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Update on WNA's Strategic Plan.

The WNA Board of Directors is responsible for the execution and monitoring of progress on WNA's Strategic Plan. The following is a summary of the progress on the areas related to Goal 1-Collectively and collaboratively advocate for access to comprehensive quality health care services for all people.

1.A.1. Support health care reform proposals that incorporate The Community of Nursing Agenda on Health Care Reform (NAHCR) document including the Four Tenets.

Progress: Revised the document for the purposes of reflecting the contemporary issues. The document was distributed to targeted legislators and key stakeholders.

1.A.2. Work with groups and legislators that are developing health care reform legislation to include NAHCR components.

Progress: WNA referred to the document as part of testimony on legislation that was attempting to fill gaps related to access and quality.

1.A.3. Support Healthy Wisconsin

Progress: The state plan is on hold due to national efforts. WNA is supporting national health care reform proposals that include a public insurance plan.

1.B.1. Promote WNA's Government Affairs (GOVA) Program that address polices related to Patient Advocacy.

Progress: WNA Public Policy Council continues to review legislative proposals that support patient access and quality care.

1B.2. Promote WNA's 2009-2010 Public Policy Agenda

Progress: Public Policy Council uses the "Agenda" in determining WNA positions.

1.B.3. Expand and promote non-nursing collaboration and partnerships with coalitions and other groups that support policies related to patient advocacy.

Progress: WNA has joined a number of groups and coalitions that support patient access, quality and safety efforts.

1.B.4. Partner with organizations that address health care disparities.

Progress: WNA members are serving on the development of the 2020 State Health Plan which includes addressing health care disparities.

1.C.1. Increase effective strategies for disaster planning activities, including pandemic and other community disasters.

Progress: WNA providing information and educational offerings on pandemics and vaccines. WNA included in. a grant application submitted to HRSA regarding emergency preparedness.

1.C.2. Support effective strategies that reduce communicable diseases i.e. season influenza.

Progress: WNA provided regular communication to the members regarding the status of the H1N1 pandemic. Information was provided at the APN Annual Clinical and Pharmacology Conference and will be provided at the 2009 WNA Annual Conference.

1.D.1. Identify effective strategies for reducing and preventing harmful environmental and chemical exposure including employee and citizen "Right to Know.

Progress: This is part of WEHNC 2008 and 2009 WNA Pre-Convention program and Nurses Day at the Capitol. Continue to support legislation that addresses reduction to exposure mercury, phosphorus and tobacco.

1.E.1. Advocate for the optimization of the technology used to improve the delivery of care and patient outcomes.

Progress: WNA Board sponsored conference calls for members to collectively discuss nursing related position statements. WNA's 2009 Conference will include information on technology.

1.F.1. Provide nurses with information and skill sets necessary to properly identify and refer victims of Human Trafficking

Progress: The information related to this topic will be included as part of WNA's 2009 Annual conference.

1.G. Recognize and publicly acknowledge that the challenges of global climate change the critical need for nurses to speak out in a united voice and advocate for change on both individual and policy levels.

Progress: Providing educational offering at WEHNC annual conference October 2009 monitoring and supporting legislative proposals that address climate change.

An update on progress with Goal 2 of WNA's Strategic Plan will be provided in the August issue of the STAT Bulletin.
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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