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Update on Dan-Web North American line.

The buyer for the first North American thermal bonded installation from Dan-Webforming International is Concert Industries, a newly formed Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The line, which will be installed in 1993 at Concert's facility in the Ottawa/Hull region of eastern Canada, has a capacity of 4000 metric tons a year and is expected to be up and running next fall.

Concert is a public company that was started last year; the company is run by president Dieter Peter; vice president and chief financial officer is Carey Edwards. Mr. Peter is the founder and former president of Merfin Hygienic Products and was instrumental in establishing the first air laid paper production line in Canada at Merfin. Mr. Edwards is also formerly of Merfin, where he was chief financial officer since 1987.

Concert plans to manufacture and distribute specialized absorbent paper products for the industrial, consumer and medical markets. "Concert Industries' competitive advantage will come from the flexibility of its production line and its ability to use a wide range of fiber types," said Mr. Peter. "This will allow the company to tailor the products to the customers' needs, minimize production costs and reduce the environmental impact of disposable synthetic products."
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Title Annotation:Concert Industries contracts Dan-Webforming for thermal bonded installation line used in absorbent paper products manufacturing
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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