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Up, up and away!


On Aug. 8, former teacher Barbara Morgan took her first flight into space with six other crew members aboard the space shuttle Endeavour. Having begun training with NASA more than 20 years ago through the Teacher in Space Project, she was chosen in 1998 as the first educator to become a mission specialist astronaut. During the 11-day mission of "STS-118" to the International Space Station, Morgan helped transfer several thousand pounds of supplies between the shuttle and space station, in addition to operating the robot arm in support of mission objectives. As an educator astronaut, she also is helping NASA develop new ways to connect space exploration to the classroom and inspire the next generation of explorers. "There's no telling how many young lives Barbara will encourage with a lasting love for space and science," said Deputy Secretary of Education Ray Simon, who was at the shuttle's launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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Publication:The Achiever
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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