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Upstairs getaway for the whole family.

This top-floor getaway room has something for every member of the family: it's part media room, part sanctuary-study, and part guest suite.

Before, the space was occupied by a bedroom and bathroom with a constricting and unnecessary corridor, poorly placed closets, and a dead space around a walled-in water heater. The bathroom blocked access to a rooftop area with potential to become a sunny terrace.

First, San Francisco architect Toby Levy gutted the space. Then, to define separate activity areas within the single room, she created two distinct focal points: a free-standing storage and display partition toward the west side of the room, and a dramatic half-moon fireplace and southfacing window wall overlooking tbe new roof terrace.

The symmetrical storage partition is 24 inches deep and 9 feet long. It screens off a dressing area (with sink) and the door to a new bathroom built into former attic space. The back side of the partition, facing the dressing area, contains open shelving. The front side, facing the big room, holds books on open shelves and electronic gear in a pair of stacked cabinets. Built of plywood, the partition is covered in plastic laminate for easy cleaning.

Echoing the design of the partition wall, the new fireplace has symmetrically stairstepping display platforms that flank a central chimney

At the north end of the room is a built-in desk. Built-in storage cabinets bracket a nearby sofa bed, making use of low areas under the sloping roof; the cabinets' tops serve as end tables for the sofa.
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Date:Dec 1, 1988
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