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Upgrading Temple Vessels.


Rabbi Menachem Makover, one of the heads of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, said that a leading Israeli silver company has signed on to the task of designing and manufacturing Holy Temple vessels.

"HaTzorfim - the leading company in designing silver objects, and gold as well - will manufacture vessels that can be used in the Beit HaMikdash [Holy Temple]," Makover told Arutz-7. "The company will avail itself of our detailed research of many years, and will take upon itself the development and design of many of the vessels."

The rabbi explained why the company is taking on this project: "I think HaTzorfim concluded that as a Jewish company based in Israel but working around the world, its ultimate project would be the designing of vessels for the Holy Temple. HaTzorfim will not sell them, or make money on them, as these vessels are designed for use in the Temple. I am sure, however, that the company will be able to use the knowledge it garners, as well as the designs, for other objects that it produces and sells. But the primary objective is truly the idea of producing utensils for the Temple. These objects have not been, and will not be, consecrated for Temple use, for then they would be Hekdesh [and forbidden for use]; their status is rather that they 'can' be used in the Temple."

Rabbi Makover said that the Temple Institute has completed almost all the Temple vessels, "but with our meager budget, we were able to fashion them only according to the basic requirements of Halakhah (Jewish Law), and not in the most beautiful manner that the Holy Temple - 'the beauty of the world,' our Sages teach - would necessitate. HaTzorfim will redesign them in the beautiful manner that befits the Beit HaMikdash."

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Aug 22, 2002
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