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Abu Qir Fertilizers to increase urea production by 6-8%. Alyaa Stohy Sep 27, 2020 218
FMPAC fearing considerable rise in urea prices. Sep 24, 2020 227
Fertiliser players urge govt to extend GIDC recovery period by eight years. Sep 15, 2020 374
PM begs urea with Bangladesh. Sep 2, 2020 362
Govt to procure additional chemical fertilizer to ensure food security. Aug 29, 2020 168
Urea sales jump 24% in July. Aug 28, 2020 424
MOPCO posts strong results in Q2 2020, reporting EGP 651m bottom-line. Alyaa Stohy Financial report Aug 26, 2020 290
Urea offtake increases 24pc YoY to 574,000 tons in July. Aug 26, 2020 507
Urea offtake increases 24pc YoY to 574000 tonnes in July. Aug 26, 2020 495
OQ and Omifco sign offtake deal for 1mn tonnes of urea. Aug 26, 2020 395
Oman enters urea deal with Ameropa. Aug 23, 2020 233
Expected results of fertilizer companies. Shabbir Kazmi Aug 14, 2020 848
Private sector starts urea production to fulfil demand. Aug 5, 2020 269
Biomineralization Performance of Bacillus sphaericus under the Action of Bacillus mucilaginosus. Hu, Yingying; Liu, Weitao; Wang, Wenjing; Jia, Xinlei; Xu, Lanjuan; Cao, Qing; Shen, Jianjun; Hu, Xi Jul 31, 2020 4908
Ameliorative Effect of Vernonia amygdalina Plant Extract on Heavy Metal-Induced Liver and Kidney Dysfunction in Rats. Barnes, Precious; Yeboah, Joshua Kwame; Gbedema, Wilson; Saahene, Roland Osei; Amoani, Benjamin Jul 31, 2020 4761
Synthesis of Interleukin-10 in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Helicobacter pylori Infection. Yamamoto-Furusho, Jesus K.; Fonseca-Camarillo, Gabriela; Barrera-Ochoa, Carlos A.; Furuzawa-Carballe Jul 31, 2020 4430
Fertilizer spending stagnant sales drop. Jul 30, 2020 450
Urea offtake surges 81pc YoY in June. Jul 28, 2020 411
Urea offtake surges 81pc YoY in June. Jul 27, 2020 438
Ex-DA chief pushes Congress fertilizer probe. Jul 6, 2020 983
Unbudgeted subsidy of Rs969m extended to RLNG fertiliser plants. Jul 6, 2020 359
Decision on fertiliser plants may cost Pakistan Rs6b. Jul 5, 2020 353
Ophiopogonin D of Ophiopogon japonicus ameliorates renal function by suppressing oxidative stress and inflammatory response in streptozotocin induced diabetic nephropathy rats. Qiao, Yanhong; Jiao, Haiyan; Wang, Feng; Niu, Huimin Jul 1, 2020 4688
Evaluation of early biomarkers of renal dysfunction in diabetic patients. Hazmi, Shrouq F. Al-; Gad, Hoda G.M.; Alamoudi, Aliaa A.; Eldakhakhny, Basmah M.; Binmahfooz, Sarah Jul 1, 2020 5937
Duterte: No irregularities in DA's P 5.6-B purchase of fertilizers. Jul 1, 2020 281
Urea off take jumps 76pc to 1.2m tonnes in June. Jul 1, 2020 421
Urea offtake jumps 76pc to 1.2m tonnes in June. Jul 1, 2020 421
ECC to approve RLNG supply for urea plants. Jul 1, 2020 824
Urea production likely to rise to 5.8m tonnes. Jul 1, 2020 425
Saipem Joint Venture Chosen To Build Urea Plant In Karratha, Australia. Jul 1, 2020 270
Increased Serum Leptin Level Predicts Bone Mineral Density in Hemodialysis Patients. Wang, Chih-Hsien; Lai, Yu-Hsien; Lin, Yu-Li; Kuo, Chiu-Huang; Syu, Ru-Jiang; Chen, Ming-Chun; Hsu, B Jun 30, 2020 5976
DA's procurement of fertilizers 'above board, transparent' - Duterte report. Jun 30, 2020 191
DA to proceed with fertilizer procurement plan. Jun 27, 2020 670
DA centralized fertilizer bidding aboveboard, brings urea prices down. Jun 26, 2020 738
DA: Centralized bidding of fertilizers 'aboveboard, transparent'. Jun 25, 2020 547
Urea prices. Syeda Hijab Rizvi - Wah Jun 24, 2020 182
Urea prices feared to rise by Rs200 per bag. Jun 23, 2020 364
Urea price to go up by Rs200 per bag if gas price increases. Jun 23, 2020 434
Solons seek probe into DA's alleged overpriced procurement of fertilizer. Jun 23, 2020 501
Dar says fertilizer bid strictly followed the law. Jun 23, 2020 866
Surge in gas tariffs likely to trigger jump in urea prices. Jun 22, 2020 261
Agri group urges Senate to probe DA's 'overpriced' fertilizer supply contract. Jun 15, 2020 779
Abu Qir Fertilizers revenues affected by urea lower prices, local currency appreciation. Alyaa Stohy Jun 14, 2020 344
ECC approves billions of supplementary grants, takes stock of wheat, urea situation. Jun 11, 2020 870
DA says fertilizers for COVID-19 assistance purchased at 'cheaper' price. Jun 11, 2020 547
Farmers claim fertilizers given as part of COVID-19 aid are overpriced. Jun 10, 2020 493
Soil Fertilization with Urea Has Little Effect on Seed Quality but Reduces Soil [N.sub.2]O Emissions from a Hemp Cultivation. Tedeschi, Anna; Volpe, Maria Grazia; Polimeno, Franca; Siano, Francesco; Maglione, Giuseppe; Tommasi Jun 1, 2020 7492
Estimation of Serum Fluoride and Renal Parameters in Diabetic Nephropathy- A Facility Based Observational Case Control Study. Mohan, Krishna; Munilakshmi, U.; Saideepika, R,; Shashidhar, K.N.; Bhuneswar, Yadav Report Jun 1, 2020 3133
Maize Grain Composition with Additions of NPK Briquette and Organically Enhanced N Fertilizer. Wang, Xiaohui; Liu, Shuangli; Yin, Xinhua; Bellaloui, Nacer; Winings, John H.; Agyin-Birikorang, Sam Jun 1, 2020 6626
Turnover of Urea in a Soil from the North China Plain as Affected by the Urease Inhibitor NBPT and Wheat Straw. Hartmann, Tobias Edward; Guzman-Bustamante, Ivan; Ruser, Reiner; Muller, Torsten Jun 1, 2020 7226
Studies on Hepatoprotective Activity of Various Extracts of Macaranga peltata (Roxb.) on Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity Rats. Thrinitha, Bheemreddy; Murali, R.; Manichandrika, P. Jun 1, 2020 3565
Human Milk Fortifier with Higher Energy for Preterms: Beneficial or Not? Dalkan, Ceyhun; Ovali, Fahri Jun 1, 2020 3301
Can Juniperus communis L. oil improve nephropathy in diabetic rats. Kahraman, Tahir; Berkoz, Mehmet; Allahverdiyev, Oruc; Mahmood, Evan Abdulkarim; Yildirim, Metin; Yal Jun 1, 2020 3999
First cargo ship carrying wheat, urea reaches Gwadar: SAPM Bajwa. May 31, 2020 191
Renoprotective Effects of a New Free Radical Scavenger, XH-003, against Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity. Liu, Ya-Hong; Li, Kui; Tian, Hong-Qi May 31, 2020 6875
First cargo ship carrying wheat, urea reaches Gwadar: SAPM Bajwa. May 31, 2020 199
Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorate Nephrocyte Injury and Proteinuria in a Diabetic Nephropathy Rat Model. Chen, Lian; Xiang, E.; Li, Changyong; Han, Bing; Zhang, Quan; Rao, Wei; Xiao, Cuihong; Wu, Dongcheng May 31, 2020 4219
Late Onset Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency Triggered by an Acute Increase in Protein Intake: A Review of 10 Cases Reported in the Literature. Barkovich, E.; Gropman, A.L. May 31, 2020 3788
In a first, ship with fertiliser for Afghanistan berths at Gwadar Port. Behram Baloch May 30, 2020 253
Amid slowdown in agricultural sector, urea inventory could surge to 1 MT by year-end. May 14, 2020 439
Urea sales decrease by 18pc. May 14, 2020 338
Urea inventory may surge to over one million tonnes by year-end. Ghulam Abbas May 13, 2020 445
Clinical Assessment of Macular Involvement and Its Correlation to the Severity of Diabetic Retinopathy in Uncomplicated Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients. Kalaivani, Kandasamy; Mishra, Purnananda; Amrith, Mishra May 11, 2020 2986
Covid-19 disrupts urea supply chain. Usman Hanif May 5, 2020 362
Fate of a [.sup.15]N-labeled Urea Pulse in Heavily Fertilized Banana Crops. Raphael, Line; Recous, Sylvie; Ozier-Lafontaine, Harry; Sierra, Jorge May 1, 2020 6299
Intensification of Sorghum Production in Flood Recession Agriculture in Yelimane, Western Mali. Traore, Kalifa; Traore, Bouya; Synnevag, Gry; Aune, Jens B. May 1, 2020 7950
Fertiliser demand likely to drop by 10pc in 2020. Apr 6, 2020 422
Development and Characterization of Palm Flower Carbon Reinforced DOPO-Urea Diamine Based Cardanol Benzoxazine-Epoxy Hybrid Composites. Selvaraj, Vaithilingam; Raghavarshini, Thangavel Ravivarman; Alagar, Muthukaruppan Apr 1, 2020 5160
Optimal Nitrogen Practice in Winter Wheat-Summer Maize Rotation Affecting the Fates of [.sup.15]N-Labeled Fertilizer. Liang, Haiyan; Shen, Pengfei; Kong, Xiangze; Liao, Yuncheng; Liu, Yang; Wen, Xiaoxia Apr 1, 2020 9995
Management Intensity Controls Nitrogen-Use-Efficiency and FlowsinGrasslands--A [.sup.15]N Tracing Experiment. Zistl-Schlingmann, Marcus; Kengdo, Steve Kwatcho; Kiese, Ralf; Dannenmann, Michael Apr 1, 2020 8042
Factors associated with pruritus uremic in chronic kidney failure patients. Ago Harlim Mar 31, 2020 6732
Enhanced Efficiency Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for Corn Production. Steusloff, Tyler W.; Singh, Gurbir; Nelson, Kelly A.; Motavalli, Peter P. Mar 31, 2020 10103
Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of N-Doped Graphene/ Ti[O.sub.2] Composites. Liu, Jing; Chen, Kun-Yu; Wang, Jie; Du, Min; Gao, Zheng-Yang; Song, Chun-Xiao Mar 31, 2020 6223
Biginelli Synthesis of Novel Dihydropyrimidinone Derivatives Containing Phthalimide Moiety. Bhat, Mashooq A.; Omar, Mohamed A. Al-; Naglah, Ahmed M.; Dhfyan, Abdullah Al- Mar 31, 2020 3731
Farmers to benefit from urea price cut. Mar 31, 2020 311
Engro Fertilizers leads industry action to pass on Rs.28b benefit to farmers. Mar 31, 2020 436
Two fertilizer plants in desperate need of LNG. Mar 31, 2020 456
Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in a Patient with Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome. Muco, Ermira; Hasa, Amela; Rroji, Arben; Kushi, Arta; Puca, Edmond; Kraja, Dhimiter Mar 31, 2020 2119
FFC reduces urea price. Mar 28, 2020 205
FFC reduces urea prices by Rs.375. Mar 27, 2020 213
FFC reduces urea price further. Mar 27, 2020 209
Engro Fertilizers reduces urea prices by Rs.240. Mar 26, 2020 380
FFC announces further cut in urea price. Mar 26, 2020 160
Engro fertilizers further slashes urea prices by Rs 240 per bag. Mar 25, 2020 380
Urea price differential may lead to higher offtake for FFC. Hassan Naqvi Mar 14, 2020 354
FFC reduces Rs. 75 per urea bag price. Mar 6, 2020 183
Price of urea reduced by Rs 375 per 50 kg bag to provide relief to farmers: Khusro. Mar 6, 2020 214
Urea prices lowered to Rs1,665 per bag. Kalbe Ali Mar 6, 2020 415
FFC further reduces Rs.75 per urea bag to provide relief to farmers. Mar 6, 2020 200
Urea prices reduced by Rs375 per bag. Mar 6, 2020 232
Urea price reduced by Rs375 per 50 Kg bag to provide relief to farmers: Khusro. Mar 6, 2020 197
FFC further reduces urea price by Rs75 per bag. Ghulam Abbas Mar 5, 2020 536
Biochanin A Inhibits Ruminal Nitrogen-Metabolizing Bacteria and Alleviates the Decomposition of Amino Acids and Urea In Vitro. Liu, Sijia; Zhang, Zhenyu; Hailemariam, Samson; Zheng, Nan; Wang, Min; Zhao, Shengguo; Wang, Jiaqi Report Mar 1, 2020 5735
Long-Term Effects of Different Nitrogen Levels on Growth, Yield, and Quality in Sugarcane. Zeng, Xu-Peng; Zhu, Kai; Lu, Jian-Ming; Jiang, Yuan; Yang, Li-Tao; Xing, Yong-Xiu; Li, Yang-Rui Mar 1, 2020 11404
Adaptation to Early-Season Soil Waterlogging Using Different Nitrogen Fertilizer Practices and Corn Hybrids. Kaur, Gurpreet; Nelson, Kelly A.; Motavalli, Peter P.; Singh, Gurbir Mar 1, 2020 7547
Effect of Manure and Urea Fertilization on Yield, Carbon Speciation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vegetable Production Systems of Nigeria and Republic of Benin: A Phytotron Study. Olaleye, Abimfoluwa; Peak, Derek; Shorunke, Akeem; Dhillon, Gurbir; Oyedele, Durodoluwa; Adebooye, O Report Mar 1, 2020 9221
New Eco-Friendly Polymeric-Coated Urea Fertilizers Enhanced Crop Yield in Wheat. Gil-Ortiz, Ricardo; Naranjo, Miguel Angel; Ruiz-Navarro, Antonio; Caballero-Molada, Marcos; Atares, Mar 1, 2020 9151
Remote Ischaemic Preconditioning Reduces Kidney Injury Biomarkers in Patients Undergoing Open Surgical Lower Limb Revascularisation: A Randomised Trial. Kasepalu, Teele; Kuusik, Karl; Lepner, Urmas; Starkopf, Joel; Zilmer, Mihkel; Eha, Jaan; Vahi, Mare; Mar 1, 2020 5492
Effects of 16% Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching on the Surface Properties of Glazed Glassy Matrix Ceramics. Demir, Necla; Karci, Muhammet; Ozcan, Mutlu Mar 1, 2020 5328
Norvaline Reduces Blood Pressure and Induces Diuresis in Rats with Inherited Stress-Induced Arterial Hypertension. Gilinsky, Michael A.; Polityko, Yulia K.; Markel, Arkady L.; Latysheva, Tatyana V.; Samson, Abraham Mar 1, 2020 7422
Effect of Gender and Age on the Correlation between Helicobacter pylori and Colorectal Adenomatous Polyps in a Chinese Urban Population: A Single Center Study. Zhao, Xia-Xia; Liu, Ming-Hao; Wang, Rui-Ling; Tian, Tian Report Mar 1, 2020 5274
Resveratrol Supplementation Prevents Hypertension in Hypertensive Pregnant Rats by Increasing Sodium Excretion and Serum Nitric Oxide Level. Jia, Xiaowen; Zhang, Rong; Guo, Jinzhu; Yue, Hua; Liu, Qiuxia; Guo, Lipei; Zhang, Qunchang Medical condition overview Mar 1, 2020 4253
Adequacy of Hemodialysis and Its Associated Factors among Patients Undergoing Chronic Hemodialysis in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Somji, Samina S.; Ruggajo, Pascal; Moledina, Sibtain Mar 1, 2020 4547
Physiological Efficiency and N Recovery of Wheat Influenced by Different N Sources Under Naturally Salt-Affected Soil. Mahmood, Imdad Ali; Ullah, Muhammad Arshad; Chatha, Muhammad Riaz; Suhaib, Muhammad Mar 1, 2020 3215
KIMA targets new factory commercial take off by April 2020. Daily News Egypt Feb 23, 2020 225
Chinese President forthcoming visit to give NOD to KCR, Dhabeji projects. Feb 22, 2020 1086
Fertilizer industry may face PM's wrath over urea prices. Ahmad Ahmadani Feb 18, 2020 397
GIDC cut brings no relief to growers. Feb 15, 2020 669
Influence of Different Dietary Rumen Degradable Protein Concentrations on Nutrient Intake, Nutrient Digestibility, Nitrogen Balance, Blood Urea Nitrogen and Milk Yield of Lactatin Beetal Goats. Muhammad Usman Akhtar, Abdul Qayum, Anshan Shan, Shuli Chou, Hyeonsoo Jo, Syed Waqas Ali Shah and Is Feb 14, 2020 5561
Fertilisers shortage feared if closed units not made functional. Feb 11, 2020 442
Fertiliser-makers reduce urea rates. Feb 9, 2020 166
Disruption of fertilizer supply feared. Feb 2, 2020 555
Engro cuts urea prices by Rs160 per bag. Kalbe Ali Feb 1, 2020 696
Fertiliser-makers reduce urea prices. Feb 1, 2020 429
Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution Treated with Inhibitor Technology: Effects on Ammonia Emission Reduction, Wheat Yield, and Inorganic N in Soil. Nikolajsen, Michael Thorstein; Pacholski, Andreas Siegfried; Sommer, Sven Gjedde Feb 1, 2020 8393
Optimizing Soil Fertility Management Strategies to Enhance Banana Production in Volcanic Soils of the Northern Highlands, Tanzania. Meya, Akida I.; Ndakidemi, Patrick A.; Mtei, Kelvin M.; Swennen, Rony; Merckx, Roel Feb 1, 2020 15099
The Correlation between Preoperative and Postoperative Hypoalbuminaemia and the Development of Acute Kidney Injury with Respect to the KDIGO Criteria in the Hip Fracture Surgery in Elderly Patients. Kupcli, Ilkc Feb 1, 2020 4247
Variation of Blood Metabolites of Brown Swiss, Holstein-Friesian, and Simmental Cows. Benedet, Anna; Franzoi, Marco; Manuelian, Carmen L.; Penasa, Mauro; De Marchi, Massimo Report Feb 1, 2020 5456
The Effects of Substituting Dietary Soybean Meal with Maize Grain on Milk Production in Dairy Goats. Rapetti, Luca; Galassi, Gianluca; Graziosi, Andrea Rota; Crovetto, Gianni Matteo; Colombini, Stefani Report Feb 1, 2020 4289
Effect of Dietary Crude Protein on Productive Efficiency, Nutrient Digestibility, Blood Metabolites and Gastrointestinal Immune Markers in Light Lambs. Pelegrin-Valls, Jonathan; Serrano-Perez, Beatriz; Villalba, Daniel; Martin- Alonso, Maria Jose; Bert Report Feb 1, 2020 8367
FFC welcomes govt's decision to reduce GIDC prices by Rs400. Jan 28, 2020 446
Urea Fertilizer production witnessed 10 percent increase in Last year. Jan 27, 2020 118
Thar Potential for new power, fuel, urea projects. Syed Akhtar Ali Jan 25, 2020 1303
Thar Coal Block-VI To Produce 1320mw Power, Gas, Diesel, Urea. Jan 24, 2020 269
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Jan 24, 2020 323
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Jan 24, 2020 323
Don't expect uniform cut, fertiliser makers warn govt after GIDC waiver. Nasir Jamal Jan 22, 2020 649
PTI govt's revenue to take Rs44 billion hit from GIDC reduction. Jan 22, 2020 511
Reduced price of urea to support farming communities. Jan 21, 2020 383
Reduced price of urea to support farming communities: General Tariq - Press Release issued by Pakistan Economy Watch. Jan 21, 2020 433
Reduced price of urea to support farming communities: General Tariq - Press Release issued by Pakistan Economy Watch. Jan 21, 2020 433
GIDC abolition to increase price disparity in fertilizer sector. Hassan Naqvi Jan 21, 2020 1503
Change in tax regime likely to hike urea price. Shabbir Kazmi Jan 12, 2020 615
Industry barred from tax refund on urea sales. Jan 12, 2020 194
Disruption of fertilizer supply feared. Jan 7, 2020 550
Local production of fertilizer crucial for 'Making Pakistan the food basket for the world'. Jan 6, 2020 515
Local production of fertilizer crucial for PM's vision of 'Making Pakistan the Food Basket for the. Jan 6, 2020 509
Deals signed for $285mn urea plant, $100mn hospital. Jan 6, 2020 493
New tax ordinance may threaten fertiliser supply. Abdullah Niazi Jan 4, 2020 601
Govt move to amend tax laws may enhance urea price. Jan 4, 2020 324
Industry barred from tax refund on urea sales to unregistered dealers. Jan 4, 2020 512
Urea price hike feared. Jan 3, 2020 202
Record urea sales in December. Jan 2, 2020 389
Peripheral venous route for administration of ammonul infusion for treatment of acute hyperammonemia. An experience from a tertiary center in Saudi Arabia. Alhashem, Amal M.; Salih, Rihab M.; Al-Aqeel, Aida I.; Mohamed, Sarar Jan 1, 2020 2756
Effects of Decreasing Dietary Crude Protein Level on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestion, Serum Metabolites, and Nitrogen Utilization in Growing Goat Kids (Capra. hircus). Zhu, Wen; Xu, Wei; Wei, Congcong; Zhang, Zijun; Jiang, Chunchao; Chen, Xingyong Report Jan 1, 2020 6048
Eco-Friendly, Green Packaging Materials from Akaganeite and Hematite Nanoparticle-Reinforced Chitosan Nanocomposite Films. Chandrakumara, G.T.D.; Dissanayake, D.M.S.N.; Mantilaka, M.M.M.G.P.G.; de Silva, R.T.; Pitawala, H.M Jan 1, 2020 5364
Fast Synthesis of [Co.sub.3][O.sub.4] by Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Treatment. Medina, Midilane S.; Zenatti, Alessandra; Escote, Marcia T. Jan 1, 2020 4870
Remedial Application of Urea Eliminates Yield Losses in Wheat Waterlogged during Stem Elongation. Ding, Jinfeng; Liang, Peng; Guo, Desheng; Liu, Dejun; Yin, Mingxiao; Zhu, Min; Li, Chunyan; Zhu, Xin Jan 1, 2020 7698
The Unexploited Potential of Nutrient Analysis in Potato Tissues at the Onset of Tuberization for Tuber Yield Prediction. Grzebisz, Witold; Frackowiak, Karolina; Potarzycki, Jaroslaw; Diatta, Jean; Szczepaniak, Witold Jan 1, 2020 10861
Combined Application of Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilizers Affects Soil Prokaryotic Communities Compositions. Liu, Liyuan; Li, Chuanzong; Zhu, Shuhao; Xu, Yan; Li, Houyu; Zheng, Xiangqun; Shi, Rongguang Jan 1, 2020 6476
Yiqihuoxue Formula Activates Autophagy and Offers Renoprotection in a Rat Model of Adenine-Induced Kidney Disease. Xia, Chen Hui; Han, Xue Ting; Zhang, Xueqin; Zhu, Ze Bing; Guo, Jing; Cui, Hai Lan; Jiang, Han Xue; Jan 1, 2020 6778
Association between Helicobacter pylori Infection and Colorectal Adenomatous Polyps. Yang, Wen; Yang, Xueqing Dec 31, 2019 2652
Application of Minocycline-Containing Bismuth Quadruple Therapies as First-Line Regimens in the Treatment of Helicobacter pylori. Zhang, Lingyun; Lan, Yu; Wang, Qi; Zhang, Yuexia; Si, Xiaobei Dec 31, 2019 3875
A Review of Urea Pyrolysis to Produce N[H.sub.3] Used for N[O.sub.x] Removal. Wang, Denghui; Dong, Ning; Niu, Yanqing; Hui, Shien Dec 31, 2019 9391
Effects of BSF on Podocyte Apoptosis via Regulating the ROS-Mediated PI3K/AKT Pathway in DN. Cui, Fang-qiang; Wang, Yue-Fen; Gao, Yan-bin; Meng, Yuan; Cai, Zhen; Shen, Cun; Liu, Zhi-qiang; Jian Dec 31, 2019 4997
Antimicrobial and Anti-Biofilm Effect of an Electrolyzed Superoxidized Solution at Neutral-pH against Helicobacter pylori. Lucio-Sauceda, Daniela Guadalupe; Urrutia-Baca, Victor Hugo; Gomez-Flores, Ricardo; De La Garza-Ramo Dec 31, 2019 7301
Shenqi Jiangtang Granule Ameliorates Kidney Function by Inhibiting Apoptosis in a Diabetic Rat Model. Zhang, Qian; Xiao, Xinhua; Zheng, Jia; Li, Ming; Yu, Miao; Ping, Fan; Wang, Tong; Wang, Xiaojing Dec 31, 2019 5215
Siwu Granules and Erythropoietin Synergistically Ameliorated Anemia in Adenine-Induced Chronic Renal Failure Rats. Wu, Yansheng; Wan, Qiang; Shi, Liqiang; Ou, Jiaoying; Li, YingQiao; He, Fei; Wang, Huiling; Gao, Jia Dec 31, 2019 7031
Strontium Carbonate was Induced by Fruit Extracts and Graphene Oxide and its Application in Degradation of Methylene Blue. Chengli Yao, Hongying Li, ChuanminTao, Yanxin Wei, FabaoLuo and Jinmiao Zhu Dec 31, 2019 4648
Effects of Different Additives and Lignin Peroxidase Enzyme on in vitro Gas Production Kinetics and Methane Production of some Straws. Unal Kilic, Abdiwali Mohamoud Abdi and Deniz Ekinci Dec 31, 2019 9492
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Dec 30, 2019 226
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Dec 30, 2019 226
Fertiliser demand-supply condition reviewed. Dec 29, 2019 322
Pakistan's fertiliser sector builds inventory of 1m tons. Dec 28, 2019 623
Imran's govt mulls paying urea subsidy directly to farmers. Dec 27, 2019 598
Urea makers warn gas tariff hike to hit agri sector. Kalbe Ali Dec 24, 2019 546
Govt, stakeholders fail to reach consensus on urea price. Dec 23, 2019 471
Hyperuricemia--A Risk Factor of Metabolic Syndrome in Type II Diabetes with Hypertension. Swarnalatha, J.C.; Rachel, K. Vijaya; Kumar, G. Amar Nagesh; Ausvi, Samina; Yadav, Anurag Dec 23, 2019 3383
Sufficient stocks of Urea, DAP available. Dec 21, 2019 191
Efforts underway to further bring down urea prices: Asad Umar. Dec 21, 2019 287
Govt to discuss supply, demand and prices of fertilizers with stakeholders next week. Dec 21, 2019 405
Hike in gas tariffs likely to trigger jump in urea prices. Dec 19, 2019 572
Meeting to be held to review the fertilizer prices and availability - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Dec 18, 2019 215
Minister: (Meeting to be held to review the fertilizer prices and availability). Dec 18, 2019 163
Meeting to be held to review the fertilizer prices and availability - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Dec 18, 2019 215
'Gas price rise may affect urea rate by Rs600 per bag'. Dec 18, 2019 271
Increased gas prices will lead to a jump of Rs600 per bag in urea price. Dec 18, 2019 398
Khusro Bakhtiar expresses concerns over increased DAP price. Dec 17, 2019 247
Govt concerned about rising DAP, urea prices. Dec 17, 2019 231
Bakhtiar concerned over increased DAP prices. Dec 17, 2019 292
Khusro Bakhtiar expresses concerns over increased DAP price. Dec 17, 2019 292
Federal Minister called a meeting over fertilizer situation for Rabi - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Dec 16, 2019 358
Federal Minister called a meeting over fertilizer situation for Rabi - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Dec 16, 2019 358
Thar: Potential for new power, fuel, urea projects. SYED AKHTAR ALI Dec 16, 2019 1332
Thar Coal Block-VI to produce 1320 MW electricity, gas, diesel, Urea. Dec 12, 2019 918
Thar Coal Block-VI to produce 1320 mw electricity. Dec 11, 2019 926
No problem in availability of urea, state govt should look in distribution: Narendra Singh Tomar. ANI Dec 11, 2019 182
FBR to introduce track and trace system for four major sectors. Dec 10, 2019 219
FBR to introduce track and trace system for four major sectors. Dec 10, 2019 221
Arrest us or give urea to farmers: Shivraj Singh Chouhan. ANI Dec 4, 2019 288
Effects of intrgdiglytic parenteral nutrition on antioxidant capacity in hemodialysis patients aged over 60 years. Eminsoy, Irem Olcay; Eminsoy, Gokhan Dec 1, 2019 4585
Fertilizer manufactures post mixed results in q3. Shabbir Kazmi Financial report Dec 1, 2019 1084
Engro Fertilizers a trusted partner of Pakistani farmers. Shabbir Kazmi Dec 1, 2019 1723
Fertilizer production rises by 2.6pc in July-March 2018-19. S. Kamal Hayder Kazmi Dec 1, 2019 932
Bilateral pan-plexus lesion after substance use: A case report. Buyuksireci, Dilek Eker; Polat, Musa; Zinnuroglu, Murat; Cengiz, Bulent; Karatas, Gulcin Kaymak Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 2323
Effects of Nitrogen Foliar Fertilization on the Vegetative and Productive Performance of the Olive Tree and on Oil Quality. Regni, Luca; Proietti, Primo Dec 1, 2019 5142
Is hepcidin related with anemia and bone mineral metabolism in children with non-dialysis chronic kidney disease?/Diyaliz gereksinimi olmayan kronik bobrek hastalikli cocuklarda hepsidin ile anemi ve kemik mineral metabolizmasi iliskili midir? Yesilbas, Osman; Yildiz, Nurdan; Baykan, Ozgur; Alpay, Harika Dec 1, 2019 5084
Serum Human Epididymis Protein 4 is Associated with Renal Function and Diabetic Kidney Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Zhang, Miaomiao; Zhao, Bing; Xie, Jing; Liang, Yan; Yang, Zaixing Nov 30, 2019 4100
SOCAR Carbamide Plant's production volumes to reach 650,000 tons. Nov 28, 2019 582
Ministry, fertiliser industry discuss urea price reduction. Nov 27, 2019 446
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Nov 27, 2019 247
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Nov 27, 2019 247
Pakistan's excess urea can fetch $250m in exports. Nov 26, 2019 601
Prices of commonly used fertilizers continue to rise. Nov 25, 2019 363
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Adblue) Market 2019 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2025. Nov 25, 2019 847
Volume of Azerbaijan's nitrogen fertilizer exports disclosed. Nov 24, 2019 378
Surplus urea can help reduce trade imbalance. Nov 21, 2019 349
Solid Urea Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Sales, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2025. Nov 21, 2019 767
Qafco is world's largest single-site producer of ammonia and urea: Al-Kaabi. Nov 11, 2019 794
Open sale of substandard urea continues in Kumb. NazSolangi Nov 9, 2019 111
NA Speaker takes notice of availability and pricing trend of different fertilizer products particularly DAP and Urea. Nov 5, 2019 543
Urea sales decline 74pc in October. Financial report Nov 4, 2019 355
Global Urea Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025. Nov 4, 2019 761
Can split or delayed application of N fertiliser to grain sorghum reduce soil [N.sub.2]O emissions from sub-tropical Vertosols and maintain grain yields? Schwenke, C.D.; Haigh, B.M. Report Nov 1, 2019 12264
Defining Fertilization Strategies for Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Production Under Sudano-Sahelian Conditions: Options for Late Basal Fertilizer Application. Ganyo, Komla Kyky; Muller, Bertrand; Ndiaye, Malick; Gaglo, Espoir Koudjo; Guisse, Aliou; Adam, Myri Nov 1, 2019 8753
Partial replacement of soybean meal with different protein sources in piglet feed during the nursery phase. Genova, Jansller Luiz; Carvalho, Paulo Levi de Oliveira; De Oliveira, Newton Tavares Escocard; Olive Nov 1, 2019 7720
Aerial Nitrogen Fluxes and Soil Nitrate in response to Fall-Applied Manure and Fertilizer Applications in Eastern South Dakota. Mehata, Mukesh; Cortus, Erin; Niraula, Suresh; Spiehs, Mindy J.; Darrington, Joseph; Chatterjee, Ami Oct 31, 2019 13820
High Incidence of Moderately Reduced Renal Function and Lead Bioaccumulation in Agricultural Workers in Assin South District, Ghana: A Community-Based Case-Control Study. Adu, Patrick; Forkuo, Eric Kumah; Issah, Abubakari; Asumadu, Isaac Owusu; Cadman-Sackey, Emmanuel; Q Oct 31, 2019 5159
Xiaokeping Mixture Attenuates Diabetic Kidney Disease by Modulating TGF-[beta]/Smad Pathway in db/db Mice. Yang, Bo; Xia, Zhongni; Xin, Chuanwei; Ma, Chenggang; Zhang, Feng Oct 31, 2019 4454
Synthesis and DFT Quantum Chemical Calculations of 2-Oxopyrimidin-1(2H)-yl-Urea and Thiorea Derivatives. Report Oct 31, 2019 9970
Exports of local urea to Latin America launched. Oct 28, 2019 399
AKD Securities Limited - Off the Analyst's Desk. Oct 28, 2019 259
AKD Securities Limited - Off the Analyst's Desk. Oct 28, 2019 259
PSA: Prices of four fertilizer grades up in September. Oct 28, 2019 665
Smart subsidy by Punjab Govt: a step in right direction. Oct 27, 2019 711
Azerbaijan to sharply boost methanol and carbamide production - FORECAST. Oct 23, 2019 126
The Effect of Antioxidant Treatment on the Shear Bond Strength of Different Bonding Systems to Bleached Enamel. Cetin, Ali Riza; Yildirim, Cihan; Unlu, Nimet; Cobankara, Funda Kont Oct 21, 2019 4244
Urea manufacturers can earn $250m per annum if right impetuses are offered. Kazmi, Shabbir Oct 6, 2019 925
Effect of supplementation with brewer's yeast hydrolysate on growth performance, nutrients digestibility, blood profiles and meat quality in growing to finishing pigs. Zhang, Jian Ying; Park, Jae Won; Kim, In Ho Oct 1, 2019 5871
Sustainable Intensification of Sorghum and Pearl Millet Production by Seed Priming, Seed Treatment and Fertilizer Microdosing under Different Rainfall Regimes in Mali. Coulibaly, Adama; Woumou, Kamkam; Aune, Jens B. Oct 1, 2019 9099
The Effect of N and P Fertilizers on Yield and Yield Components of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Low-Fertile Soil of North-Western Ethiopia. Amare, Mizan; Fisseha, Dawit; Andreasen, Christian Oct 1, 2019 7220
Facile and Green Preparation of Thermal and pH Sensitive Hydrogel Microspheres Based on Spray Drying and the Diels-Alder Reaction. Wei, Hongliang; Yang, Xiaoqing; Chu, Huijuan; Li, Jingjing Oct 1, 2019 6364
Comparing the effectiveness and longevity of the urease inhibitor N-(2-nitrophenyl) phosphoric triamide (2-NPT) with N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (nBTPT) in reducing ammonia emissions from cattle urine applied to dairy-grazed pasture soils. Adhikari, Kamal P.; Saggar, Surinder; Hanly, James A.; Guinto, Danilo F. Report Oct 1, 2019 8300
Resveratrol Reverses Thioacetamide-Induced Renal Assault with respect to Oxidative Stress, Renal Function, DNA Damage, and Cytokine Release in Wistar Rats. Zargar, Seema; Alonazi, Mona; Rizwana, Humaira; Wani, Tanveer A. Sep 30, 2019 5190
Assessment of Thyroid Dysfunction, Dyslipidaemia and Oxidative Stress in Hypertensive End Stage Chronic Renal Disease Patients in a Teaching Hospital in Western U. P. Kaechawa, Poonam; Sinha, Vivek Sep 30, 2019 3724
Preparation and Self-Repairing Properties of Urea Formaldehyde-Coated Epoxy Resin Microcapsules. Yan, Xiaoxing; Chang, Yijuan; Qian, Xingyu Sep 30, 2019 6260
Urea sales jump 45% in August. Sep 27, 2019 173
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Sep 26, 2019 235
IGI Securities Limited - Day Break. Sep 26, 2019 558
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Sep 26, 2019 235
IGI Securities Limited - Day Break. Sep 26, 2019 558
Blanket subsidy hurtful to small farmers amid growing prices. Sep 24, 2019 233
Kima will open EGP 11.6bn ammonia, urea production plant next month. Daily News Egypt Sep 23, 2019 313
Urea Formaldehyde Market Qualitative Analysis Reveals Amazing Growth. Sep 21, 2019 633
Urea Formaldehyde Market Qualitative Analysis Reveals Amazing Growth. Sep 20, 2019 646
Fertilizer industry denies govt's request of decreasing prices. Sep 18, 2019 206
Controlled Release Fertilizers Market Overview 2019 Global Industry Size, Share, Growth Factor, Development Opportunities and Regional Demand by 2024. Sep 17, 2019 819
Telangana: Farmer dies standing in queue for urea, BJP attacks govt. Sep 6, 2019 351
Industry Perspective on GIDC utility and reality. Sep 6, 2019 896
Urea price may surge Rs200 per bag. Sep 6, 2019 478
Telangana CM instructs officials to supply adequate stocks of urea to farmers. Sep 6, 2019 417
Urea offtake likely to surge 43pc in Aug. Sep 3, 2019 297
Thermomechanical Characterization of Thermoplastic Polyimide-Polyurea to Improve the Chain Interaction via Internal Hydrogen Bonds. Nicholls, Alejandro Rivera; Pellisier, Matthew; Perez, Yesenia; Stock, John Allan; Kuli, Ken; Julien Report Sep 1, 2019 8233
Residual Kidney Function in Hemodialyzed Patients and Related Factors. Erdogdu, Halil Ibrahim; Kara, Fatih Sep 1, 2019 4543
Subsidised gas supply to two fertiliser plants to continue till November. Sep 1, 2019 387
Evaluation of Analytical Process Performance by Six Sigma Method. Emekli, Dilek Iren; Zorbozan, Nergiz; Erbayraktar, Zubeyde Sep 1, 2019 4689
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on the Growth and Seed Yield of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). Zenawi, Gebregergis; Mizan, Amare Aug 31, 2019 5855
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Aug 28, 2019 283
AKD Securities Limited Equity Research - Daily Report. Aug 28, 2019 283
Urea Formaldehyde Market - Growing Applications in Thriving Wood Industry Generating Opportunities. Aug 28, 2019 825
Urea offtake dips 6pc in July. Aug 27, 2019 334
PM's Advisor appreciates performance of TCP. Aug 23, 2019 228
Urea Formaldehyde Market Projections & Future Opportunities Recorded for the Period until 2027. Aug 21, 2019 770
Hydroxyethyl Urea Market Value Chain and Forecast 2019 to 2029. Aug 21, 2019 1165
Urea Formaldehyde Market Projections & Future Opportunities Recorded for the Period until 2027. Aug 20, 2019 785
Fluoride Exposure Tied to Kidney, Liver Function Changes in Youth; Increase in plasma fluoride linked to lower eGFR, higher serum uric acid, lower blood urea nitrogen. Aug 8, 2019 264
Bovine urine inhibits microbial function and increases urea turnover in dairy grazed soils. Lambie, S.M.; Mason, N.W.H.; Mudge, P.L. Report Aug 1, 2019 7250
Urea Formaldehyde Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019-2024: Major Players are BASF SE, Hexion, Ashland, ASTACHEM, and Metadynea. Aug 1, 2019 1020
Wood Adhesives Market 2019: Factors behind the Growth in New Research On Top Players Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, 3M, Sika AG, H.B. Fuller Company, Ashland, Bostik, Akzo Nobel N.V., The Dow Chemical Company. Jul 31, 2019 935
Hemolytic Crisis following Naphthalene Mothball Ingestion in a 21-Month-Old Patient with Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency. dela Cruz, Maricel; Khalid, Muhammad Masood; Mostafa, Ahmed; Ershad, Muhammed; Vearrier, David; McKe Jul 31, 2019 1496
Elevated Blood Urea Nitrogen-to-Serum Albumin Ratio as a Factor That Negatively Affects the Mortality of Patients with Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia. Feng, Ding-Yun; Zhou, Yu-Qi; Zou, Xiao-Ling; Zhou, Mi; Yang, Hai-Ling; Chen, Xiao-Xia; Zhang, Tian-T Jul 31, 2019 4006
Nitrogen Fertilizer Market Growing Demand, Business Guideline & Manufacturers (Coromandel, Yara, CF Industries Holdings, Agrium, Bunge). Jul 29, 2019 709
Lactation performance and rumen fermentation in dairy cows fed a diet with alfalfa hay replaced by corn stover and supplemented with molasses. Wei, Zi-Hai; Liang, Shu-Lin; Wang, Di-Ming; Liu, Hong-Yun; Wanapat, Metha; Liu, Jian-Xin Jul 26, 2019 4118
IGI Securities Limited - Day Break - Fertilizer. Jul 26, 2019 562
IGI Securities Limited - Day Break - Fertilizer. Jul 26, 2019 562
Govt allows urea price hike by only Rs10 per bag. Jul 19, 2019 588
Industry for increasing prices of fertiliser. Jul 17, 2019 403
SOCAR Carbamide launches supplies to local market. Jul 16, 2019 495
FFC - Role in Pakistan Agri. Sector Development. Jul 14, 2019 1091
First carbamide ships to Turkey via BTK. Jul 4, 2019 377
Government reviving five fertiliser plants to reduce urea imports. Jul 2, 2019 278
Urea-induced nitrous oxide emissions under sub-tropical rain-fed sorghum and sunflower were nullified by DMPP, partially mitigated by polymer-coated urea, or enhanced by a blend of urea and polymer-coated urea. Schwenke, C.D.; Haigh, B.M. Report Jul 1, 2019 11133
Mitigation of ammonia volatilisation from urea with micronised sulfur applied to common bean. Crusciol, Carlos Alexandre Costa; Almeida, Danilo Silva; Alves, Cleiton lose; Soratto, Rogerio Peres Report Jul 1, 2019 6891
New nitrogen fertilizer may reduce nitrate levels and make water safer. Jul 1, 2019 367
A Simple and Green Protocol for the Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones Using 11-Molybdo-1-vanado phosphoric Acid as a Catalyst Under Ultrasound Irradiation. Chavan, Laxmikant D.; Deshmukh, Surekha N.; Shankarwar, Sunil G. Jul 1, 2019 3935
The effect of perioperative blood transfusion on kidney functions in total knee Arthroplasty. Jun 30, 2019 2577
Plan to import urea decried. Jun 14, 2019 322
Export of first local carbamide launched. Jun 12, 2019 445
SOCAR, Tekfen to build new carbamide plant. Jun 3, 2019 418
Can We Predict Mortality in Patients with Fournier's Gangrene Using Questionnaires? A Pilot Study with Eighty-seven Patients/Fournier Gangrenine Bagli Olumleri Anketlerle Ongorebilir miyiz? Seksen Yedi Hastayla Yapilan Pilot Bir Calisma. Yalcinkaya, Soner; Yildiz, Ali; Yuksel, Mustafa; Islamoglu, Ekrem; Ates, Nihat; Tokgoz, Husnu; Savas Jun 1, 2019 4789
The Effect of Exhaustive Exercise on Plasma Metabolic Profiles of Male and Female Rats. Zhou, Wenbin; Zeng, Guigang; Lyu, Chunming; Kou, Fang; Zhang, Shen; Wei, Hai Jun 1, 2019 8303
Variation of cow's milk composition across different daily milking sessions and feasibility of using a composite sampling/Variacao da composicao do leite de vaca em diferentes turnos diarios de ordenha e viabilidade de usar uma amostragem composta. Bondan, Carlos; Folchini, Jessica Aneris; Noro, Mirela; Machado, Karine Martini; Muhls, Eduardo; Gon Jun 1, 2019 3660
The Effect of Watermelon Beverage Ingestion on Fatigue Index in Young-Male, Recreational Football Players. Rizal, Mochammad; Segalita, Calista; Mahmudiono, Trias Jun 1, 2019 3931
Nephroprotective Effect of Herbal Extract Eurycoma longifolia on Paracetamol-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats. Chinnappan, Sasikala M.; George, Annie; Thaggikuppe, Praveen; Choudhary, YogendraKumar; Choudhary, V May 31, 2019 4378

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