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Urdu conference continues on second day.

KARACHI -- The second day of international Urdu Conference continued at Arts Council of Pakistan on Friday with a sitting of 'Hamad o Naat' under the supervision of famous poet Iftikhar Arif.

Jahan Ara Lutfi, Farasat Hussain and Dr. Aziz Ahsan presented their research articles before the audience about the Hamd o Naat. The session was hosted by Aziz ud Din Khaki.

Iftikhar Arif said Urdu had a great stock of Naat which was not available in another language with the same standard.

Everyone who wants to write a Naat has the right to do it but we have to check it in the literary standards and one says the Naat has to Know the basic of literature and the standards of poetic themes.

He further added that saying Naat was not about the belief but it was a universal appeal that everyone could praise the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions.

Jahan Ara Lutfi presented her thesis on the 'non Muslim poets and their Natia poetry developed the coexistence between Muslims and non Muslims.

The basic reason for writing a Naat by non-Muslims is that Almighty Allah has promised to the Prophet that his name will be highlighted and praised until the end of the world.

Prophet Mohammad (PUBH) was the highest personality among human being and everyone who write poetic verses he also writes Naats. We are seeing the non Muslim poet are also standing the Muslim poets in praising the Prophet (PUBH) by their Naats.

Farast Rizwi presented his article on the evolution of modern Naat and said that in the modern literature Urdu Naat was standing alone with its uniqueness.

He concluded that it was not easy to write a Naat and there was a need of enough knowledge for that. Dr. Aziz Ahmed presented his research on the creative journey of Naat. The second part of the first session of the day was dedicated to the literature of children.

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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Article Type:Conference news
Date:Dec 23, 2017
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