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Refrigeration technicians to have skill on new refrigerants. Sep 13, 2022 369
Hope probe discovers 'patchy' Mars proton aurora. Staff Reporter Sep 1, 2022 959
Leaders too scared to tackle plane pollution. Aug 1, 2022 509
Chilling simulation shows what will happen if Russia and US launched full nuclear war; The research said firestorms would release soot and smoke into the upper atmosphere that would block out the Sun, resulting in crop failure around the world. By, Rachel Hagan Jul 7, 2022 809
Nuclear war would trigger 'little ice age' with sun blocked and crops and ocean life devastated; 'It doesn't matter who is bombing whom -once the smoke is released into the upper atmosphere, it spreads globally and affects everyone'. By, Mark Waghorn & Elaine Blackburne Jul 7, 2022 731
Mercury's Geomagnetic Storms Are Similar to Farth's. Jun 1, 2022 311
Discussing Total Electron Content over the Solar Wind Parameters. Eroglu, Emre Report Feb 28, 2022 6569
Seismogenic Anomalies in Atmospheric Gravity Waves as Observed from SABER/TIMED Satellite during Large Earthquakes. Kundu, Subrata; Chowdhury, Swati; Ghosh, Soujan; Sasmal, Sudipta; Politis, Dimitrios Z.; Potirakis, Jan 10, 2022 10686
Wave Number and Input Impedance of a VLF Insulated Linear Antenna in an Anisotropic Ionosphere. Zhang, Shitian; Peng, Huaiyun; Wei, Bing; Han, Xiange; Wang, Maoyan Nov 3, 2021 4959
Distributed Multistatic Sky-Wave Over-the-Horizon Radar's Positioning Algorithm for the Marine Target. Ren, Fangyu; Gao, Huotao; Yang, Lijuan; Zhou, Sang Oct 27, 2021 3500
North Korea tests new hypersonic missile one day after US launches Mach 5 weapon; Hypersonic weapons are designed to travel in the upper atmosphere at speeds of more than five times the speed of sound, or about 6,200 kilometres (3,853 miles) per hour. By, Sangmi Ch & Milo Boyd Sep 29, 2021 438
An Information-Theoretical Approach to Analyzing Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Processes in Hybrid Simulations. Sep 22, 2021 192
Scientists discover first space hurricane above Earth. Mar 5, 2021 361
Investigation of Ionospheric Vertical Delay at S1 and L5 Frequencies, Based on Thick-Shell Model Using NavIC System, for Mid Latitude Region of India. Bhardwaj, Sharat C.; Vidyarthi, Anurag; Jassal, Bhajan S.; Shukla, Ashish K. Report Feb 1, 2021 6994
Silver lining for hole in ozone layer over the Arctic. Apr 20, 2020 585
Numerical Modelling of Electro-Magnetohydrodynamic Disturbances (E-MHD) in a Two-Dimensional Configuration in the Vertical Plane in the Ionosphere: Small Scale and Medium Scale Ionospheric Disturbances. Nijimbere, Victor; Campbell, Lucy J. Report Jan 1, 2020 8448
Global Wind Patterns of Mars Mapped. Dec 16, 2019 930
Researchers use largest radar in Antarctica for first measures of Earth's ionosphere. ANI Nov 30, 2019 424
NASA Spacecraft launches Ionospheric Connection Explorer to explore space frontier. Oct 17, 2019 216
NASA opens media accreditation for launch of Ionosphere mission. Sep 20, 2019 188
NASA opens media accreditation for launch of Ionosphere mission. Sep 20, 2019 200
Geomagnetic Field Perturbations Resulted from Tsunami Wave Impact on the Ionosphere. Sorokin, Valery M.; Yashchenko, Alexey K.; Surkov, Vadim V. Report Sep 1, 2019 6486
2 MINUTES ON; Have you ever wondered why the ozone layer is so important to our health? Aug 16, 2019 179
2 MINUTES ON; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Helping to keep you fit and healthy @MiriamStoppard; Have you ever wondered why the ozone layer is so important to our health? Aug 16, 2019 178
Ionospheric Clutter Model for HF Sky-Wave Path Propagation with an FMCW Source. Yang, Xuguang; Liu, Aijun; Yu, Changjun; Wang, Linwei May 31, 2019 5346
Numerical Simulation of Ionospheric Disturbance Generated by Ballistic Missile. Zhu, Jinyuan; Fang, Hanxian; Xia, Fan; Wan, Tao; Tan, Xiaolin May 31, 2019 4939
Electromagnetic Field Solutions in an Isotropic Medium with Weakly-Random Fluctuations in Time and Some Applications in the Electrodynamics of the Ionosphere. Nijimbere, Victor; Campbell, Lucy J. Report Jan 1, 2019 6619
Ozone hole modest despite optimum conditions for depletion: Scientists. Nov 3, 2018 377
Dark Ribbon and Jupiter's Magnetic Equator. Jul 25, 2018 682
COORDINATED UPPER-TROPOSPHERE-TO-STRATOSPHERE BALLOON EXPERIMENT IN BIAK. Hasebe, F.; Aoki, S.; Morimoto, S.; Inai, Y.; Nakazawa, T.; Sugawara, S.; Ikeda, C.; Honda, H.; Yama Report Jun 1, 2018 10299
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket tore a hole through Earth's ionosphere - study. Mar 27, 2018 240
Ozone hole healing around poles, but not at lower latitudes. Feb 10, 2018 539
NASA'a Launching An Instrument To Study The Highest Part Of The Atmosphere. Jan 26, 2018 373
Localized Increment and Decrement in the Total Electron Content of the Ionosphere as a Response to the April 20, 2018, Geomagnetic Storm. Sotomayor-Beltran, Carlos Jan 1, 2018 4000
Cassini Data Shows Shadows Cast By Saturn's Rings Affect Its Ionosphere. Dec 12, 2017 532
NASA's TSIS-1 Will Study How Sunlight Affects Earth's Ozone. Nov 23, 2017 601
NASA Shows How Solar Flare Oscillations Affect Earth's Ionosphere. Nov 17, 2017 940
The Hole In The Ozone Layer Is The Smallest It has Been In Almost 30 Years (Video). Nov 4, 2017 180
NASA To Investigate Earth-Space Boundary With New Satellite. Oct 19, 2017 514
Top 10 Mars Discoveries Made By MAVEN. Jun 19, 2017 588
NASA plans to make colorful clouds for studying the ionosphere, aurora. Jun 13, 2017 173
Timing of tropical rainfall driven by upper atmosphere. Brief article Jun 1, 2017 256
NASA's MAVEN Reveals Mars Has Metal in Its Atmosphere. Apr 12, 2017 650
Charged Metal Ions In Martian Atmosphere. Apr 11, 2017 424
How solar eruptions adjust upper atmosphere's thermostat. Apr 1, 2017 303
The Contribution of Geomagnetic Activity to Polar Ozone Changes in the Upper Atmosphere. Huang, Cong; Huang, Fuxiang; Zhang, Xiaoxin; Liu, Dandan; Lv, Jingtian Report Jan 1, 2017 4875
Stratospheric Processes and Their Role in Climate. Xu, JianJun; Mohanakumar, K.; Guo, Dong; Liu, Yu; Yue, Jia Editorial Jan 1, 2017 505
Triple-Frequency GPS Precise Point Positioning Ambiguity Resolution Using Dual-Frequency Based IGS Precise Clock Products. Liu, Fei; Gao, Yang Report Jan 1, 2017 6802
The Vertical Ionosphere Parameters Inversion for High Frequency Surface Wave Radar. Yang, Xuguang; Yu, Changjun; Liu, Aijun; Wang, Linwei; Quan, Taifan Jan 1, 2017 4161
Cross Spectral Analysis of CODAR-SeaSonde Echoes from Sea Surface and Ionosphere at Taiwan. Wang, Chien-Ya; Su, Ching-Lun; Wu, Kang-Hung; Chu, Yen-Hsyang Jan 1, 2017 8037
Performance Evaluation of Azimuth Offset Method for Mitigating the Ionospheric Effect on SAR Interferometry. Zhu, Wu; Zhang, Wen-Ting; He, Yu-Fang; Qu, Wei Jan 1, 2017 4618
Airbus Perlan Mission II to begin aerospace research in Argentina. Jul 19, 2016 294
Time-Lapse view of earth's limb from the ISS. Apr 6, 2016 114
Upper-atmosphere C[O.sub.2] levels rising rapidly. Feb 1, 2016 472
Mars' ionosphere mystery explained. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Oct 17, 2015 208
The astronomical forecast for Wales... a chance of showers; It is one of the most spectacular astronomical events of the year - weather permitting, the Perseid meteor shower will light up the August night sky with shooting stars. Cathy Owen explains what's happening. Aug 12, 2015 711
State of the air in Nevada--2015. Longo, Bernadette Mae Aug 1, 2015 493
Ionospheric study sheds light on GPS interference. Jun 1, 2015 376
Deciphering Mars: NASA's new mission to the Red Planet will help reveal why our neighboring world went red and dead. Carlisle, Camille M. Sep 1, 2014 2481
Radioactive particles from nuclear tests still prevalent in atmosphere. Jan 8, 2014 329
Validation of the [alpha]-[mu] model of the power spectral density of GPS ionospheric amplitude scintillation. Oliveira, Kelias; Moraes, Alison de Oliveira; Costa, Emanoel; Muella, Marcio Tadeu de Assis Honorato Jan 1, 2014 5193
Estimating target heights based on the earth curvature model and micromultipath effect in skywave OTH radar. Chengyu, Hou; Yuxin, Wang; Jiawei, Chen Report Jan 1, 2014 5245
Study on the detectability of the sky-surface wave hybrid radar. Chengyu, Hou; Guo, Ke; Tiange, Shi; Yuxin, Wang Report Jan 1, 2014 4612
Investigation of the Effect of Ionospheric Gradients on GPS Signals in the Context of LAAS. Srinivas, Vemuri Satya; Sarma, Achanta D.; Reddy, Ammana Supraja; Reddy, Desireddy Krishna Report Jan 1, 2014 4957
Van Allen probes resolve mystery in Earth's upper atmosphere. Dec 21, 2013 291
Decades-old mystery in Earth's upper atmosphere solved. Dec 19, 2013 291
Scientists Solve Decades-Old Mystery in Earth's Upper Atmosphere. Dec 19, 2013 494
NASA to launch first mission to explore Martian atmosphere on Nov. 18. Oct 29, 2013 290
British Researchers Discover "Alien Microbes" in Stratosphere. Sep 20, 2013 477
Sky is the limit. Aug 16, 2013 1504
NASA's next spacecraft ready to study Mars' upper atmosphere. Aug 6, 2013 204
Radio waves valuable indicator of climate change. Jul 31, 2013 349
Exosphere Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Open Hardware Space Shuttle. Jul 7, 2013 548
How did third radiation belt appear in Earth's upper atmosphere? Jun 21, 2013 299
Google Project Loon: Using Balloons To Beam Internet From Stratosphere To Isolated Communities [VIDEO]. Jun 15, 2013 540
NASA to launch next solar satellite on June 26. Jun 5, 2013 268
L'Oreal-UNESCO Science awards 2013: Francisca Nneka Okeke is a Nigerian scientist who is one of the five Laureates of this year's Mreal-UNESCO Awards For Women in Science (FWIS). Anyone with a burning interest in the ionosphere would do well to speak with her, as Alecia McKenzie reports. McKenzie, Alecia Jun 1, 2013 1206
Getting a worry off her chest: the dramatic act by Angelina Jolie this month to undergo a double mastectomy for cancer preventive purposes shocked the world, and raised the profile of the BRCA1 gene mutation into the stratosphere globally. Jun 1, 2013 478
Violent winds on Uranus and Neptune confined to upper atmosphere. May 18, 2013 500
The ozone problem; Emissions are many and diffuse. Editorial May 3, 2013 258
Jupiter's origin of water linked to impact of comet Shoemaker. Apr 23, 2013 459
Rain of charged water particles observed falling from Saturn's rings. Apr 11, 2013 623
NASA to send unmanned aircraft to study climate change. Jan 12, 2013 257
Graphene-based sensors to detect trace elements in Earth's upper atmosphere. Dec 6, 2012 637
Venusian volcanoes may be spewing sulphur dioxide into its atmosphere. Dec 3, 2012 580
Total Solar Eclipse 2012: Taking The Sun's Temperature. Nov 12, 2012 552
Added mystery as Beth heads for the stratosphere; On the beat: Robert Nichols. Nov 9, 2012 427
Antarctic ozone hole shrinks to second smallest in 20 years. Oct 25, 2012 529
Skydiver jumps 38km from stratosphere. Oct 15, 2012 387
SUPERSONIC: Baumgartner leaps from stratosphere over New Mexico. Oct 15, 2012 489
Will Felix Baumgartner's Epic Freefall Attempt Be Aborted After Risky Mechanical Problems? Oct 14, 2012 557
LIVE BROADCAST: Watch Felix Baumgartner's historic 'space jump'. Oct 9, 2012 757
Wind Delays Baumgartner Jump From Stratosphere: Why Weather Conditions Are Critical. Oct 9, 2012 592
Changes in stratosphere can alter ocean circulation and affect global climate. Sep 24, 2012 771
Stratosphere Targets Deep Sea to Shape Climate. Sep 24, 2012 1149
Shading Earth Could Combat Global Warming. Sep 1, 2012 647
Armstrong was first to go hi-de-hi into stratosphere. Aug 29, 2012 613
Smaller Volcanoes Could Cool Climate. Jul 7, 2012 513
Smaller volcanoes could cool Earth's surface. Jul 6, 2012 516
Gases released during giant volcanic eruptions could deplete ozone layer. Jun 13, 2012 649
My mum's out of this world; David sends mum's - and her pets' - ashes into stratosphere. Jun 7, 2012 635
Geomagnetic measurements in Latvia. Shuljakova, Ljuba Report Jun 1, 2012 1766
Pollution 'pushing tropics further north'. May 17, 2012 319
Lightning May Show Solar System Origins. May 5, 2012 491
Lightning signature may tell tale of solar system's origins. May 4, 2012 498
To the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, where a reader informs the Eye that a 20th-century engineering triumph can be found. May 1, 2012 106
William T. Dillard II: Dillard's Inc. Friedman, Mark Mar 26, 2012 1205
The other Ruby gives Festival Goers best of reasons for revelry; Geraghty's 'long, dark aeroplane' takes off towards awaiting stratosphere. Mar 19, 2012 1116
Roofer Stuart's 855ft Las Vegas sky jump; Air ambulance to benefit. Mar 10, 2012 319
Geoengineered methods can't fully offset human-caused climate change. Jan 26, 2012 415
Geoengineering may improve rather than threaten global food security. Jan 23, 2012 454
Cooling Earth: tips from a volcano. Adams, Jacqueline Brief article Jan 23, 2012 248
Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission, Allama Iqbal Open University to impart education to far flung areas. Jan 20, 2012 161
Severe Arctic ozone depletions could occur again. Jan 14, 2012 301
Waves generated by lightning leaking out into space. Jan 2, 2012 181
Unprecedented ozone hole opens over Arctic. Oct 3, 2011 458
Researchers 'to recreate artificial volcano to cool planet'. Sep 1, 2011 474
Tsunami's upper atmosphere airglow could serve as early warning system. Jul 15, 2011 209
Freon: destroying the ozone layer? Jun 18, 2011 334
Investigation of the effects of specific solar storming events on GNSS navigation systems/Charakteringu saules audru poveikio globalinei navigacinei palydovinei sistemai tyrimas. Zubinaite, Vilma; Preiss, George Report Jun 1, 2011 2868
Ozone loss makes subtropics rainier: antarctic hole changes weather patterns almost to equator. Witze, Alexandra May 21, 2011 241
Colder stratosphere leads to thinning arctic ozone. Irving, Tyler May 1, 2011 339
Arctic ozone may post record loss: depletion could boost UV exposure for midlatitudes. Raloff, Janet Brief article Apr 9, 2011 255
Application of ozone therapy in dentistry. Das, Sushma Report Apr 1, 2011 3227
Global warming: a critique of the anthropogenic model and its consequences. Paterson, Norman R. Report Mar 1, 2011 5561
Meteors. Jan 1, 2011 1771
Partial solar eclipse on Jan 4. Dec 31, 2010 282
Smoke from a distant fire: burning forests can send aerosols into the stratosphere and around the world. Perkins, Sid Nov 6, 2010 1274
Space tourism to speed up climate change. Oct 23, 2010 378
Can geoengineering be green? Sep 22, 2010 1911
Individualism submerged: climate change and the perils of an engineered environment. Chepaitis, Daniel J.; Panagakis, Andrea K.; Stumpf, Juliet P. Sep 22, 2010 20710
GPS signals could monitor tsunamis in transit. Sep 16, 2010 502
Earth's upper atmosphere 'shrinking'. Aug 27, 2010 329
'Aerosols can only temporary fix global warming'. Jul 19, 2010 371
Boffins trying to find why sky is shrinking. Jul 19, 2010 486
NASA's Messenger probe reveals new information about Mercury. Jul 16, 2010 758
US Freedom Grill completes deal with Exosphere Aircraft. Jun 14, 2010 107
No likely health risks if volcanic coulds remain in upper atmosphere - WHO. Apr 16, 2010 291
Exosphere Aircraft signs LoI to buy Freedom Grill. Mar 30, 2010 114
Dinos may have choked on ozone after asteroid impact 65 mln yrs ago. Mar 18, 2010 311
Listening to Sun may improve forecasts of solar flares. Feb 22, 2010 368
Moon's thin 'perfume' comes from the Sun! Jan 10, 2010 376
How the moon gets its exospehere. Jan 5, 2010 226
Geoengineering the climate. Bailey, Ronald Jan 1, 2010 401
"Night shining" clouds getting brighter worldwide. Dec 29, 2009 412
Look upwards for a spectacular Leonids this year. Nov 17, 2009 315
Scientists find 'ultra-primitive' particles in comet dust. Nov 3, 2009 443
Previously unknown mode of energy transfer from solar wind to Earth's magnetosphere found. Sep 11, 2009 451
Man-made volcanoes may cool Earth by reflecting sunlight back into space. Aug 30, 2009 365
Scientists discover new connections that may help predict Indian monsoon's intensity. Aug 28, 2009 402
"Upside down" lightning as powerful as strongest Earth-bound Bolts. Aug 24, 2009 429
Lopsided lights grace the poles: observations reveal that auroras are not symmetrical. Perkins, Sid Aug 15, 2009 311
Aviation industry innovates to move away from kerosene fuel dependence. Rowe, Mark Jul 1, 2009 1831
NASA spacecraft provides scientists with 3D view of powerful solar explosions. Apr 15, 2009 424
Scientists launch rockets to study turbulence in the upper atmosphere. Feb 27, 2009 267
Space now closer to Earth than ever before. Dec 16, 2008 376
"Breathing" of Earth's upper atmosphere linked to solar wind disturbances. Dec 16, 2008 383
Terrestrial gamma rays in Earth's upper atmosphere linked to lightning. Dec 3, 2008 433
Upper air data tables. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 104
Upper air. Statistical table Dec 1, 2008 24489
Upper air late reports. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 253
Terrestrial gamma rays in Earth's upper atmosphere linked to lightning. Nov 25, 2008 433
Upper air. Table Dec 1, 2007 27085
Upper air. Illustration Mar 1, 2005 31261
Upper air. Dec 1, 2004 30662
Upper air late reports. Dec 1, 2004 646
Upper air late reports. Illustration Nov 1, 2004 452
Shelter from space storms: energy rebounds from Earth. (Science News This Week). Pickrell, J. Brief Article May 18, 2002 467
Voyage into unknown skies: a pilotless plane will soar where others cannot. Monastersky, Richard Mar 2, 1991 2247
Cool times ahead for the upper atmosphere. Monastersky, R. Jan 13, 1990 504
One ozone hole returns, another is found. Weisburd, Stefi Oct 4, 1986 923

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