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Update on crude liver for injections.

At this time, the crude liver for injection is no longer available. It is not known when or if it will be available from another source in the future. For now we are making the following recommendations:

Take an extra dessicated liver capsule per dose, if one's stomach can tolerate it. In total, a patient may take three caps of dessicated liver, three times a day. If this causes stomach upset, the liver caps can be taken with meals, when the digestive enzymes are taken. B-12 can be taken orally or sublingually at 1000 mcg daily. Alternatively, one could take a 1 cc injection of B-12 once a week.

Crude liver for injections is available at some compounding pharmacies in the US, but requires a doctor's prescription. If you can obtain this, it will be of a higher concentration, so check with the Gerson Institute to see if the dosage needs to be adjusted.

Milk Thistle, an herb which is hepatoprotective and hepatorestorative, can be taken periodically at 250 mg twice a day between meals. It should be an extract standardized to 80% silimarin. Milk thistle can provide extra support for the liver.

by Dr. Kayla Smith, Medical Director
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Author:Smith, Kayla
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
Date:Apr 29, 2011
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