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Uptrend seen at Chillventa: need for improved efficiencies propelling demand for products.


NUREMBERG, Germany -- If suppliers of air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment were looking for signs of encouragement after two years of dismal growth in Europe and North America, they found them October 13 to 15 at Chillventa, the German trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps. Nearly 30,000 visitors toured Chillventa's seven exhibit halls, visiting 881 stands, some of them, like Danfoss, BITZER, Emerson, and Daikin, more like small villages than exhibit booths.

Heinrich ReuB, managing director of Bock, summed up the feeling among exhibitors. "We have had the right visitors at the stands and have held highly qualified talks. The mood at Chillventa shows the way ahead for the industry. I'm already looking forward to the next exhibition." The number of exhibitors grew by 10% from the show's last edition in 2008.

The German economy is gaining steam, posting 4% growth rates during the second and third quarters compared to less than 2% in the U.S. and other major European economies. Not surprising for a country that exports more than any other except China, exports are fueling Germany's rebound. Companies exhibiting at Chillventa say the need for improved energy efficiencies is behind the global demand for their products.

One company anticipating strong growth in 2011 is compressor manufacturer BITZER. The company emphasized that its new products slash energy consumption and comply with stricter environmental regulations. These included reciprocating compressors for subcritical C[O.sub.2] applications, the OCTAGON VARISPEED series, ECOSTAR condensing unit, CS.3 series screw compressors and the ORBIT 8 scroll compressor series.

"With our innovations we are responding to the future challenges that are becoming ever more significant for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industries," said Hans P. Meurer, managing director of BITZER. "There is a growing sense of responsibility towards the environment and the ever greater importance of energy savings owing to rising energy costs."

Guntner is a leading German manufacturer of heat exchangers also serving an international market. At Chillventa, the company announced that it is now offering its microox[R] technology heat exchanger coils in sizes up to 4 m (13 ft). The technology offers high output per square meter of heat exchange surface. The heat exchangers are made completely of aluminum, providing greater corrosion resistance. A new product from Guntner that includes application of microox technology is the GVHX/GVVX condenser series, a flatbed condenser said to be the first in the market.


Guntner expanded the power spectrum of its dry cooler series with new GFD with a capacity of up to 2 MW The smallest possible footprint is achieved due to a high power density with minimum amount of fans and unit feet. The GFD offers a variety of construction types, with different fin and tube geometries available.

Global reach was a common theme among the major exhibitors at Chillventa. An example was Tecumseh, manufacturer of hermetic compressors and condensing units.

"The trend for 2010 turnover is returning to a pre-crisis level," said Mike Noelke, executive vice president for global sales, marketing and engineering.

The company, which specializes in commercial refrigeration, as well as niche applications for industrial process cooling, thermodynamic systems and mobile air conditioning, has more than 1,000 sales points on five continents and three European manufacturing sites. At Chillventa, Tecumseh announced an increased range of rotary compressors for R-134a and R-290.


"The commitment of the European Community to reduce C[O.sub.2] emissions by 20% by 2020 will lead to significant changes in the industry. This will have a direct impact on applications where rotary compressors can be applied because they fully meet the new energy efficiency requirements. Their high efficiency is achieved through a continuous compression cycle and the absence of dead volume at the end of the compression. There is a single retaining valve, direct suction and a reduced number of moving parts," said Noelke. The company says that rotary compressors can achieve energy savings of up to 30%.

Another compressor producer, Bock, presented its solutions for environment-friendly refrigeration and air conditioning, citing figures that refrigeration processes account for 14% of Germany's total energy use. With 15 years of experience with C[O.sub.2] in various applications, Bock announced that it now offers a range of compressor solutions for subcritical and transcritical C[O.sub.2] applications. Its HG34 C[O.sub.2] T achieves greater efficiency through forced lubrication that ensures a continuous and reliable oil supply to the bearings and optimal oil circulation. To accommodate the special requirements of C[O.sub.2], it has a special oil reservoir that hinders oil foaming and turbulences, reducing the oil-throw to a minimum.

Bock also displayed its compressor solutions for hydrocarbons with its new HC compressor variant. Those compressors are suitable for many standard hydrocarbons such as R-290 (propane), R-600a (isobutane) and R-1270 (propylene). Especially in heat pump technology, R-290 is widely used as a R-502 and R-22 substitute. In European supermarket applications hydrocarbons have established themselves as natural alternatives next to C[O.sub.2]. Because hydrocarbons are flammable, Bock's HC compressors have safety related modifications.

Emerson Climate Technologies' message at Chillventa was echoed by many of the other global producers: There is no single solution to meet the industry's energy and environmental challenges. According to the company's Thomas Tomski, Emerson's approach is to expand its product line.

Under the Copeland brand, the company launched its Stream series, a new line of semihermetic reciprocating compressors. The series offers what the company calls "Best in Class" performance in F-gas applications with CoreSense[TM] diagnostics technology and a C[O.sub.2] transcritical compression range completing the company's R-744 offering. New products with variable capacity modulation were also introduced including Digital Scroll[TM] HLR Receiver units for groceries, restaurants and caterers and EazyCool[TM] condensing units for standard and low-temperature commercial refrigeration applications.

Emerson's heat pump technology received attention at Chillventa. The new ZHW Copeland screw compressors with inverter for variable speed operation are specifically developed for heat pumps. The new compressor uses a brushless permanent-magnet motor that is highly efficient, allowing compressor speed to be continuously adapted between 1,800 and 7,000 rpm. The advantage is the ability to precisely provide the required heating power during the heating season.

EVAPCO showed its new PMCQ evaporative condenser product line. The line is a combination of EVAPCO's extensive forced draft evaporative cooling product experience and engineered solutions design philosophy. The PMCQ condensers feature moisture eliminators that strip the entrained water droplets from the leaving airstream, saving water and reducing water treatment cost.

LG displayed to the European market for the first time its Multi V III, targeting large-scale facilities such as office complexes and large retailers. Because demand for energy-saving technology is growing fast in Europe, LG says the Multi V III will be its flagship product there, a central part of the company's plan to secure $10 billion in global sales by 2014.

The Multi V III boasts three key benefits: higher energy efficiency, larger capacity and longer piping design. The unit's energy efficiency, boosted by LG's V-Scroll inverter compressor and High Pressure Oil Return technology, delivers a COP of 4.6, one of the highest in the industry.

As visitors streamed through the halls, the president of one exhibiting company said that when the show opened he was optimistic. "Now I am worrying again. How will we meet demand? But I expect to be sleeping well the next few months."

The next Chillventa is Oct. 10-12, 2012.
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