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Update on life cycle strategy for new implants and medical devices.

With the emergence of new therapies for diseases which affect vital organs, either partially or as a whole, the complexity of the parameter interaction and the variety of new discoveries opens many possibilities to implement these proposals into clinical use. Unfortunately, this diversity can also handicap an efficient design process.

Smithers Rapra Publishing has developed a practical tool, which in the early development stages systematically supports the product and process optimization by preparing and providing information and knowledge.

This book details a methodology for systematizing the product design process, which uses a knowledge-based design process, a customer-oriented engineering process and a business supporting life cycle model. This book describes how this methodology can be used as a product design guidance tool for supporting the development of a new implant. The methodology resolves the development complexity by using a series of logical steps and provides researchers with the means to assess these steps as soon as possible for anticipating and removing subsequent useless steps. The methodology requires a systematization which supports a procedure for sustainable development and which will guide the industrialization of a new therapy in life sciences.

Update on Life Cycle Strategy for New Implants and Medical Devices is available from retailers, or from Publications Sales, Smithers Rapra, Fax: +44 (0)1939 251118; Email:
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Title Annotation:Silicone & Medical Update
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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