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Updated government statistical tables available.

As part of the annual revision of the national income and product accounts released in July 2011, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) continues with its effort to release updated tables that show government spending by function, that compare BEA accounts with other data, and that show separate statistics for state governments and local governments.

These tables are released annually following the annual or comprehensive revision.

Government spending by function. Most of BEA's government tables provide information on how governments allocate their spending by type, such as consumption expenditures, social benefits to individuals, or subsidies. The newly updated statistics by function provide an alternative presentation of government spending, focusing on the purposes of spending, such as for health care or education.

These statistics are consistent with BEA's measures of government spending by type and allow economists, policymakers, researchers, business analysts, and others to track spending by purpose, even as government programs change over time.

The estimates of current-dollar government spending show how much is spent for each function. The estimates of real government spending by function remove the effects of price changes over time.

These tables--the 3.15 family and tables 3.16 and 3.17--were published in the September issue of the SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS.

Separate state and local statistics. In addition to statistics that combine state government and local government receipts and expenditures, BEA also publishes tables that disaggregate these receipts and expenditures into separate tables for state governments and local governments.

The tables that show separate state and local statistics, tables 3.20 and 3.21, are published in this SURVEY.

Reconciliation tables. BEA will soon publish tables that compare--or "reconcile"--BEA government statistics with the federal budget and the Census Bureau's Government Finances data, from which they are derived.

BEA's government statistics reflect national income and product accounting concepts and thus differ from these other presentations in coverage, timing, and in netting and grossing.

Tables 3.18B (budget) is published in this SURVEY. Table 3.19 (Census) is scheduled to appear in the November SURVEY.

For an interactive chart of government receipts and expenditures and links to a wealth of background information about BEA's government statistics, please visit national/nipaweb/GovView.asp.

For access to BEA government statistics online, please

visit the interactive data section of These tables and charts can be customized by users and can be downloaded in a variety of formats.
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Date:Oct 1, 2011
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