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Unusual definitions of common words.

Some everyday words have uneveryday meanings. Here is half an alphabet's worth of words from Webster's 10th Collegiate.

ASH: the ligature ae used in Old English and some phonetic alphabets to represent a low front vowel \a

BARB: any of a northern African breed of horses that are noted for speed and endurance and are related to the Arabians

CON: to commit to memory

DOWN: being a quark with an electric charge of--l/3, zero charm, and zero strangeness

EYE: a triangular piece of beef cut from the top and bottom of a round

FAKE: one loop of a coil (as of a ship's rope or a fire hose) coiled free for running

GRIPE: to cause pinching and spasmodic pain in the bowels of

HOMER: an ancient Hebrew unit of capacity equal to about 10 1/2 or later 11 1/2 bushels or 100 gallons (378 liters)

IMP: to equip with wings

JUMBLE: a small thin usu. ring-shaped sugared cookie or cake

KITE: a check drawn against uncollected funds in a bank account or fraudulently raised before cashing

LEDGER: a horizontal timber secured to the uprights of scaffolding to support the putlog

MASK: the head or face of an animal (as a fox or dog)


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