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Unsavoury snacks.

Byline: Susan Lee

MY dad used to love a custard slice from Sayers. Now my kids pester me for a sausage roll every Saturday.

So you see our family, like many across Merseyside, has been a Sayers customer for years.

But recently the firm's offerings have lost their flavour.

And some how, when I know 450 jobs have been axed and 13 stores closed the idea of their food tends to stick in my craw.

Sayers' bosses put the company into administration and then picked the best bits back, losing what they saw as 'deadwood' along the way.

It's not illegal. It breaks no employment laws.

But it is morally questionable. And that 'deadwood' equates to families and mortgages and breadwinners.

Customers have shown enormous loyalty to the Sayers over the years.

Now it's time the brand showed the same loyalty to its workforce.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 20, 2008
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