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Some things never change - among them are the majority of websites, which remain stubbornly static week after week. Now one net firm is trying to challenge companies with change, and encourage them to alter previously stagnant websites with fresh flows o f new information.

New Wave Internet Communications, based in Hockley, Birmingham, is selling itself as the firm which not only sets up new websites, but uses clients' own databases to regularly update them.

Creative director Mr Jake Grimley said that at a set time clients' databases would be transmitted to New Wave's office at the Big Peg, by either ISDN or conventional phone.

That information would then be automatically used to update their websites.

He added: "These sites are still quite rare because they have always been seen as the reserves of large corporations.

"Actually it is not that difficult. If someone wants to add a new products picture to their website or new details to their database, it takes just a couple of minutes.

"In fact the work involved in updating is a lot less than the setting up of a website - the information which they need for a site is usually already present on a database, and if not we will help a client set one up.

"Most website design seems to be little more than taking a brochure and simply reproducing it on the net - which is a pointless exercise because a website takes longer to download than reading a glossy.

"Users are being asked to plough through pages of information, ending with a telephone number to call for further details.

"Database integration is something which a lot of net companies will put into their list of services, but will actually shy away from because they are afraid of the complexities." New Wave claimed that the regularly-updated websites were part of itsatte mpt to make sure that clients used the net properly, rather than being offered ofhe-shelf ideas.

Often that will include getting a client to reduce the number of website pages it believes it needs, from say 30 to five.

Its proudest work so far has been for the Wolverhampton security firm Chubb, which was initially adamant that it did not need a website.

But even through the proper website is not yet complete, a work-in-progress site has been attracting inquires and stimulating orders worldwide

Although only set up a year ago, New Wave has built up a large stable of clients, including Birmingham Arts Marketing and car giant Ford, although most customers are local.

It is branching into new areas, almost by default.

Mr Tom Leonard, New Wave's account manager, said: "We are discovering that companies are more willing to have their systems overhauled than we first thought.

"This was after telling them that we could offer more if their systems were upgraded - now they are handing that work over to us as well. It's got to the point where we have started attacking their phone systems with scissors and tape."
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 19, 1998
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