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Untested licence.

SIR - An item in your article on driving tests in yesterday's edition stirred memories.

My father, born in 1909, had a motorcycle as a young man before World War II.

On his return to civilian life in 1945 or thereabouts, he had a 'motor assisted cycle'.

This was an ordinary bicycle with a miniature petrol engine built into the wheel.This required a licence for which he applied, without any need for a test or whatever.

He duly received an 'all classes' licence which apparently covered virtually any vehicle other than a road roller or motor mower!

Consequently he found himself in the peculiar position of having a licence to drive a car despite not having the ability nor knowledge.

He never learnt to drive nor did he acquire a car.

Occasionally though, there was the bizarre situation of him 'accompanying' learner drivers. The latter honing their skills and gaining practice prior to attempting their test!


Twyni-Teg, Killay, Swansea
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 13, 2005
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