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Up on the roof, storage, electricity, water, lights ... all in the skylight.

Up on the roof, storage, electricity, water, lights . . . all in the skylight

What could have been a routine raised-box skylight on this roof deck in Santa Monica is much more: it includes night lights, a safety rail, a storage closet with electrical outlet, and a hose bibb.

The 3- by 6-foot north-facing skylight fits over one end of the triangular box. Two outdoor lights mounted on bent conduits curve over it to softly light the room below at night.

Alongside it, the 4-foot-wide storage compartment holds deck chairs and a hose for cleaning the elastomer-membrane deck. Its painted plywood cover swings open on a piano hinge.

Design was by architects Michael Folonis and David Cooper.

Photo: Right next to the skylight, hatch-covered storage locker holds chairs for use on the roof deck. Skylight has night lighting and protective rail
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Date:Oct 1, 1984
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