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Untitled (April '91).

La narrativa says you must paint a flower paint a flower with a death's head

flower with a death's head at its center center with a desert at its center

clock with ochre hands its face a sun the sun

a multiple sun at 3 a.m. sun of limbs and sun of the lens

flower as if it were a limb anemone, rose, yellow marigold

gravity a word from the narrative word that bends in the narrative

as if suns would flower as sparks of paint then fall before the retinal net

fall into actual space space of minarets and streets

Says, Here is a word you must erase a word made of particles of paint

Here is a word with no points in space The Higgins black ink has dried in its bottles

so it's true, -as angels have said that there are things of glass

light-gatherers, cat's-eyes, keys and bells and that glass is a state of sand

It's impossible to hold such a key in your hand and it's light you see traveling through angels of glass--

through knells--causing the il- lis- les- the li- lil- lit-

forming the l's you're never to understand like the tongues of syllables wreathed in the wells,

like tongue-tied and transparent angels The painting wall still stands

Studio at night Everything in place
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Author:Palmer, Michael
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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