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Upfront quiz show.

Use with articles throughout the issue. Divide the class into 2-4 teams. Read the statements below, which are answers to questions. In this game, modeled after the TV show Jeopardy!, students must give their answers in the form of questions. After reading each statement, the teacher recognizes the first team to raise a hand. A correct answer is worth 10 points. For an incorrect answer, deduct 10 points and allow the other team (or if there are several teams, the team with the first hand raised) to respond. That team will then get 10 points for a correct answer or suffer a 10-point penalty for an incorrect one.
Statements to Read Correct Rosponses

 1. A French entrepreneur is making What is Mecca-Cola?
 money from Muslims with this fizzy
 alternative to Coca-Cola.

 2. States have always weighed in on What is their weight?
 the content of school textbooks.
 Now, the textbook concern is this.

 3. Supreme Court Justices are scheduled What is the University
 to put this university's affirmative of Michigan?
 action program to the test.

 4. It's what happened to Barbara What was rejected?
 Grutter's law-school application.

 5. A proposed federal law would hold What are raves?
 club owners responsible for drug
 use at these trendy functions.

 6. U.S. popularity remains relatively What is Europe?
 high among traditional U.S. allies on
 this continent.

 7. One of two African countries shown What is Kenya or Nigeria?
 on the Pew Research Center
 polling table.

 8. Most Indonesians are Muslims, but What is Hindu?
 in Bali, where terrorist bombs killed
 more than 190 people last year, the
 majority religion is this.

 9. The city where President Megawati What is Jakarta?
 Sukarnoputri likes to serve tea and
 cookies to visiting diplomats.

10. The year in which a young mayor of What is 1948?
 Minneapolis urged his party to "walk
 forthrightly into the bright sunshine
 of human rights."
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