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Upcoming meetings for Agri marketers.


JAN. 29-FEB. 1: Cattle Industry Annual Convention & Trade Show, Nashville, Tenn. Contact 303/694-0305 or visit

JAN. 30-FEB. 1: American Corn Growers Association Convention, Charleston, S.C. Contact 202/463-0863 or visit

FEB. 2-4: Association of Applied IPM Ecologists Annual Conference, San Luis Obispo, Calif. Contact Jill Klein at 707/265-9349 or visit

FEB. 3-10: North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Conference & Trade Show, Charlotte, N.C. Contact Jonathan Bates at 413/529-0386 or e-mail

FEB. 4-7: Canadian International Farm Equipment Show, Toronto, Ontario. Contact 705/741-2536 or visit

FEB. 6-10: National Cotton Council Annual Meeting, Tampa, Fla. Contact 901/274-9030 or visit

FEB. 9-11: Fertilizer Marketing Business Meeting, San Antonio. Contact 202/962-0490 or visit

FEB. 10-12: Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference, Louisville, Ky. Contact 269/429-0300 or visit

FEB. 10-12: International Conference on Crop Harvesting and Processing, Louisville, Ky. Contact 269/429-0300 or visit

FEB. 10-13: New York State Vegetable Conference, Syracuse, N.Y. Contact Jeff or Linda Kubecka at 315/687-5734 or

FEB. 11-13: World Ag Expo, Tulare, Calif. Contact Doreen Nagle at 559/733-3737 or visit

FEB. 11-14: CAAR Convention, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Contact 204/989-9300 or visit

FEB. 12-13: Greater Green Bay Farm Show, Green Bay, Wis. Contact Steve Henry at 715/723-5061.

FEB. 12-15: National Farm Machinery Show, Louisville, Ky. Contact Harold Workman at 502/367-5000 or visit

FEB. 16-18: Sorghum Industry Conference and Research & Utilization Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Contact 806/749-3478 or visit

FEB. 23-25: GrainWorld 2003, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Contact 204/983-4236 or e-mail

FEB. 25-27: Agribusiness Retailer Public Policy Forum, Washington, D.C. Contact 202/962-0490 or visit

FEB. 25-28: Turfgrass Producers International Conference, Birmingham, England. Contact 847/705-9898 or visit

FEB. 26-28: AFIA Purchasing / Ingredient Suppliers Conference, Orlando, Fla. Contact 703/524-0810 or visit

FEB. 27-28: Canadian Federation of Agriculture Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia. Contact 613/236-3633 or e-mail

FEB. 27-MARCH 1: Commodity Classic, Charlotte, N.C. Contact 314/275-9915 or visit


MARCH 1-4: Food Distributors International Business Conference, Orlando, Fla. Visit

MARCH 2-5: NMA MEATXPO & Convention, Las Vegas. Contact or visit

MARCH 4-5: Eau Claire Farm Show, Eau Claire, Wis. Contact Steve Henry at 715/723-5061.

MARCH 6-8: National Pork Industry Forum, Dallas. Contact 202/347-3600 or visit

MARCH 8-11: American Association of Swine Veterinarians Annual Meeting, Kissimmee, Fla. Contact 515/465-5255 or visit

MARCH 10-12: American Farmland Trust Conference, Pacific Grove, Calif. Contact Doris Mittasch at 413/586-9330 or visit

MARCH 12-13: New England Farmers' Direct Marketing Conference & Trade Show, Boxborough, Mass. Contact Charlie Touchette at 413/529-9100 or

MARCH 16-19: Conference on Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals, Quebec City, Quebec. Contact 418/658-6755 or e-mail

MARCH 19-21: Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association Convention, Calgary, Alberta. Contact 306/586-5866 or visit

MARCH 23-28: World Barley, Malt and Beer Conference, Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Contact +441444 453767 or e-mail

MARCH 25-28: National Grain and Feed Association Convention, Tucson, Ariz. Contact 202/289-0873 or e-mail


APRIL 9-12: National Cattlemen's Beef Association Spring Conference, Washington, D.C. Contact 303/694-0305 or visit

APRIL 13-16: International Conference on Agriculture Science and Technology, Houston. E-mail or visit

APRIL 15-17: Agri-Marketing Conference and Trade Show, San Diego. Contact 913/491-6500 or visit


MAY 5-7: American Feed Industry Association Expo, Minneapolis, Minn. Contact 703/524-0810 or visit

MAY 5-7: Agricultural Machinery Conference, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Contact 269/429-0300 or visit

MAY 12-14: Alltech Feed Industry Symposium, Lexington, Ky. Contact Carol Johnson at 859/887-3328 or

MAY 18-20:2003 World Congress, St. Louis. Contact Joy Bray at 314/977-1666 or visit

MAY 26-29: International Fertilizer Association Convention, Philadelphia. E-mail or visit

MAY 30-JUNE 1: Western States Horse Expo, Sacramento, Calif. Contact 800/352-2411 or visit


JUNE 5-7: World Pork Expo, Des Moines, Iowa. Contact John Wrigley at 847/838-6772 or visit

JUNE 21-25: American Seed Trade Association Convention, Henderson, Nev. Visit

JUNE 21-25: USA Peanut Congress, New Orleans. Contact 229/888-2508 or visit

JUNE 22-25: BIO 2003, Washington, D.C. Contact 202/962-9200 or

Visit for an extended Calendar of events. Send announcements for trade meetings and marketing-related seminars or conferences to: Agri Marketing, 11701 Borman Dr., #300, St. Louis, Mo 63146, FAX: 314/569-1083 e-mail:
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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