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Upfront quiz show.

Use with articles throughout the issue. Divide the class into 2-4 teams. Read the statements below, which are answers to questions. In this game, modeled after the TV show Jeopardy!, students must give their answers in the form of questions. After reading each statement, the teacher recognizes the first team to raise a hand. A correct answer is worth 10 points. For an incorrect answer, deduct 10 points and allow the other team (or if there are several teams, the team with the first hand raised) to respond. That team will then get 10 points for a correct answer or suffer a 10-point penalty for an incorrect one.
Statements to Read Correct Responses

1. Some Japanese engineers are in What is a toilet?
a bathroom battle to Invent the
fanciest one of these.

2. A new study found serious deficiencies What is geography?
in young Americans' knowledge
of this social-studies subject.

3. Teens of this age are Involved in car What is age 16?
crashes 10 times more often than
drivers who are 30 to 59 years old.

4. The National Transportation Safety What is marginal?
Board gives four grades to states'
licensing systems for young drivers:
good, poor, acceptable, and this.

5. Refugees from this country leaped What is Haiti?
from a rickety boat into the surf
near Miami, Florida, seeking a new
life in America.

6. A crackdown on immigration from What is the desert?
Mexico will send more Mexicans
into this unforgiving environment.

7. This "drain" of educated young What is the "brain drain"?
people is hurting Iran.

8. A powerful council of Iranian What is anti-Islamic?
clerics blocked passage of a bill
granting more press freedom,
saying It would be anti-this.

9. He was U.S. President when Who is President Jimmy
Iranians held Americans hostage Carter?
for 444 days.

10. Environmentalists want these What are snowmobiles?
banned from national parks.
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Publication:New York Times Upfront
Date:Jan 10, 2003
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