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Urban renewal.

It has been reputed that the continent of Atlantis was lost beneath the sea and there are historical references to the lost city of the Incas. Mindful of these occurrences, each of the twenty-five examples below represents what has been left behind when a world city has disappeared from the beginning, end or middle of a word en toto. For instance, had e r been present in the list, two restorations would have been possible, both of which happen to be in Germany--HAMBURGer and FRANKFURTer. Six of the missing metropolises are in the United States. There are two each from France, Germany, and Italy and one apiece from the following countries: Australia, Ecuador, England, Greece, India, Ireland, Latvia, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, Tunisia, and Yemen. Score four points for each successfully completed citification project.

1. archipe

2. bdier

3. ca

4. comon

5. cor

6. CX

7. dect

8. dim

9. el

10. et

11. exhg

12. he

13. hyermia

14. mos

15. nal

16. opport

17. pnade

18. rature

19. sab

20. screw

21. ss

22. time

23. twk

24. tra

25. wn

Steve Kahan

Hollis Hills, New York
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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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