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Unusual sunflower seeds by mail.

Of the many varieties of sunflowers, most descend from the native North American Helianthus annuus, although some may be hybrids from within or between other annual species. For more on sunflowers, see page 102.

Seed racks in most nurseries and garden centers will carry at least one largeflowered variety, such as 'Mammoth', that can be grown for seed. Some also sell mixed packets of branching types and a dwarf variety, usually 'Teddy Bear'. Most mail-order seed catalogs also carry one or two sunflower varieties. If you want some of the more unusual sunflowers, send for one of these catalogs:

The Country Garden (Route 2, Box 455A, Crivitz, Wis. 54114; catalog $I) has the largest selection, offering 14 different varieties including 'Abendsonne', 'Autumn Beauty', 'Primrose', 'Selma-Sonnen', 'Stella', 'Sungold', and 'Taiyo'. Each packet of 50 seeds costs 80 cents to $1.

Native Seeds/SEARCH (2509 N. Campbell Ave., #325, Tucson 85719; catalog $I) sells five varieties, including 'Hopi Black Dye', used by Southwestern Indians. A packet of 25 seeds costs $1.25.

Park Seed Company (Greenwood, S.C. 29647; catalog free) offers five varieties, including 'Giganteus', 'Luna', 'Sunspot', and 'Taiyo'. A packet of 50 seeds costs 95 cents to $1.25.
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