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Update: Agora and Boardroom partnership going very well.

Last August we reported that Martin Edelston's Boardroom Inc. was entering into a joint agreement with Agora International, Bill Bonner's highly successful health and personal finance newsletter operation (NL/NL 8/16/03).

Agora was to distribute Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health internationally, as well as to "take their U.S. promotions and adapt them to the international market."

At the beginning of this year, Agora managing director Stacy Berver told Al Goodloe, of Publisher's Multinational Direct, "Agora is having a great year. We plan to increase our international mailings by 35 to 40 percent in 2004.

"We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Boardroom Inc. covering the international marketing of the newsletters Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health. Responses to mailings for these two newsletters are excellent."

The international versions of the two newsletters are keeping "what's universal or evergreen" from the U.S. editions and "excising or condensing material that is of purely U.S. interest," Berver noted at the time.

With circulations of about 150,000 for Bottom Line Health and well over 500,000 for Bottom Line Personal, they are two of the largest newsletters in the world.
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