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Updates from the State Board of Nursing.

The following policies were approved by the Board at the Full Board meeting which took place on October, 24, 2007:

Policy 10-02--Exemptions for former nurse lay midwives returning to the practice of nursing

* Revised to reflect the current continued competency policy number of the board.

Policy 10-03--Continuing Competency Requirements for RN, LPN

* Revised to allow for applicants whose licenses have lapsed in another state to comply with Colorado's continued competency policy.

Policy 10-05--English Competency Requirements for Licensure

* New policy to institute English language proficiency requirements for all foreign educated applicants. The latest information from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing documents that 39 states require English language proficiency levels.

Policy 50-01--Licenses Subject to Conditions Pursuant to a Board Order Regarding the Nurse Licensure Compact

* New policy to identify how Colorado will handle licensees who are under probation in Colorado and have moved out of state.

Policy 60-02--Nurse Aide Training Program Pass Rates

* New policy to institute minimum achievement levels for all new nurse aide training program. All programs are required to meet a 60% pass rate for first time candidates taking the examination.

Chapter I--Rules and Regulations for the Licensure of Practical and Professional Nurses

* These rules were revised to assure all persons licensed in the state of Colorado have passed the NCLEX exam at a minimum and to bring Colorado in line with requiring demonstration of English language proficiency. Also revised to allow for licensees endorsing into Colorado from other states with lapsed licenses to comply with continuing competency requirements in Colorado.

Chapter IX--Rules and Regulations for the Licensed Practical Nurse in Relation to IV Authority

* These rules were adopted as amended with significant input from the public and now more clearly define the LPN with IV Authority scope of practice.

Chapter XI--Rules and Regulations for Approval of Nurse Aide Training Programs

* These rules were revised to align with the Federal OBRA requirements for nurse aide training programs.

An administrative decision was made by the Board of Nursing to amend the ratio calculation based on the number of full-time faculty teaching nursing courses in a program in an academic term to the number of part-time nursing faculty teaching courses in the same program during a defined academic term. It is the Board of Nursing's belief that we will be maintaining adequate faculty consistency and measuring programs accurately while not combining various programs into one overall pool of instructors and creating unnecessary hardship to the educational institutions.

The Nursing Peer Health Assistance or Nurse Alternative to Discipline Program contract has been awarded to the Colorado Nurse Health Program pursuant to the State's issuance of a Request for Proposal in accordance with House Bill 07-1102.
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