handling and cutting lines for the manufacture of building panels; automatic lines for producing a variety of EPS and foam components for seat cushions or packaging; and versatile manual cutting tables and hand-held foam cutting guns. CNC is standard on moving-gantry contour-cutting systems and is available as an option on most other machines. A computer retrofit program for existing foam processing equipment is also available. Company also offers two- and three-axis CNC foam milling machines and an automated embossing system designed for foam applications.

With its in-house technology and computer integration expertise, company can undertake custom engineering and prototype development projects.


Manufactures urethane spray (round and flat pattern), pour, packaging, and froth dispensing equipment. Company's Probler gun has patented automatic air-purge, air-assisted trigger, and material shut-off valves, and fits all company's proportioners. T-series units have outputs up to 30 lb/min and separate solid-core primary heaters with solid-state controllers. Optional automatic temperature-controlled hoses allow up to 400-ft extension. Timing and fluorocarbon injection are available on all models. Also offered are variable-ratio proportioners (1:1 to 10:1) with 4 to 30 lb/min output rates.


Supplies polyurethane foam spray and froth systems. Spray systems with outputs up to 30 lb/min incorporate a Foam Cat proportioning pump, heaters, heated hose up to 208 ft, and a low-maintenance foam-spray gun with mechanical or solvent purge. Company also offers a complete selection of feed pumps for handling raw materials directly from original containers.

Froth systems are available in standard models for outputs up to 60 lb/min, though custom systems can be built for up to 300 lb/min, such as for barge filling. These systems use larger pumping units and a static-mix dispense head.

Company installs complete turnkey systems and custom designs plural-component systems for special requirements.


Produces an integrated line of plural component meter, mix, and dispensing equipment for spray or pour applications and outputs ranging from 2 to 240 lb/min. RIM division produces high-pressure metering units, mix heads, and optional equipment designed for RIM processing. Company can design and build turnkey operations, bulk storage systems for chemicals, RIM presses, clamps, turntables and multistation conveyors to fit customers' plant production requirements. Company maintains a 5000-sq-ft facility containing its full product line for customer demonstrations and trials in systems and process development. Products include:

* RimCell Series: Three models are available with outputs of 50-, 100-, and 240-lb/min and operating pressures to 3000 psi. The RimCell proportioner utilizes super-charged, high-pressure axial piston pumps, and is designed for processing unfilled, nonabrasive, noncorrosive materials.

* DeltaRim Series: Four models are available with outputs of 40-, 80-, 120- and 240-lb/min and operating pressures to 3000 psi. They are specifically designed to dispense higher viscosity filled and abrasive materials, polyurea, polyurethane, elastomers, composites and other plural component RIM systems.

* H-2000: Designed to dispense materials at pressures up to 2000 psi with outputs up to 30 lb/min. Used for spray or pour applications and available with variable ratio.

* FF-1600: An air-driven, compact, lightweight unit capable of outputs up to 16 lb/min and pressures up to 1600 psi.

* H-3500: Used for both pour and spray applications. Dispenses material at pressures up to 3500 psi with outputs up to 20 lb/min.


See Miles Inc.


Designs and manufactures high-pressure, plural component metering and mixing machines and related equipment. Manufactures machines for RIM, RRIM, open molding, and SRIM in the urethane, polyurea and DCPD market. Company markets high-pressure, lab-scale machines as well as machines for the RTM market. Bulk storage systems, as well as design and fabrication for complete molding systems, are also provided. Large RIM, SRIM and RTM presses are also available.

Company offers its Precision Flow pump-type continuous meter machine featuring high-pressure pumps mounted in the daytank with a built-in maintenance boom that allows leak-free operation with ease of maintenance. The unit has found applications where rapid shots or continuous metering are required. In addition, the HR series is offered for those who prefer Rexroth-type metering machines.


Individual machines and turnkey systems from Impianti S.p.A. of Italy include Series 2001-C low-pressure pouring systems for urethane foams, which have computer controls, recycling mixheads, rotary mechanical mixers (6000 rpm), and outputs from 3 g/sec to 11 lb/sec. Standard models can handle up to six components.

Series VHP high-pressure metering systems for foams, elastomers and RIM have self-cleaning mixheads and axial piston pumps. A special version capable of rapid, automatic ratio changes is designed for producing dual-hardness auto seating. The "2LC" models with plunger-type metering cylinders permit use of fillers and reinforcements on both polyol and isocyanate sides. The most sophisticated models are hydraulically driven. Special models have also been developed for nylon RIM.

Series EL elastomer pouring machines can work at temperatures to 265 F and provide high-vacuum degassing and outputs to 100 g/sec at 1:1 ratio. Mechanically driven mixheads and self-balancing ratio and output control are additional features.

A variety of rotary mold carousels and mold-support presses, including tilting and other RIM-type presses, are available. Continuous-pouring lines for flexible and rigid buns and blocks can produce 220-1100 lb/min. Patented "Top Foam" lines produce blocks with square sections. Foam-core sandwich panel lines include special versions for phenolic foams. Turnkey refrigeration foaming systems are also offered.


Manufactures self-contained, factory-pressurized, single- and twin-component disposable and refillable systems for pouring and spraying foams in a variety of densities. Applications include cryogenic, cold-storage, foam packaging, caulking and sealing, void-filling, flotation, and insulating irregular surfaces.


Office can provide information on a large range of equipment for flexible and rigid foams built by Italian companies. They include low-pressure machines, high-pressure pouring, RIM and RRIM systems, and complete turnkey plants.


Manufactures liquid dispensing, metering, and blending systems for urethanes, epoxies, additives, and other liquids. Complete systems with static mixers are available for low-flow applications. Features include solid-state electronics, stepping-motor drives and maintenance-free operation.


Specializes in complete production line equipment and components for producing urethane, isocyanurate, phenolic, and inorganic foams. Equipment supplied includes:

* Continuous foam slab, bun, and log production lines (from 2 to 96 in. x 30 to 60 in.) that operate at 5-60 ft/min.

* Continuous foam-core and honeycomb-core panel production lines (from 2 to 12 ft wide producing 1/8- to 6-in.-thick panels that run at 2-200 ft/min).

* Continuous scrap foam rebonding lines.

* Rigid and flexible foam molding lines.

Also available is company's three- or four-component phenolic foam machine. The PhenoFlo meters, mixes and pours or sprays phenolic formulations in a viscosity from 5000 to 100,000 cp. Company also offers a complete turnkey package, including operator training, equipment start-up assistance, and assistance in chemical formulation and selection.

The newest addition to the company's line of foam equipment is the Foamcutter, a computerized high-production profile foam cutting machine.


Offers a complete range of RIM and RRIM machinery and plant equipment for molding flexible, semi-rigid and rigid urethane foam parts, as well as elastomeric and solid parts made from reactive mixtures.

Company's Rim Star machine capacity range is approximately 10 to 1600 lb/min. Lance-type piston RIM and RRIM machines (type KK) allow shot weights up to 80 lb. Standard equipment includes color metering units and systems for blowing agent metering. Filler blending is available. RIM and RRIM machines have patented self-cleaning impingement mix heads, which recirculate through injection nozzles for proper fill in closed molds or splash-free dispensing into open molds. All machines can be operated with multiple mix heads.

In addition, company supplies mold carriers and clamps, racetrack conveyors, turntables, mix-head manipulators, and robots. Machines and equipment are controlled by programmable controllers and computerized systems.


Offers low-pressure dispensing equipment for processing rigid, semi-rigid and flexible PU foams (pour and forth systems), elastomers, epoxies and silicones. Both standard and custom-built machines are designed to handle up to eight components with varying viscosity ranges and dispensing capacities from 1/2 to 800 lb/min.

Metering systems with adjustable ratio range from 1:1 to 100:1 feature gear pumps with closed-loop recirculating systems, a lightweight mixing head with electrically or hydraulically driven mixer, and a unique calibration design. One-shot, nonrecirculating piston metering systems are also available. KF equipment is designed for both low and high production of molded parts, flexible/rigid foam slabs, and boardstock insulation.


Dispensing systems for PU foams have 300-800 lb/min capacity. Injector block has 16 ports, including a 2-in. resin port. Systems are set up so that all functions are controlled and programmed from a single center. Systems are supplied for flexible and rigid foam slab, foam boardstock and sandwich-panel laminators.

Foam slab storage and multiple-tier automatic handling systems cut foam to length using a belt and aluminum slat design. Other systems offered include automotive seat-pad routers, seat-pad dust-removal units, continuous-pattern routers for rolled material, and handling equipment. Complete PU foam pour conveyor systems, automatic cut-off saws and trimmer saws are also supplied.

Rigid foam laminator conveyors are available for continuous production of rigid urethane foam board to 48 in. wide x 6 in. high on a double-metal-slat conveyor with top and/or bottom paper or other substrates. Laminators are built from 30 to 100 ft long. Models are available for up to 20-psi operating pressure; special units are built to customer specifications.

Edge-trim saws and cut-off units are synchronized to conveyor speed, providing a finished product accurately cut to commercial length.


Company engineers, designs and manufactures plural-component systems and specializes in the following areas:

* Complete turnkey automotive and nonautomotive process lines.

* Bulk storage systems.

* Dust-free glass blending systems.

* Large-scale RIM, RRIM, SRIM and DCPD metering machines based on high-pressure impingement. These can include up to 50% filler content, and special applications experience is available.

* Flexible foam and rigid foam metering machines.

* Laboratory-scale metering machinery and data acquisition software.

* RIM recycling equipment.

* Turntables, mold carriers, and special designs for production efficiency.

* Controls and SPC packages for automotive and nonautomotive requirements.

* Consulting and design for robotics and control systems, and automation requirements.

* 3-D CAD design capabilities.

* RIM, RRIM, RTM clamps, C-Frame and four posters.

* Dual-stage nucleation and in-line density measurement.


Company's Twinflo PU dispensing machines for metering two or three components use patented Posiload volumetric piston pumps. Unit is said to repeat shots accurately from 5 cc and up at speeds ranging from less than 1 lb to 100 lb/min, and to dispense viscosities ranging from water-thin to thick, heavily filled pastes. Pump design offers ratios from 1:1 to 200:1. Standard and custom-designed units are offered. Equipment is suited to filling open molds or for injecting materials under constant pressure into closed cavities.


Offers two lines of equipment: the Mistafroth gun for froth foams and the Mistamixer for pour-in-place and packaging foams. The Mistamixer requires no purging solvent and can handle packaging foam, pour-in-place foam or froth foam. It meters, mixes and dispenses foam in 5 to 15 lb/min rates. Mistafroth gun is designed for use with pressurized tanks, does not require electricity, and has few moving parts, to give simple, maintenance-free operation. Company also offers a complete line of rigid and flexible foam systems.


Manufactures liquid mixing/metering systems for use with two or more components. Systems will heat materials up to the desired process temperature, degas, and meter with an accuracy of |+ or -~0.5% of the desired flowrate, mix and dispense. Suitable for dispensing of urethanes, silicones, epoxies, and other liquids, systems are designed around user requirements, using standard subassemblies.


Manufactures volumetric dispensing and mixing machines that reportedly employ unique cylinders designed so that seals are not subject to metering stroke pressure. Static or dynamic mixing heads are offered with valving systems that are said to eliminate lead/lag problems. Also offered is a range of equipment utilizing positive-displacement gear and piston pumps driven by DC motors with digital control for precise ratio control and metering accuracy. Such machines can process up to five chemical components. Temperature control of the chemical components is optional.


Offers a broad line of standard and custom-designed machinery for polyurethane processing. Equipment offered includes bulk handling facilities, blending systems, temperature-control and metering equipment, lay-down systems, and processing machinery. Company builds double-belt laminators for up to 150-ft/min production of rigid foam board, stationary fixtures for refrigerator applications, and turntable and conveyor lines for flexible foam molding and other applications.

Company also supplies RIM and RRIM metering units and mold clamps up to 250-ton capacity. Metering equipment covers a processing range of 1 1/2 lb/min to 600 lb/min or more and can include any of several proprietary impingement mix-head types such as the self-cleaning MQ mix head.

Hennecke Machinery is the manufacturer and representative of Hennecke GmbH polyurethane processing equipment for the North American market.


See Miles Inc.


See Construction Technology.


See Binks Mfg. Co.


Meter/mix/dispense equipment for pouring PU foam at flow rates up to 30 lb/min can be arranged for shot-type applications or continuous flow setups. The line is available in fixed- or adjustable-ratio units with a positive-displacement metering system that is said to ensure accurate dispensing.

The Rotary Duo-Flo 9100 is currently used for RIM and with other rapid-cure urethane systems. Mixing/dispense rates are 5, 10, and 20 lb/min.


Offers two lines of equipment: pouring of industrial foam-in-place packaging and spray for insulation applications. Two pieces of equipment are made for each line: a small portable unit that uses nitrogen propellant and has two 10-gal refillable tanks, and a larger unit that pumps directly from 55-gal drums. All equipment has separate preheat and hose heat controls, separate pressure controls for each side, and a patented self-cleaning gun. A full line of urethane foam chemical systems is offered, including semi-flexible, flexible, and rigid foams.


(Formerly Twin Rivers Engineering) Supplies meter/mix/dispense systems capable of variable-ratio processing of plural-component liquid systems such as urethanes, epoxies, polyesters and silicones. Company offers components, groups of components incorporated into an existing system, or complete production systems created for a specific purpose. Indexing and fixtured equipment can be supplied as part of a system. Sizes include lab and pilot-plant to full-scale production capability.

Equipment has been designed to incorporate up to 80% solid fillers in urethane foams.


Manufactures variable- and fixed-ratio meter, mix and dispense equipment with volumetric or timed shots, or operator-controlled volume and flow rates to 20 lb/min. Equipment can be supplied with heated pressure tanks, gravity, pump or positive-displacement feed. Applications include packaging and fireproofing.


Offers its Instapak line of foam-in-place dispensing systems. Several different models, including semi-automated systems, handle rigid, semi-rigid and flexible foams. Company also offers a family of Instapak polyurethane packaging foams of varying density.


Manufactures StepanPol polyester polyols and a complete line of Stepanfoam rigid polyurethane systems for insulation, molding and aerospace applications. Also produces a line of low-pressure foam-dispensing equipment.


Offers equipment for processing multicomponent, thermosetting materials, such as urethanes, polyesters, silicones, polysulfides, etc. Materials processed include elastomers in a wide range of hardness and also as syntactic or chemically blown foams over a wide range of densities. Filled and unfilled materials routinely process in viscosity ranges from 30 to 2000 cps. With special techniques, materials in excess of one million cps can be easily processed. Machines are offered that can deposit from less than 0.1 gram of material to large void-filling equipment that dispenses mixed and metered materials at over 400 lb/min.

Types of machines supplied include equipment for pouring, casting, bead laying, frothing, potting, spraying, RIM and resin transfer molding (RTM).

Self-cleaning impingement mix heads that use no solvent to purge can be used on most of the urethane materials. Disposable static mixers are used to process other materials to eliminate solvent usage. Dynamic mixing heads are furnished when required for the project.
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