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Urbanisation ills.

Byline: Shahbaz Khan Mashor-Khairpur Nathan Shah

URBANISATION can have a devastating effect on cities and its people. It causes high population density, environmental degradation, unemployment and inadequate provision of social, medical, educational, recreational and economic facilities. It also impacts the life of people negatively. Several families in Pakistan have migrated to villages and their hometowns to survive during the pandemic. The increasing population in urban areas prove that the small towns are safer than cities in times of such disasters.

Urbanisation is primarily caused by unemployment, or lack of employment opportunities, and inadequate provision of educational, health and recreational facilities in villages and towns. Due to urbanisation, cities have become more crowded, infrastructure has collapsed, resources are depleting, and slums have developed, as institutions are unable to serve the huge population.

Consequently, the development has caused an increase in street crimes, poverty and suicidal attempts. To be precise, urbanisation has become a chronic issue for the government.

The problem can be controlled through smart planning and effective utilisation of available resources.

Moreover, officials and experts must apply the theory of regionalism at the provincial level to eliminate the disparities between urban and rural areas of the country. Pakistan will surely be able to overcome the issue of urbanisation if practical policies are implemented and monitored on a regular basis.

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Author:Shahbaz Khan Mashor-Khairpur Nathan Shah
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 19, 2021
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