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Updated, but it still holds on to 1918.

Updated, but it still holds on to 1918 Built more than 70 years ago, Sue Brewner's Seattle house had a tiny kitchen and minute back porch. Now updated, the house still has a small kitchen, but a new sitting room and entertaining deck make a seven-decade difference in how the spaces are used.

Designed and built by Rick Milligan, the new spaces respect the house's original detailing, such as paneled doors and coved ceilings. Glossy white enamel on moldings and cupboards accents the handsome woodwork, and recessed down lights in the ceiling and kitchen-wrapping soffit illuminate both rooms. Hardwood floors unify the spaces; their Swedish finish stands up to heavy use.

The half-wall between the two rooms makes both seem bigger and allows social interaction with the cook. In cool weather, the sitting room's fireplace is a cozy focus.

A small-paned sliding door to the deck lets in south light in winter and provides convenient outdoor access in summer.
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Title Annotation:house remodeling
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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