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Updates from the July 30, 2008 Full Board meeting.

The State Board of Nursing is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Deborah Archuleta, RN and Mr. Curtis Powells, RN to the Board effective July 1, 2008. Ms. Archuleta replaces Ms. Sharon Pappas, RN, PhD, as the representative for nursing administration, and Mr. Powells replaces Ms. Vickie Broerman, RN, as the staff nursing representative. Also effective July 1, 2008, Governor Ritter reappointed Candace Berardinelli, PhD, RN, and Toni Gibbons, LPN to another three (3) year term. Mr. Dennis Kaw, JD, resigned from the Board and the Board is actively searching for another public member to replace him.

Program Director Mark Merrill and Carolynn Jefferson-Jenkins, PhD, attended the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Annual Delegate Assembly which took place in Nashville, Tennessee during the week of August 4th through the 8th. Director Merrill and Dr. Jefferson-Jenkins had the opportunity to participate in various business meetings and presentations covering a broad range of topics relating to nursing regulation with other state Board of Nursing representatives. Director Merrill and Dr. Jefferson-Jenkins also attended the 30th Anniversary Gala for NCSBN.

The Division of Registrations and the State Board of Nursing are currently in the process of implementing HB 08-1383, which creates an inactive licensure status for Colorado licensed Registered Nurses and Practical Nurses. The implementation will be completed by January 1, 2009. Those licensees seeking to place their licenses in an "inactive status" will be able to do so effective January 1, 2009. Preliminary information regarding inactive status will be available on the Board of Nursing web site: by mid-September.

At the last quarterly Full Board meeting held on July 30, 2008, the Board adopted proposed changes to the Chapter I--Rules and Regulations for the Licensure of Practical and Professional Nurses creating a limit to the number of times applicants may sit for the NCLEX licensure examination in the state of Colorado. The Board also clarified the process for demonstrating English proficiency when the applicant was trained in a non-English speaking education institution.

The Board also adopted new rules, Chapter VII--Initial Decisions and Related Matters which sets forth the procedures relating to the filings of exceptions and review of initial decisions that are issued by the Office of Administrative Courts following a formal disciplinary hearing.

The Board also adopted Chapter XVI--Duty to Report Felonies, which establishes the requirements for licensees to report felony convictions to the Board.

All of the rules will become effective October 1, 2008 and will be posted on the Board's web site:

The Board also approved changes to Board Policies: 10-03 Continuing Competency Requirements for Practical and Professional Nurses, 10-05 English Competency Requirements, 10-07 (Formerly 60-01) Clarification of the four (4) month statutory certification exemption and the term "denied" as used in section 12-38.1-117(1)(d), C.R.S. pertaining to Certified Nurse Aides," 20-22 Delegation of authority to the Program Director or designee to process and resolve violations involving practice on expired licenses or expired certificates for nurses, nurse aides, and psychiatric technicians, and Policy 40-02 Delegated Authority. These policy revisions are currently posted on the Board of Nursing web site:

Ms. Kathy Apple, MS, RN, Chief Executive Officer and Ms. Kristin Hellquist, MS, Director of Policy and Governmental Relations for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) attended the July 30, 2008 Full Board meeting and presented to the Board and public attendees a brief history of the NCSBN and information pertaining to current legislative trends in nursing at the state and national level.

Due to a change in statute, the Board was required to initiate a Request for Proposal (RFP), solicit bids and award a contract to the selected vendor for the Nursing Peer Health Assistance/ Nurse Alternative to Discipline Program. Peer Assistance Services, Inc (PAS) was awarded this contract, which went into effect on July 1, 2008. The Chief Executive Officer of PAS, Ms. Elizabeth Pace, MSM, RN, CEAP, gave a short presentation at the July 30, 2008 Full Board meeting regarding the transition of services from Colorado Nurse Health Program (CNHP) the Board's former provider, to PAS, and Ms. Pace also introduced her staff members to the Board and public attendees.

The next regularly scheduled Full Board meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 22. 2008. Rulemaking Hearings originally scheduled for the July 30, 2008 Full Board meeting for Chapter XIV and Chapter XV Rules regarding Advanced Practice nursing have been rescheduled and re-noticed for the October 22, 2008 Full Board meeting.
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