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Upcoming meetings for Agri marketers.


JUNE 5-7: World Pork Expo, Des Moines, Iowa. Contact 847/838-6772 or visit

JUNE 5-11: Association of Official Seed Analysts & Society of Commercial Seed Technologists Annual Meeting, Seattle. Contact 209/225-2630 or visit

JUNE 9-10: AEM Legislative Issues Forum/Fly-In, Washington, D.C. Contact Heide Kraus at 414/298-4143 or visit

JUNE 12-13: Colorado Grain and Feed Association Annual Convention, Keystone, Colo. Contact 303/280-5208 or

JUNE 18-20: Western Canada Farm Progress Show, Regina, Saskatchewan. Visit

JUNE 21-25: American Seed Trade Association Convention, Henderson, Nev. Visit

JUNE 22-23: Eastern Federation of Feed Merchants Annual Convention, Lake George, N.Y. Contact 518/452-3132 or visit

JUNE 22-25: BIO 2003, Washington, D.C. Contact 202/962-9200 or

JUNE 22-26: Joint Meeting of American Dairy Science Association and American Society of Animal Science, Phoenix. Contact 217/356-3182 or visit

JUNE 23-25: International Ministerial Conference & Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology, Sacramento, Calif. Contact Ricshawn Adkins at 540/373-9935 or visit


JULY 13-16: Southwestern Fertilizer Conference, New Orleans. Contact 512/259-2118 or visit

JULY 13-16: Canadian Seed Trade Association Annual Meeting, Quebec City, Quebec. Contact 613/829-9527 or visit

JULY 19-23: American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Conference, Denver. Contact 847/925-8070, ext 6620 or visit

JULY 20-22: International Grain Marketing Conference and Trade Show, Minneapolis. Contact 202/789-0789 or visit

JULY 20-23: American Society of Agricultural Engineers Annual Meeting, Las Vegas. Contact 269/429-0300 or visit

JULY 21-22: Association of Equipment Manufacturers Agriculture Marketing Conference, Rosemont, Ill. Contact John Smylie at 312/321-1470 or

JULY 22-26: Cattle Industry Summer Conference, Dallas. Contact 303/694-0305 or visit

JULY 25-31: Soil and Water Conservation Society Conference, Spokane, Wash. Contact 515/289-2331 or visit

JULY 27-30: Agricultural Publications Summit, Cleveland. Contact or visit

JULY 30-AUG. 1: ACE Ethanol Conference, Sioux Falls, S.D. Contact Wendy Buren at 605/334-3381 or visit

JULY 30-AUG. 1: InfoAg Conference, Indianapolis. Contact Harold Reetz at 217/762-2074 or visit


AUG. 20-23: National Meat Association Summer Conference, Lake Geneva, Wis. Contact or visit


SEPT. 4-5: Cotton Board Annual Meeting, New Orleans. Contact 901/274-9030 or visit

Send announcements for trade meetings and marketing-related seminars or conferences to: Agri Marketing, 11701 Borman Dr., #300, St. Louis, MO 63146, FAX: 314/569-1083, e-mail:
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Publication:Agri Marketing
Article Type:Calendar
Date:May 1, 2003
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Upcoming meetings for Agri marketers.
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Upcoming meetings for agri marketers.
Upcoming meeting for agri marketers.
Upcoming meetings for Agri marketers.
Upcoming meetings for Agri Marketers.
Upcoming meetings for Agri marketers.
Upcoming meetings for agri marketers.
Upcoming meetings for agri marketers.
Upcoming meeting for Agri marketers.

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