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Until Thy Wrath Be Past.

Until Thy Wrath Be Past

Asa Larsson

Translated by Laurie Thompson

MacLehose Press

c/o Quercus

31, West 57th Street, New York, NY10019

9781402787164, $14.99, Paperback, 320 pp,

Blending fact and fantasy, this installment in the Prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson series begins with a young woman, Wilma, and her boyfriend, Simon, seeking a crashed WW II German airplane by diving in a Swedish lake. The lake is the setting of a contemporary series of murders which the prosecutor and fellow police officers pursue in their investigations as a result of Rebecka's dream that she feels the girl's presence in a shadowy way.

The story unfolds with Wilma's ghost observing events and providing background as the plot progresses. As the police and Rebecka follow leads, the guilty parties attempt to cover up their past transgressions during 1943 and their collaboration with the Nazis, who used the Swedish railways and hauling concerns to transport soldiers and materiel between Norway and Finland, as the war turned against them.

The award-winning author writes suspenseful novels and unexpected subjects with clarity. The books are less police procedural than imaginative stories based on crimes and people. There is a motif of crows and ravens interspersed throughout, to very good effect. (It might be noted that the titles derives from the Book of Job.) Fourth in the series, it is a study in repression, violence and ruthlessness. A very good read, and one that is recommended.

(Next in the series, and next up for this reviewer, is "The Second Deadly Sin.")

Gloria Feit


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Author:Feit, Gloria
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Jan 1, 2015
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