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Update recessed lights.

Renew those old recessed lights by replacing the baffle trim with a snazzier choice like an eyeball trim. It'll dress up your room and allow you to point the light to illuminate interesting objects of areas. Check with the supplier or manufacturer to determine if eyeball trim is available for your model of light canister (the canister should be labeled inside with the manufacturer, model, trim and lamps allowed).

Before starting, turn on the light, and then flip the circuit breaker off. When the light goes out, the power is off. Remove the old baffle trim as shown in Photo 1. If you don't have baffle trim, or it's different from that in the photo, the attachment system will vary slightly. Photo 2 shows how to free the light socket from its housing. (Socket-mounting systems also vary; your removal method may be different.) Connect the socket to the eyeball and secure the trim as shown in Photo 3.

Look inside the canister to find the maximum light bulb wattage (see "Ask Handyman," p. 12). Eyeball trims require a special bulb, either a flood or reflector bulb (see photo at left) that directs light away from the canister.

1 TURN OFF the power and remove the light bulb. Reach up into the light canister and unhook both trim springs from their mounting eyes, and remove the trim.

2 LOOSEN the socket mounting screw enough to twist the socket loose and pull it free. Lightly tighten the mounting screw after the socket is freed.

3 SQUEEZE the socket spring clips together and press the socket into the top of the new eyeball. Pinch the trim mounting clips together, insert them into the mounting brackets and push the trim tight to the ceiling.

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