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Upchucking in style.

And how was your day?

My friends and I took a limo to the school dance, and I was feeling a little carsick. Then, disaster struck! I threw up right into the ice bucket in front of all the girls (and guys!) in the limo. I got up front with the driver for the rest of' the ride, and he took me home so I could take a shower and get ready all over again. My friends will never let me live that one down.

I go to a Catholic school, and I was sitting in front of my crash's class at mass. I had to move back a row because there wasn't enough room for my whole class. While switching rows, I tripped over a kneeler someone had forgotten to put up. I was so busy staring at my crush that I didn't even notice, and I toppled fight over him!

My crush and I were flirting during my friend's birthday party, when my 3-year-old sister interrupted with, "Big sissy make a poo every morning!" I said, "Um, she says weird things ..." Then my sister said, "Yep, every morning. It's scary!" To this day, my crush comes up to me and says, "Big sissie make a poo!"

At church, we have a wall where we write our names. I saw my crush's name and wrote, "hot and spicy," next to it. As I was writing it, I turned around and there he was. He gave me a crazy look and walked away.

My little sister and I have the same backpacks. One day, we were in a rush and accidentally switched bags. When I got to school, I opened the bag and it fell. Next thing I knew, everybody was staring and laughing. There were Teletubbies plushies and a training diaper on the floor!

I was in marching band and had to set flags on each side of the stadium during halftime at our homecoming game. As I sprinted back to my starting point, my foot caught my pant leg and I face-planted! I heard gasps from the stands. I jumped up and did my routine, smiling like nothing happened. But I was way embarrassed. Afterward, I had to dig some turf out of my uniform!

One weekend, I wrote my crush's name on my legs with marker because I figured it would wash off before school on Monday and, besides, I'd be wearing pants. Well, I totally forgot it was there until Monday--and we had gym that day! I tried to scrub it off in the bathroom, but it wouldn't come off. I had to go to gym with my crush's faded name all over my legs, and he saw it!

I had my eye on my crush at a dance. Just as I was going to talk to him, I tripped and fell into the refreshment table--and the punch bowl flipped onto my shirt. I was so flabbergasted that I thought someone was offering me a towel, but I grabbed my crush's sweater by accident and tried wiping with it!

We were in health class (coed, I won't fail to mention), learning about "the female reproduction system." I was half daydreaming when the teacher called on me. I'd only vaguely heard what he was saying, so I said what I thought would be a reasonable answer: "Uh, vagina?" The whole class cracked up, and my crush leaned over and whispered, "Steph, we've moved on to fallopian tubes."
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Title Annotation:And how was your day?
Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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